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20 Things That Women Want in a Man

By on September 11, 2014

Trying to decipher the female heart can be tough. It’s not always simple to figure out what women want in a man, but it really shouldn’t be too much of a mystery. Of course, every woman is an individual, but there are some things that almost all women want. It’s never a good idea to try to completely change yourself for someone else, as it’s near impossible to keep up. However, there’s no harm in cultivating your good points!

1. Honesty


When a woman is asked what traits are important to her in a partner, honesty almost always tops the list. This boils down to one key factor: trust. Every woman wants a man who she feels like she can trust, and most men want the same thing from their significant other. After all, if you can’t trust your partner then any relationship you have isn’t going to have a particularly strong foundation. That said, honestly still has its limits. A woman may want a man to be honest, but not brutally honest. For instance, if there’s a another woman at work you have a harmless crush on or if her hair’s not looking its best one day, your partner probably doesn’t want you to tell her about it.


2. Caring


It’s important for a woman to have a man in her life who is caring and considerate. This can manifest itself in all kinds of ways, from simply asking her how her day was to bringing her soup when she’s sick to picking her up from the airport after a long journey. Basically, women want to know that you give a damn and are willing to go that extra mile, when necessary. Ideally, you should be able to show that your caring nature extends to other people in your life, as well, such as friends and family members.

3. Your Attention in the Moment


Unless a particular woman has some unrealistic ideas, she’s not going to expect your undivided attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, it’s reasonable for her to expect your complete attention when you’re doing something together. No woman wants to feel like she comes second to a smartphone. So, whether you’re going out for dinner or simply hanging out at your place to watch a movie, give her your full attention and put away any distractions.

4. Genuine and Thoughtful Compliments


Everyone likes to hear that the special someone in their lives thinks they’re attractive, but you can do better than that when it comes to compliments. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t tell a woman that you think she’s beautiful, but you should also think about other things you like about her, and compliment her on those, as well. For instance, if you think she’s a really great violinist or that she always knows how to pick the best places to eat or she tells the funniest jokes, then make it known! It’s a great way to show that you appreciate her.

5. Romantic Gestures


Who said that romance is dead? Women love the men in their lives to make romantic gestures, as it shows that they care and are going out of their way to make an effort. Romance comes more naturally to some people than to others, so stick within your comfort zone. If you’re the kind of person who likes to make grand romantic gestures, then go with it. Otherwise, small things like buying a woman flowers or arranging a nice evening out will keep the romance alive.

6. Generosity


Women like a man who can show that he’s generous. Of course, no one’s saying that all women want lavish gifts or for men to always pick up the tab at dinner. Instead, women like to see men who are consistently generous throughout their day to day life. For instance, those who tip well or give to charity. Generosity doesn’t just extend to money, either; it’s also good to show that your generous with your time and won’t baulk at helping out a friend or family member.

7. Understanding


Everyone likes to feel as though they’re understood. As such, you should try to understand and sympathize with all aspects of a woman’s life. Of course, you might not genuinely be able to understand why it is she likes to collect china dolls or go to sci-fi conventions, but don’t mock her or make her feel silly for her choices. You should also try to understand any issues that she has and be calm and patient with her if she has any problems.

8. Good Manners


We’re not in the 1700s, so no woman is going to expect you to throw your cape over a puddle for her, but basic good manners can get you a long way. Simple gestures such as holding a door open for a woman, pulling out her chair for her at dinner, or offering her your jacket if she gets cold impress a woman more than you might think. You should also try to be well mannered toward other people around you. If you’re rude to the server while you’re out on a date, a woman might think twice about going out with you again.

9. Fun


It’s not all touchy-feely stuff when it comes to giving women what they want; all women like to spend time with a man who they can have fun with. Try to be spontaneous and keep her on her toes. However, this can be a tough one to crack, as everyone’s idea of fun varies, so you’ll really have to get to know a woman a bit better to find out what she likes to go for fun. For instance, some women might have a blast on a surprise outing to the arcade or a batting cage, whereas others might be bored stiff.

