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10 Online Dating Tips for Men

By on January 14, 2015

Online dating is no longer just for tech-bound nerds. In the modern dating scene, it is actually one of the most common ways to meet women. These relationships range from one-night stands to marriages. Before finding that special someone, men should consider some of the online dating tips for men.

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Look Your Best

Before she meets you in picture, the only way for the woman to gauge your attractiveness is through your pictures. You should only include your best looking pictures. Instead of flooding your profile with 20 photos, put just four or five of your best images. You will also want to make sure that these photos are accurate. A high school photo may look the best, but it will only get you the date. Once the woman actually meets you, she will realize that your online photos were a lie.



Use Photos of Just You

When you are using online dating profiles, you are competing with every other man on the site. You do not want to increase the competition by posting photographs of you and your friends. She may see that one of your friends is cuter than you are. If you must use a photograph that has your friends in it, crop them out of it. She wants to see what you look like, and you do not want any extra competition.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Basically every man that she has ever met is interested in football and hanging out with friends. Your profile is supposed to reveal what makes you different from other people. You could include a unique hobby, or list the places that you have traveled to. If you really do not have anything interesting in your life, you can always write places that you want to travel to or your dreams in life. Whatever you post in your profile should set you apart from everyone else on the site.

Volunteering is Your Friend

Girls love guys who really care about the world. If you really want to catch her eye, you should post a picture of you working as a volunteer or write about it in your profile. Include images that make you seem like a really caring person. A photograph with a pet dog or cat is always a good thing. You should be careful about including images with children. Even if your niece is adorable, she may assume that the child is yours. Unless you have your own kids already, you do not want to give her the impression that you have children.

Step Outside of the Box

Many of the profiles online are fairly boring. “I am single”, “I assumed I’d meet someone offline” and “I never thought I would do online dating” are all examples of what not to do. Everyone assumed they would meet a gorgeous stranger and be swept off their feet. Saying that you are single or just starting with online dating is obvious and boring. You need to create a bold introduction that shows who you are. What makes you an interesting person?

Don’t Be “Me” Focused

There is a fine line between being confident and narcissistic. When you are dating online, you need to give her enough information to intrigue her. You do not want to sound like a self-centered individual. In addition, you want to make sure that you make your profile the right length. If your introduction reads like a Tolstoy novel, it will end up making you seem too self-interested. Write for quality, not quantity. The quality of your profile is the only thing that really matters.

Ask a Question

When someone asks a question, it is part of human nature to respond with an answer. If you want more women to write to you, you should include a question in your profile. This question can be as simple as asking if they know any good restaurants or hikes in the area. By asking a question in the profile, it allows women to have a starting point to the conversation. Instead of stressing about what to say or what to write, the woman can begin with answering your question and go from there.

Make it Light

A long-winded tome about your favorite hobby will be boring. Most likely, she will read the first and the last sentence. You want to make sure that the messages you send her answer any of her questions, ask some of your own questions and reveal a bit about you. Your goal is to be intriguing and get her to agree to a date. At the same time, you will also want to find out more about her. These emails are the best way for you to weed out any undesirables before you waste your time and money on an actual date.

Don’t Assume She Is Desperate

Are you desperate and unable to find a date in the “real world”? If you do not consider yourself to be desperate, you should not believe that she is as well. Being on a dating site is completely normal and does not indicate anything about who she is. She can make the first move, send you a message or be on a dating site. It does not mean that she is desperate, so don’t assume that she is.

Writing the First Email

Almost every person on an online dating site begins with the basic “Hey, I saw your profile. How are you?” Although this works, it is extremely boring. You need to stand out of the crowd. Write an initial email that asks her an unusual question. Even better, read through her profile and ask a question about that. Not only will this make your initial conversation better, it will also show that you cared enough to read through her profile. If she likes hiking, ask her what her favorite trail is. Use her hobbies, interests and educational background to learn more about who she is as a person. It will help your emails to stand out from the crowd and improve your initial conversation.

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