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20 Romantic Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

By on December 10, 2014

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Congratulations! She has finally agreed to be your girlfriend! You are no longer a single-pringle; you are part of that esteemed club – you are part of a couple. You have a girlfriend!

Of course, getting the girlfriend is often the easy bit, it’s keeping her that becomes a little trickier. There’s a lot of competition out there but if you really want to blah her AND keep her, you need to check out these 20 romantic questions to ask your girlfriend:


1 – What did you think when we had our first ever kiss?

Did she like it? Did you use too much tongue? Was she giggling inside? Why not tell her what was going through your head when you kissed for the very first time? You’ll make her simply melt if you reassure her with the words “I couldn’t think… I was nervous. I was kissing YOU! Wow!” – She’ll love it, we assure you!

2 – Are you happy with me?

This is the easiest question in the world yet one that so many people avoid. Its also the one thats disappearance can cause the breakdown of even the most loving of relationships. Is she happy with you? If she is but there are things you can improve, you will both be happier in the long-run.

3 – What do you think is the sexiest thing about me?

You probably want her to say something like the way you kiss her or the way you exert your masculinity when she needs to feel protected but honestly, she’s probably going to tell you that she finds you the sexiest when you are goofing around in your pyjamas. Why not ask and find out…?

4 – If you could date any celebrity, who would it be and why?

Let’s face it, if she wants to date Tom Hardy and you’re a dead ringer, you’re in luck! 😉

5 – What’s your idea of the perfect evening together?

This is one of the best of all the 20 romantic questions to ask your girlfriend because what she says you can then put into practice. If she’s romantisising over the idea of a midnight picnic, just the two of you, make it happen. There’s always a birthday/Christmas/anniversary gift to think about, right?

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6 – What’s ‘our’ song?

Every girl has one – that one song that will always remind her of you. Find out what her’s is and use it to put the finishing touches to the most romantic of evenings. Imagine her delight when you snuggle up to her after the dinner you’ve cooked as her favourite ‘couple’ song is playing in the background. This sort of stuff means a lot to a girl, you know!

7 – What made you fall in love with me?

If the one thing that she fell in love with was your sense of humour, and you lose that over the course of the relationship because you kept fighting, what do you think will happen? Eventually, she won’t see that one thing she fell in love with and things will fall apart. Know what she loves right from the outset, and you’ll have a much better chance of maintaining the relationship.

8 – What do you want me to call you?

Pet names often make things seem more intimate, you know?

9 – What do you like to wear in bed?

We’re not talking her old PJ’s from ten years ago; we’re talking underwear – what lingerie does she like to wear? Maybe if you bought it for her, she’ll be more inclined to wear it… #JustSaying

10 – Could you be in a long distance relationship?

It might never happen to you. Then again, it might happen tomorrow. Do you guys think you could stand the challenge? What does she think? This will make her happy – it shows her that you are thinking about a long-term future with her.

11 – Where do you want to get married?

If you really like her, there is nothing wrong with actually telling her straight that you are into the idea of marrying her some day. It’ll certainly make her day too. Just look at the smile that erupts across her face when you say these little romantic words to her.

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12 – How do I make you stop being mad?

Sometimes a kiss and a cuddle is all it takes to diffuse the situation. She might like it when you start cracking jokes in the heat of an argument. All girls have that special little trick that works to stop her being angry. Your relationship will be so much better if you learn it right from the beginning.

13 – Could I be your soulmate?

Why don’t you just come straight out and ask her?

14 – How many kids do you fancy having?

If you want one kid and she wants twenty, you’re going to be in for a rough ride later on. There’s nothing wrong with putting your cards on the table from an early point.

15 – How nervous were you about going on your first date?

This is a super cute question to ask and is guaranteed to make her smile. Reminiscing about old times is a great way to find shared fond memories, and there’s nothing wrong with reenacting those moments from time to time!

16 – What is your dream honeymoon spot?

Why not? What if she’s a Hawaii kinda-girl, and you’re a Bermuda kinda-guy?

17 – Is there anything I can do to make you feel happier, or more special?

Sometimes you won’t even know there’s a problem until you’ve asked.

18 – What memories do you have from us that you cherish the most?

Let’s reminisce a bit more… It always makes us smile!

19 – What are your biggest romantic fantasies?

Why not be the guy that can make ALL of her dreams come true… even the naughty ones? If you don’t ask you don’t get, and who knows what wonderful things she might choose for you to explore…

20 – Where would you like to live?

Plan long term with this girl, and make her feel like she’s special and not just one in a long line. She’ll reward you for it with a relationship so beautiful, you’d think you’ve hit the jackpot!