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10 Kissing Games for Couples

By on January 13, 2015

If you want a romantic day with your date or a way to liven up your love life, kissing games can be fun. Although the common “spin the bottle” game is associated with children, adult kissing games can be a great way to liven up any adult’s love life. If you are looking for ways to spice things up, try using some of these games.


Ice It

Ice is a fun thing to use in kissing and foreplay. With a piece of ice in your mouth, rub your lips down your girlfriend’s leg. Run the ice over her hips, stomach and any other fun areas. Your partner can then subject you to the same icy treatment. This is a great way to liven up just basic kissing and foreplay. If you really want to spice things up, you can always alternate between different temperatures. You can blindfold your girlfriend before you use ice or hot tea to kiss her. This makes your love life more spontaneous and exciting.


Sixty Seconds

If you are playing kissing games in a group, sixty seconds is an extremely fun game to play. Basically, each pair of couples has sixty seconds in a room or closet. The girl puts on a bunch of red lipstick and then gets to kiss wherever she wants. She can kiss your lips, arms, stomach, or other regions of the body. By the time you leave the room, you should be covered in red lipstick.

Lady and the Tramp

Years ago, most children saw the famed kissing scene in the Disney movie, Lady and the Tramp. Both dogs sat down to eat spaghetti. Without realizing it, they started slurping down the same noodle before it ended in a kiss. You can do this same kissing game with your girlfriend. You can use spaghetti, or an apple. If you want to use an apple, you must hold it in your mouth. The next person must take the apple with their mouth as well. Each person continues to get another bite as the apple becomes smaller and smaller. When nothing is left of the apple core, you can end this game with a kiss. This game can also be modified with other fruits, noodles and dishes. The main requirement is for it to slowly end up with a long smooch.

From the Bag

With just a partner or a group of people, write down a range of body parts. Generally, the ankles, eyes, stomach, ears, lips and neck seem to work. Once these body parts are written down, they should be placed in a hat. When it is your turn, pull a body part out of the hat. You have to kiss the part of your partner’s body that you drew. If you are playing in a group, everyone should keep drawing body parts until there are no slips of paper left. For couples, this game can be spiced up with some X-rated body parts.

Animalistic Desires

This game can and will get dirty. First, you need to find an old stuffed animal. This stuffed animal will be passed around to every person in the room. Each person that receives the stuffed animal must kiss it. This stuffed toy can never be kissed in the same place twice. After the animal has been passed around to everyone, each person must kiss the person on their left in the same spot. For a bit of extra fun, you should wait to tell everyone about the second step until they have already kissed the stuffed animal. If someone is not willing to fulfill their kissing obligations, they must give the person to their left a hickey instead.

Lick it

If you are all alone with your date, whipped cream and chocolate are the perfect tools. You can buy whipped cream chocolate or a sweet sauce and bring it home to your date. Afterward, you should squeeze the whip cream onto your partners tongue or another body part. You should kiss or lick it up with your mouth. Be fair—let your partner have a turn as well. This game is great for people who have a sweet tooth.

Hit the Drawing Board

If you are bored or are dealing with a rainy day, there are plenty of things to do inside! To begin with, you should find one of her lipsticks or some chocolate syrup. Using the lipstick, you should draw a picture onto some part of her body. You must then use your lips and the lipstick to kiss that picture. Each kiss print will help to fill in the picture. This game is great for rainy days and for a way to spice up your love life a bit.


To have some fun, you should buy some cherries. The type of cherry is up to what you and your partner like. Taking the cherry in your hand, put it squarely into your mouth. Do not chew or swallow it because you will need it in the next step. Instead of eating it, you should shoot the cherry at your girlfriend. Her goal is to catch it in her mouth before she shoots it back at you. You should get points for each shot that you catch. To keep it fair, you should also lose points for bad shooting. She cannot catch it if you do not shoot it properly.

No Blinking!

This fun kissing game is a great one for old or new partners. With your date, start kissing with your eyes completely open. You are not allowed to shut your eyes at any time. Whoever shuts their eyes, blinks or stops kissing first is the loser!

Guessing Animals

It might sound like an odd kissing game, but this one is fairly basic. In a group of at least four people, each person should write down a specific animal. One by one, each person in the group will get to guess the animal that everyone else wrote down. If someone guesses the right animal, they have to kiss that person. Once the kiss occurs, it is up to the next couple to figure out the animal type of the remaining players.

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