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How to Make a Girl Laugh

By on March 19, 2015

There’s nothing better than making the girl of your dreams laugh until she can’t control herself anymore – making her laugh until she can’t keep herself together and rolls around on the floor, rip-roaring with laughter at something you’ve just said.

There’s also something very sexy about a little giggle, isn’t there? That little private joke that only the two of you have – the little jokes that make her laugh while she’s trying not to.

How to Make a Girl Laugh

Most women will happily say if a man makes them laugh, they’ve already won half the battle so if your sense of humor isn’t quite up to scratch, it might be worth reevaluating your woo-ing technique.


Girls know that not every guy can be like the hilarious Jim Carrey, or have the humorous prowess that Ryan Gosling’s cheeky smile and witty banter has, but there is an element of “fun-factor” that you must bring to your dates otherwise, and trust us — it’s been tried and tested, you’ll fall flat on your face.

Leaning how to make a girl laugh will be the smartest thing you do this year!

So why do girls like it? 

Most girls can overlook most flaws if you have the ability to make them laugh. There have been hundreds of studies examining just that, and after years of listening to girls chitter-chatter about this guy and that guy, we here at MenWithStyles understand the importance of laugher in a relationship.

Think about it this way, let’s imagine you were to see two profile pages on an internet dating site that belonged to two very similar girls. You like the look of them both, and you think you might have stuff in common with both of them too. The chat you have with the two of them is similar and you very much enjoy it, but one of them is definitely funnier than the other…

Which one would you go for? That’s right — you’d want the girl that makes you laugh until you literally pee you pants, right?

The same applies for girls — having a great sense of humor that outshines everything else will definitely get you noticed, for all the right reasons!

A sense of humor can get you out of all sorts of issues. If you are in trouble with your girlfriend for forgetting to call her when you said you would, a well-timed joke and a good giggle will generally get you out of it…. Along with the apology of course. In fact, women love a guy that can end a fight with a bit of witty banter but you must learn when it is appropriate to use it. Making a joke to get out of not calling her is one thing, making a joke to get out of cheating on her with her best friend is something completely different. Plus it probably won’t work. Just saying.

Of course, humor isn’t everything in a relationship. If you have poor communication, things will soon head south. If you have no chemistry with your partner, you’ll probably suffer the same fate. But one thing is for sure — with the right pinch of humor and just a dash of wit, you too could be on your way to being a relationship King…. And a total hit with the ladies!

So, how do you do it? How do you learn how to make a girl laugh when you have no idea where to start?

Reading the following might be a great start! Just check out these tried and tested tips:

How to Make a Girl Laugh – Uh Oh! You Shouldn’t Have Done That… 

Before we start with the things you SHOULD do to make her laugh, we’re just going to cover the things you SHOULDN’T do first. It’s probably important to get that kind of stuff out the way nice and early. When things don’t work, they just don’t work!

  • Don’t try too hard. She’ll know it, everyone around you will know it, it won’t work to bring her closer or make her laugh; it’ll just push her away. Don’t just steal a bunch of jokes online and reel them off to her one by one. Humor needs to come naturally and if it doesn’t feel natural, it won’t come across as natural.
  • Don’t be offensive. You might find racist jokes funny, or jokes that are derogatory to women but there’s a good chance that she won’t. You don’t know what kind of wit will offend someone so to keep things safe until you know her better, keep your witty one-liners and jokes to a clean level.
  • All of the above applies to bad language too. Not everyone likes bad words!
  • Oh the same applies to making fun of her family, friends or anything she owns. Girls don’t tend to like that much either.
  • In fact, while we’re talking about it, there are a few topics you should probably avoid – religion is a big one and can divide the nation, as is politics, weight or appearance, and explicit sexual stuff. Just avoid them – it’ll work out better in the long run for you, trust us on that one!

Now we need to look about the things that you SHOULD be doing to make her laugh – this is the important information you need to know. The actions you should be taking and the things you should be saying – these snippets of advice could mean the difference between bagging yourself that gorgeous girl… And not!

How to Make a Girl Laugh – The Good Stuff…

1 – Use your surroundings.

