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20 Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

By on January 21, 2015

Asking a girl out or even buying her a drink can be an intimidating prospect. Before you head to the bar, read through this list of flirty questions to ask a girl. In addition to giving you something to say, these questions will help show her that you are interested.


Question #1 What do you find most attractive in a guy?

Why It’s Flirtatious: This is such a good question to ask because it will serve as your cheat sheet. Once you know what she is looking for in a guy, you can make sure that you meet each requirement. It also subtly gets her to think about you. While she answers, she will mentally be considering all of the ways that you could be the one.


Question #2 So babe, are you trying to hit on me?

Why It’s Flirtatious: Some of the best flirty questions to ask a girl work because of their originality. This particular question flips the focus of the conversation onto her.

Question #3 Hey, are you a troublemaker?

Why It’s Flirtatious: You can easily follow this question up with a range of comeback lines. If she says yes, you can always say something like, “I thought so because you just ran off with my heart.” No matter what the answer is, it is a way for you to break the ice and get her talking. Plus, it is a refreshing change from the overused, “How are you?”.

Question #4 How did you get to be so cute?

Why It’s Flirtatious: Although her response will probably just be a smile, she will love hearing this compliment. It lets her know instantly that you are interested. If you are searching for flirty questions to ask a girl, you must be careful to find ones that are flattering without being offensive. This question is the perfect way to achieve that goal.

Question #5 What is your idea of the perfect dream date?

Why It’s Flirtatious: Not only is this a way to break the ice, but this allows you to see exactly where you should take her on a second or third date. If her dream date is too expensive, you can always file this information away for the future.

Question #6 Are you always like this or is it just with guys you like?

Why It’s Flirtatious: Even if she is flirting with you, it might not mean anything. Some girls are natural flirts and will give off the impression that they are interested.

Question #7 What do you do on your days off?

Why It’s Flirtatious: This is a great way to find out her hobbies and secretly figure out future date ideas. Additionally, it helps to get the conversation going.

Question #8 What do you like about yourself?

Why It’s Flirtatious: By using this flirty question to ask a girl, you find out some of her personal qualities. It also reveals the things she values. What a person likes about their personality is intensely revealing about the values they have in life.

Question #9 Would you give me a few tips on flirting?

Why It’s Flirtatious: By talking about the elephant in the room—your flirting technique–, you take the stress of yourself. It also could end up giving you useful feedback.

Question #10 What are you weaknesses when it comes to men?

Why It’s Flirtatious: Whatever her weakness is, you should exploit it…within reason at least. If she is a sucker for guys who cook and give massages, you should start sorting through recipes.

Question #11 Should we get out of here?

Why It’s Flirtatious: Whether you plan on going to another bar or taking her home, this is one of the sexiest things that you can ask a woman. For this line to work, you need to wait a bit. She has to get comfortable with you and make sure you are worth her time. Once she is ready, pop this question and enjoy your night.

Question #12 So, where are you taking me this weekend?

Why It’s Flirtatious: Why do men always have to plan the dates? Get her to ask you out and plan out date night. Not only does this allow you to relax, it also will let you learn more about what she likes.

Question #13 Have you ever kissed a _______ guy? Do you want to?

Why It’s Flirtatious: Fill in the blank with any adjective that describes you. Blonde hair, tall, Romanian are all fine adjectives to you. If she says that she has never kissed a blonde guy, you should immediately follow up with the second question. With any luck, you will get your first kiss.

Question #14 Do you work out?

Why It’s Flirtatious: This questions will reveal her interests while also complimenting her physique discreetly.

Question #15 Are you going to buy me a drink?

Why It’s Flirtatious: The Feminist Revolution was decades ago. If she says yes, you have a nice evening ahead of you and a free drink. When she just giggles or says no, the next step is up to you. If you think its worth it, you can buy her a drink anyway.

Question #16 What are some of your turn-offs?

Why It’s Flirtatious: The answer to this question should be remembered as the things that you should never do around her.

Question #17 What is your idea of a perfect relationship?

Why It’s Flirtatious: Use this question to learn what her expectations are for you. Does she want independence or is she looking to settle down? This is an excellent way for you to find out.

Question #18 Where do you like getting kissed?

Why It’s Flirtatious: With any luck, you will get to try out the answer later on.

Question #19 Are you seeing anyone?

Why It’s Flirtatious: It may not be the most flirty of questions, but it needs to be asked. Nothing is worse than meeting the perfect girl and finding out that she is already taken.

Question #20 How could a girl like you be single?

Why It’s Flirtatious: As long as she is not sensitive about the topic, this question is a good one to ask. It flatters her while also finding out more information.

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