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60 Random Questions To Ask A Girl You Like

By on April 6, 2014

You find out the weirdest things about people by asking the strangest questions and believe it or not, these 60 random questions to ask a girl you like will actually fill in a lot of the blank spaces that are missing from your budding relationship.

They say that communication is the key to all relationships and one part of this is question-asking. Remember however, to learn anything from these questions you are actually going to need to listen to what she says in response. Plus, your budding relationship will only develop if you answer her questions truthfully too – it works both ways!

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Don’t believe me? Just ask her a few of these beauties and see what you learn about her…


Here are the 60 Random Questions to Ask a Girl You Like:

  • Who is the one person that you look up to more than anyone else in the world? Why? (It could be her mother, father or even a random celebrity that you’ve never heard of. Think of it this way – if it’s someone like Miley Cyrus, think how happy she’ll be if you were to get her tickets to a concert for her birthday or something like that!)
  • Do you ever lie? What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told someone? (You might just find out whether or not she’s a good liar too!)
  • What’s the thing that most you the most about people? (It’s always good to learn someone’s biggest pet peeves! Avoid those and you have a change of making this a lasting relationship. If she hates guys that smoke for example, and you’re a smoker, you know that it probably won’t last long until you quit. Which isn’t a bad thing by the way! Who really wants to smell like an ashtray anyway?)
  • Did you have an imaginary friend when you were a kid? What was his or her name? How old were you when the imaginary friend went away?
  • Who was your first crush and how old were you? Was it someone like Tom Cruise or was it someone that you physically knew like a guy at school?
  • If you could go on a date with your perfect partner, where would you like to go and why? To the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the London Eye in London?
  • What’s your favourite animal? (Little note to you – animal adoption make for great birthday, christmas and anniversary presents, as do trips to the zoo. This information is actually priceless!)
  • If you were to ever get your hands on loads of cash, such as a lottery win, what would be the first thing you bought? 
  • If you had to describe me to your mother in five words, what five words would you use? (This could get interesting…)
  • What have your friends said about me? (Again, be prepared for the worst… Friends are renowned for being bitchy about their fellow girl’s guys’!)
  • Do you believe in soul mates? Do you believe there is only one person out there for you?
  • Do you recycle? How eco-friendly would you say you are?
  • What would you say was the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done? (Let her come up with her own interpretation for the word ‘naughty’!)
  • How well do you get on with your boss?
  • Have you ever had a crush on a work colleague? (#awkward!)
  • What are your thoughts on long-term relationships? Do you think you could ever be in one if you had to be? (Try to reassure her that you aren’t going anyway… She might start freaking out a bit if she thinks you’re moving away!)
  • Are you addicted to anything? Coffee, chocolate, shoes, drugs? (Hopefully not the last one!)
  • If you could have just three wishes in life, what would those three wishes be?
  • Who are you closest to? Your mother or your father? Who would you turn to in a crisis?
  • Why are you attracted to me? (Note to you – this probably won’t be met by a sensible answer!)

Twenty down so far, forty more to go. What do you think so far? What have you learned about your beautiful girlfriend-to-be? Are you interested and excited by what you have learned about her? Let’s dive in with some more random questions that will help your love life if you let them.

  • Would you say that you have been in love before? Would you say that you fall in love quite fast? Do you fall out of love just as fast? (Just so you know, of course!)
  • What do you think your hottest qualities are? Do you like your sense of humour or do you think you’ve got awesome eyes? What’s the thing you love about yourself the most?
  • If you could live the life of a famous person, who’s life would you want to live? (If she says Paris Hilton, you should probably run for the hills!)
  • If you could have a super power, which one do you think would suit you the best? (Let’s hope she’s got a Wonder-Woman costume in the back of her closet somewhere!)
  • Who are you jealous of? Why are you jealous of them? What do they have that you want so much?
  • At what age did you have your first kiss? (You could go further here… losing virginity, fell in love… Endless opportunities!)
  • Would you ever ask a guy to marry you? Have you already??
  • Have you ever bought anything really expensive and regretted it? Did you take it back? (This will alert you to any wild spenders…)
  • Have you ever cheated on anyone in a relationship before? (It’s always good to get this one out in the open nice and early… Just so you know what you’re letting yourself in for! Be aware that she WILL ask you the same in return and your best bet is probably to just be honest.)
  • Tell me one of your biggest secrets? (She probably won’t but it’ll be fun to try and you never know, she might let a little something slip!)