If something funny is happening around you, make light of it. The world is a very funny place when you open your eyes and look around and once you start to think funny, you’ll be amazed at the stuff you can find around you. It might be someone falling over (slapstick comedy – shouldn’t be funny but it totally is) or someone wearing a really wacky outfit out on a dress-up night out; there’s fun and silliness to be found in everything so maybe it’s time to just start opening your eyes?

2 – Make fun of yourself.

There is nothing better than poking fun at yourself to help break the ice. When you make jokes about you, or something to do with you, it helps her to realize you don’t take yourself too seriously and you’ll be amazed at how much that can help your progress with her. Plus it helps to her to make fun of herself too and that opens up a whole world of new communication!

3 – Tease her…

… But just a little. It’s OK to make a little bit of fun at her expense but there can be a fine line and some girls are just more sensitive than others. Cute fights are the perfect way to get the ball rolling, and the greatest ways to start this is with a bit of playful banter where you poke fun at each other. Just make sure you only make fun of the things you know she’s already happy and confident with. If she has issues with her weight and you make fun of that topic, she’s not going to want to spend any more time with you because you upset her… Do you understand?

4 – Flirt a bit.

There’s nothing wrong with flirting and most girls will say that many guys don’t do it enough. When you flirt with a girl, the usual response is for her to giggle and that’s a great way to get a foot in the humor door. Be a bit more wild when it’s just the two of you together, but make sure you keep it neat and discreet when you’re out in public. No one enjoys watching gross public displays of affection.

5 – Tell a funny story.

You know those things that happened in your life; those situations that had you laughing so hard, you thought you might not be able to take it anymore? Like that time your friend fell in his Dad’s fish pond and although it was only a few feet deep, screamed like such a girl, it could be heard for miles! Tell HER that story! If it made you laugh like that, there’s a good chance it’ll make someone else laugh like that and that someone could just be her! 😉

6 – Sex…

This is a tough one because some girls don’t like to talk about sex. This is something you’ll need to gauge for yourself before you try it, and we recommend getting to know her a bit more before you start making flirty jokes about your own sexual prowess. This is potential hot potato and can be quite hard to get just right so make sure you know enough about her before you start making willy-jokes!

7 – Be a cheerful kinda dude!

When you’re a happy person, you’ll come across happy and just one part of being happy is the combination of laughter and fun. If you’re miserable, people around you will get dragged down by your negative nature and no one will be laughing. The moral of the story here is when you have a happier, positive outlook on life, you are more likely to be the guy that can make the girls smile and laugh!


Right, if you’re needing to pretend to be someone else when you’re trying to make girl laugh, it’s never going to come naturally. We said to take tips from someone else, not copy the funny guys word-for-word, action-for-action. Plus if you’re the fake ‘you’, she’ll find out sooner or later when she gets into a relationship with you and realizes you’re not quite who you said you were.

9 – Mimic her style.

That’s right – mimic the way she uses humor. If you’re not too sure what kind of comedy she’s into or what jokes you can get away with, just copy what she’s doing. If she makes fun of herself, make fun of yourself. If she makes fun of a certain comedian (and you know about him or have seen of him) make jokes with the topics the comedian covers. It’s a great way to start developing your knowledge of the girl you are trying to date or make laugh, and once you start paying attention properly, you’ll be amazed at what you can learn about her.

10 – Use your nervousness!

If you are nervous about the time you are going to be spending with the girl, make jokes about it! Make fun of yourself. Use humor to get out of the uncomfortable, awkward situation you have found yourself in. That’s the great thing about humor – it can be used in a number of different ways to ease a number of difficult social situations. Even if she isn’t finding you funny at first, you can use humor as a way to get out of it by saying something along the lines of “OK, you’re obviously not finding me funny. Let me work on that” with a winky face, or a tongue-poking-out face if you’re send your wit and banter by text message.

In Conclusion…

So what have we learned? Have you learned how to make a girl laugh? If all else fails, just make a little light-hearted fun at your own expense because that always seems to go down a real treat with most girls, plus it shows them that you don’t take yourself too serious and there’s everything sexy with that!

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