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10 First Date Tips for Men

By on January 14, 2015

Asking a girl out is hard enough. Once she says yes, you still have to prepare for the date. Before heading out on a first date, you should follow a few simple tips. From planning a romantic evening to exuding confidence, these tips will ensure that you have the best first date possible.

first date tips for men


Make It Fun

Watching a foreign film, attending a lecture or anything especially tedious is a terrible idea for a first date. The first date should be fun, romantic and enjoyable. Although it may be stereotypical, a coffee date or a movie actually work fairly well for a date. By going on a coffee date, you allow yourself an easy way to escape if things are not going well. This is especially true for anyone that you met online. For online dates, public locations that are easy to leave are the best bet. A movie is also a good date idea. If you are too nervous to think of something to talk about, the movie will help to break the ice.


Be Confident

Women are attracted to confidence. Assertive, confident men are more likely to get someone to go on a date and are viewed as more attractive dating options by women. There is a careful division between confidence and cockiness, however. If you are cocky, it will decrease your chances of getting a second date.

Pay For the Date

On the modern dating scene, it is perfectly fine and acceptable for the woman to pay on occasion. This is up to each individual person. Since this is your first date, you should be the one to pay. Once you are actually dating her, you can figure out a different division of payments. For the first date, you must always pay. You asked her on the date, so you better be willing to pay for it.

Speak Through Actions

Men invest their money and time in the things that they value. Women know this and expect you to invest your energy in creating a good date. If you create an unusual, creative date, it demonstrates that you are really interested in her. Watching a movie on Netflix in your apartment is a terrible idea for a first date. It shows the woman that you do not care enough to spend your time or money in planning the date. In addition, she will assume that you want the date to be at home so that you can get her in bed. Even if that is your plan, you should not make it obvious. Your actions should make her feel like you care about her.

Stay True to What You Say

If you say that you will call her at eight or meet her for dinner at seven, you should follow through. Being late does not make you appear “in-demand” or professional. This early stage of the relationship is the time for you to develop a sense of trust. She needs to know that you follow through on what you say. If you do not appear trustworthy, she will not end up going home with you. Do what you say and say what you mean.

Beyond showing up when you say, you should also call or text her on the day of the date. In the call, ask how her day is going and confirm your plans for the evening. This will make her less worried about you standing her up. It also ensures that you will actually have someone meeting you.

Show Your Attraction

Women like men who are attracted to them. It may sound narcissistic, but it is true. If you want her to fall head over heels for you, you must make her feel sexy. You must be careful in what you say. Telling her that she really fills out her shirt or has a nice body can be misconstrued. Start the date with a basic, “You look beautiful” or “You have gorgeous eyes”. The eyes are one of the safest body parts to compliment, so do it. If things are going well, you can switch it up with a compliment about her legs. For a first date, the legs are about as sexual as you should get in compliments. Remember, you want her to feel attractive. You do not want her to feel like you are objectifying her.

Take Control

This step goes along with the advice about confidence. You should take control of the date and plan it out. She may be a confident entrepreneur or a doctor, but she will appreciate the effort you made into planning the date. The first date is not the time for you to ask her what restaurant she wants to go to. If you are interested in her, you will show it by planning out the date. Take control from the moment the date begins, so that she only needs to enjoy herself with you.

Dress Your Best

If you want her to think your attractive, you had better dress the part. Wear comfortable clothes that make you look and feel the best. Cutting your hair, spraying on cologne and removing the last bit of stubble should always be done before the date. During the summer, you will want to have your hair cut several days in advance so that the tan line has a chance to change. You should also shave or trim your beard before the date.

Don’t Lie

If the date was a complete failure, don’t tell her that you will call. A simple peck on the cheek and a thank you for the evening is all it takes. In the worst case scenario, she might ask about the second date. Instead of lying, just tell her that you feel like you would be better friends than partners.

Kiss Her

After the end of a good date, you should always lean in for a kiss. Be a gentleman and walk her up to her door. As you say good night, lean in for a kiss. If you end up kissing her cheek or just getting a slight kiss in return, it is not the end of the world. The first kiss is always an awkward moment, so just get it out of the way. If the date was a good one, tell her that you will call her and make sure that you do.

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