So there we are – halfway through the list. With these questions you’ll learn a lot of useful information about the girl you like. Knowing what her favourite music is or her favourite food, car, animal, etc. will make gift-giving a lot easier later on down the line. When you’re struggling to get her a Christmas present, for example, you could consider something like renting her favourite car for the day, or adopting one of her favourite animals. At least you’ll know what kind of restaurant to take her too also!

So, without any further delay, let’s get back to business and head right back into the 60 random questions to ask a girl you like…

  • Would you rather be rich or happy? (Money-grabbers need not apply!)
  • Are you a night-time person or a morning person? (Who likes people that are chirpy in the morning anyway?)
  • Do you snore? (Chances are she does. Even bigger chances are that she denies it!)
  • Do you like to wear hats? (It might be wise to start hiding yours now…)
  • How do you take compliments?
  • Do you believe in aliens? (This is always a topic of conversation to get you started… The only problem is if she doesn’t believe in aliens… Or hates Star Wars! Then what will you do…?)
  • Are you happy with your life? What would you want to change if you could?
  • Can you dance? What’s your favourite kind of dancing? Have you ever wanted to learn a different and new style of dancing?
  • What is your favourite animal in the zoo? (Again, refer back to those animal adoptions and zoo trips! Some zoo’s even offer a ‘zookeeper for the day’ trip that she would FALL IN LOVE WITH!)
  • What music lifts you up when you are feeling down? (Remember this – it’ll help you get yourself out of a sticky spot or two later on down the line.)


Just a few more to go now. It’s going to start getting interesting… Are you ready to get to the really juicy questions? We won’t keep you waiting any longer:

  • What’s your shoe size? (Hint – girls love it when you buy them shoes. Well, most of them do anyway! In fact, clothes size in general is always handy but can be a touchy subject if they aren’t happy with their body… which is most girls!)
  • If you could write your life into a book, what would the end chapter be like? What would the book be called?
  • What’s the one personality trait that really impresses you? Do you prefer humour over confidence? Are you a sucker for arrogance?
  • If you were a superhero, what would your costume look like?
  • Nights out or nights in… Which are your favourite?
  • Do you think it’s better if a guy or a girl makes the first move? (She’ll probably say guy… It might be a hint for you!)
  • Are you a big believer in ‘love at first sight’ or do you think it’s just a bunch of hocus pocus? (Insert soppy answer here.)
  • Do you follow any sports? What is it that you like about them?
  • When do you think it is okay to tell a lie? (This is always an interesting question… Hope you’re prepared for the answer! Remember there is a difference between a little white lie and big fat one!)
  • What movie or book has made the biggest impact on your life? Why do you think that was?
  • If our relationship was to be a song, what song would it be and why? Think anniversaries… 😉
  • What is the one thing that makes you different form anyone else? (You might find out something interesting here like she can wiggle her ears or curl her toes up funny!)
  • Are you more of a dog or a cat person? (What would happen later on down the line if you wanted three dogs but she was afraid of them? You can’t have a successful relationship with someone that doesn’t have the same pet-style as you do!)
  • Do you think you are more of a morning person or a night person? (You never know – you might both be insomniacs! What are the chances…?)
  • What is your favourite Disney film? (Come on – we’ve all got one. Mine is Beauty & The Best and I’m not afraid to admit it!)
  • What kind of milk do you drink? (What if she’s a non-fat kinda girl but you’re a full-fat kinda guy? It’s gonna be expensive buying two lots of milk every time you go to the grocery store.)
  • If you were given the power to fly, where the first place you would like to go and why?
  • How do you drink your coffee? (It’s always good to get this out the way nice and early. You’re probably going to be making her a few…)
  • When you go out drinking, what do you like to drink? (Of course, most girls are ‘champagne girls’ but we’re talking more affordable options here.)
  • Finally, if you could change one thing about me, what would it be and why? (Before you ask this question, you’re going to need to be prepared for the answer. It might not be what you expect and you might not like the answer she gives!)


So there you have them – the 60 random questions to ask a girl you like. These will help you find out a little more about your beautiful love interest. You’ll learn how to get yourself out of trouble, how to impress her, how to push her buttons (not always a good thing) and more, and when it comes to relationships, communication is definitely key to getting things right!

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  1. Arthur Spooner

    August 22, 2015 at 7:37 pm

    Asking someone if they lie is the STUPIDEST question I’ve ever heard/read.