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20 Deep Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

By on March 22, 2014

When you want to get to know someone a little better, nothing works more efficiently than asking some pretty deep questions. Women are ‘deep’, with more layers than an onion, and sometimes getting to the heart of the matter can take a bit of hard work. Learn what makes her tick, what upsets her, what makes her happy, and where she see’s herself in the future with the 20 deep questions to ask your girlfriend:

1 – Tell me a secret about yourself?

tell me a secret

First of all, everyone loves secrets. Plus, if she actually tells you something (especially if it something truly ‘deep’, you’ll know you have a bond!)

2 – What do you have the most passion for?

Is it a hobby? Is it her family? Maybe it’s her friends?


3 – Who can you tell ANYTHING to?

You’ll need to get in with her best friend if you’re expecting to make this work long-term. If her friends don’t like her, or her closest confidant’s, there’s a good chance you won’t last very long.

4 – When you were younger, what was your dream for when you got older?

It doesn’t need to be about her profession… Not does it need to be yours!

5 – What’s your favourite place in the whole world?

One day, you might end up being able to take her there. Now that’s romance!

6 – What are you insecure about?

Knowing a girl’s insecurities is a smart move, a very smart move. You’ll learn what jokes and things you can’t say, plus help her with the things that bug her the most. It’s a match made in heaven!

7 – Which would you rather have from your boyfriend – spontaneity or stability?

If you’re a stable-kinda guy and she’s looking for someone that pops up with great ideas out of the blue, you might find yourself in a pickle later on… Just saying.

deep questions to ask your girlfriend

8 – Do you believe in the saying “What comes around, goes around?”

It’s nice to know where they stand on karma.

9 – If you could go back and change any one thing in your past, what would it be and why?

It might look like you’re digging for information but it’s nice to talk about these things sometimes. Plus, she’ll love your interest in her ‘former self’ – it looks like you’re into ALL of her, not just the here and now.

10 – If someone was going to write a movie about your life, who would you pick for the lead role?

Plus… What kind of movie would it be? Does she see herself as a gun-toting Angelina Jolie character, or is she more of a funny Renne Zellweger girl?

11 – Would you donate your organs?

What if you needed a kidney? Would she be the one to give it to you?

12 – What was the last thing that made you cry?

What was the last thing that made you cry

If she cries all the time, you’re going to be feeling bad a lot of the time. It’s probably wise to get yourself a head’s up!

13 – Who knows you the best?

Are you going to need to pump her Mama for information, or her best friend? If she’s sad and hiding something from you, will she go to her sister? Go undercover!

14 – Would you rather have unlimited money or unlimited love?

It’s always good to know whether or not she’s a money-grabber from the start… Plus a few of the girls might just surprise you with their answer. This is a great deep question to ask if you want to know whether or not she’s right for you!

15 – If you were going to be famous for something, what would it be and why?

First of all, if she’s going to want to star in adult movies, you probably won’t be OK with that. What if she wants to be a lawyer? That’s just boring, right? What if she wanted to be the next Megan Fox or Rihanna? Would that be OK for you?

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16 – What’s your biggest deal-breaker?

If she finds smoking a complete turn-off, and won’t date anyone that even thinks about smoking… You’re going to be in a short relationship with her when you’re a smoker. Think about it. While you’re there, what are your biggest deal-breakers?

17 – What’s the oddest thing that you find attractive in a person?

What if she says that weird mole on your hip? Cute, right? Or weird…

18 – What’s the best gift you’ve ever been given?

Note to self – you’ll get a really good idea of what she likes. Plus, if she says money, she’s probably superficial.

19 – What’s the nicest thing anyone could say about you?

Is she too generous? Maybe she’s kind to animals? You don’t know if you don’t ask! You might disagree anyway. All girls love to hear what’s nice about them.

20 – Do you want to get married and have kids?

It’s good to find out whether or not you are compatible from the start.