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40 Questions To Ask A Girl On A First Date

By on December 6, 2014

Everybody knows that the first date is nerve-wracking. The nerves run so bad that your mind has gone completely blank and you couldn’t start a half decent conversation if your life depended on it. Things are going downhill really badly… Until you see this:

40 Questions to ask a girl on a first date!

40 Questions To Ask A Girl On A First Date

Starting off with something nice and simple, let’s dive right in:

1 – You smell good today, what’s that perfume you’re wearing?


It’s simple and very effective – a compliment is the perfect way to get things kick-started on a first date. A compliment about the way she smells ideally important to a girl. Normally guys do the whole ‘great eyes’, ‘great dress’ (meaning great chest), or ‘wow, great legs!’. It makes a nice change for a guy to appreciate something more than just what he can see.

2 – What one thing can you class as an absolute deal-breaker in a relationship?

Let’s get down to business right from the beginning. If she doesn’t like smokers, and you’re a smoker, its not going to work and you are both wasting your time. You won’t ever quit for her, and she won’t ever be able to get her nose around that horrid ashtray smell. Think about it.

3 – Do you do your dream job?

It makes a nice refreshing change from “What do you do for a living?” and technically, it kills two birds with one stone as you are asking her what her perfect job is at the same time. Who has time to hang around?

4 – Do you have a ‘happy space’?

You know what we’re talking about here – that place you go that makes you feel instantly safe and happy. She probably won’t tell you what it is on the first date, but it will give you a heads up as to where she might be hiding if this develops into a relationship and she storms off one day during a fight.

5 – Do you have one piece of clothing that you consider your favorite?

*Note to self* Never, ever destroy, wash or touch her favorite item of clothing. EVER.

6 – What’s the most surprising thing about yourself that no one would ever guess?

Who knows? She might be a secret cat burglar. Probably not though…

7 – What’s your favorite football / hockey / baseball / basketball team?

It’s good to get the important stuff out the way early. It’ll never work if you support conflicting teams.

8 – What was your favorite subject at school?

What if you were good at maths and she was good at English… Between you, you could conquer the world!

9 – Do you have any family traditions?

Most people keep family close to their heart and there will always be weird traditions that different families hold that make them special and unique. Why not find out about her’s. At least then you’ll have a heads up to any weird dinners you’ll be expected to go to.

10 – What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

It’s always good to share great advice!

11 – What’s the best place to see where you live?

You might find a new favorite spot in the city you grew up in! It’s always good to know about what others love about their home town.

12 – What do you think is your greatest strength?

Are you a loyal person? An honest person? Maybe a combination of a lot of good words all rolled into one?

13 – What do you normally drink?

Or, if you don’t want to ask straight out like that, ask her if what she’s drinking is the one she would normally order.

14 – What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Music can divide the masses. What if she likes Justin Bieber? What if she makes you listen to it?

15 – If you ruled the world, what would be the first thing you would like to change?

Would you bring back capital punishment? Maybe you’d make stricter rules to stop corrupt politicians? Politics can be a touchy subject unless you handle it the right way!

16 – Are you a bigger fan of routine or spontaneity?

Girls that don’t like surprises really don’t like surprises… Trust me.

17 – If you could travel to there enlaces in the world right now, where would you want to go and why?

Quick trip to Dubai followed by a heavy night in Magaluf and a quiet Sunday morning bacon sandwich back in your mother’s kitchen?

18 – Are you ticklish? 

Let the torture begin!

19 – How long was your last relationship?

Everyone thinks that bringing up the ex is a bad thing but for most, it’s probably best just to get it out of the way. Relationships these days are so complicated so there’s bound to be an ex of some sort or another hanging around… You might as well find out about right away.

20 – Before we came on this date, what did you think of me?

Of course, at the end of the date, you’ll then need to ask:

21 – Now we’ve had this date, what do you think of me?

22 – What’s your favorite movie of all time?

…Maybe the two of you could watch it snuggled up in bed one night…

23 – What’s your biggest bug-bear?

Drinking tea loudly and slurp-ily? People that walk mud through the house? Bad manners? This stuff is important! (Especially if you want to get out of this alive!)

24 – Is there something I really need to know about you…?

Like do you have a child or a husband I should know about? A fake leg? A glass eye? Honesty is the best policy and all that.

25 – What do you hate the most about dating?

You never know, with the right upfront information, you might be able to avoid destroying the relationship!

26 – Do you have any pets?

Is she a dog person or a cat person? What if she’s got cats and your allergic? Again – important information! (Take a piece of advice – a Husky dog person and a Siamese cat person do not get along)

27 – Who is your best friend?

What makes them so special?

28 – How was your day?

The simplest question in the whole wide world yet is overlooked ant he answer is never listened to. Try actually listening and responding… You’ll be amazed at what good can come when you actually start to open your ears and listen.

29 – Are there any of your friends that I’ll need to watch out for?

That man-hating girlfriend she has might not seem like much now but when you guys are fighting six months down the line, she’s going to be the one turning around to your girlfriend saying “I told you so” and encouraging her to make the split.

30 – What do you like to do when you’re not working or running around after family?

You know – not the things she MUST do; the things she WANTS to do. The movies and reading, swimming, horse-riding, etc. Not the things she fills her spare time with because she is obligated to. The two things are every different ideas!

31 – What do you get really passionate about?

Does she get all hot under the collar about sexism? Maybe feminism is her bag? Everyone gets passionate and fiery about something… You just need to find out what her thing is.

32 – Do you actually like the job you do?

For a start, who actually likes their job? Well, actually, there are some people out there that do. She might be one of those weirdo’s!

33 – Do you want to try some of my food?

ALWAYS offer this. It’s just polite. Plus that whole feeding-each-other thing is not only awkward and ridiculous but also kinda cute. And the ladies LOVE it! Plus it encourages the two of you to get closer and there’s nothing ridiculous about that 😉

34 – Who do you live with?

Right, if you’re planning at ending up back at hers and getting lucky at any point in the future of your relationship, you’re going to need to learn what you’re up against. Does she still with her parents? Is there an older, overbearing brother or sister? Does she live with a male friend that you’ll need to win over first?

35 – What foods do you not like / can’t eat?

If you plan on going on more dates and to be more precise, dinner dates, you’ll need to know what she likes and dislikes. What if you took her for a curry and she didn’t like it? It would be awkward and a passion-killer. Just ask her. Tell her that you’re planning on taking her out for more dinners and you’d feel the information would be handy to know upfront. It’ll be nice to know that you truly care and aren’t just trying to get into her pants.

36 – Do you smoke or drink or take any drugs?

If you’re anti-drug, you don’t want to hook up with a drug taker. It’s as simple as that really.

37 – What’s your favorite TV series?

What if she wants to hog Netflix for Sex and the City marathons but you’re a Game of Thrones kinda guy? TV remote battles can end relationships you know…

38 – Are you into politics?

Just like the battle over the remote control, political views have a nasty habit of destroying a potentially long-lasting relationship so it might be worth finding out this vital piece of information right there at the first date.

39 – Are you ‘dating’ anyone else at the moment?

They might not be sleeping with a whole bunch of guys but that’s not to say that she’s not dating and go for dinners / movies / drinks with a bunch of other guys. You should be open about your current status from the very beginning.

40 – Is there anything she wants to ask you?

40 questions later and she’s free to ask whatever she likes…. Starting flirty conversation with a girl you like is an exhausting process and you can’t be responsible for the conversation for the entire date!