10. Compassion


Some men might feel like compassion isn’t a very “manly” quality, but most women would disagree. A woman wants a man who not only loves and respects her, but also shows care and compassion toward other people, animals, the environment and those less fortunate. A compassionate man is one who others look up to and admire, so this trait goes a long way when trying to impress women.

11. A Good Sense of Humor 


No woman wants to spend every day with someone who is always serious. Instead, a women loves being with a man who can make her laugh. Again, humor is quite subjective, so maybe leave your more controversial jokes at home. But, on the whole, don’t hold back and be your usual hilarious self. Women will be falling at your feet from laughter and begging you to tell another one.

12. The Ability to Take Initiative


The stereotype of a woman who wants a man to be dominant and in charge is so outdated it hurts. However, all women want their man to be able to take the initiative when it’s required of them. There are all kinds of ways in which this could manifest. You might just want to try organizing a fun-filled date night or a surprise getaway now and then, but the ability to take initiative also counts when it comes to matters in the bedroom. Some women still prefer not to make the first move, so you might find it beneficial to do so yourself.

13. Good Communication 


There’s always this idea that women want their man to be the strong, silent type. However, this is usually quite far from the truth. When a woman wants to build a long term relationship with a man, she generally wants someone who is a good communicator. Every relationship has its ups and downs, but the ability to communicate effectively about what you think and feel is extremely useful when it comes to keeping a relationship together. As such, communication skills are highly valued by women.

14. A Genuine Interest in Her


Every woman wants to feel like the man in her life in interested in her as an individual, not just as a generic woman. Therefore, it’s important to show that you’re interested in her life and what she’s into. Ask her about her interests and try to show her that they’re important to you, too. Ask plenty of questions and find out about her childhood, her likes and dislikes, and what exactly she does as work. A woman wants to feel like you genuinely want to know all about her. This is an important foundation for any long-term relationship, so if you’re serious about the girl, get serious about getting to know her.

15. A Man Who Aims to Please


It’s no secret that a woman wants a man who is eager to please her. There are all kinds of ways to please a woman, but these will vary somewhat depending on the individual woman. This could be as simple as sending her a sweet text or email or perhaps buying her a bunch of her favorite flowers. Of course, when you get to this stage in your relationship, it’s also vital to aim to please in the bedroom, as well.

16. Support


Understandably, a woman wants to be with a man who is willing to support her through thick and thin. This support should find its way into all aspects of her life. Basically, she wants to know that you have her back. A woman wants emotional support, so you should be sure to be there for her through any difficult times or simply to listen to her gripe about a bad day at work. She also wants to know you support her interests and ambitions, so if she’s up for a promotion or wants to change careers, make sure that she know’s you’re behind her and you believe in her.

17. Intelligence


Not all women want to date a regular Einstein, but no woman wants to be lumbered with a regular Homer Simpson. You might never have been top of the class, but it’s important to show that you have some intellectual curiosity and are interested in social and cultural affairs. Read the newspaper and watch the news once in a while, so you can talk confidently about current events, should they come up. You don’t want to be the only once at the table who knows nothing about the conflict in Gaza or who thinks that the Keystone XL is some sort of plus size clothing line.

18. An Ability to Commit


Not every women is looking to settle down, with marriage and kids high on her list of priorities. However, even a woman who’s after a casual relationship wants a man who can show some sort of commitment, even if it’s just committing to weekly date nights. While only time will be able to show a woman that you’re genuinely committed to her, you can prove that you’re committed in other aspects of your life, for instance by showing a good work ethic or never cancelling on a commitment, unless you have a genuine reason.

19. Confidence


Let’s face it, confidence is always sexy. Women want a man who is confident and can get things done. However, it’s important to understand the difference between confident and cocky. A confident man is attractive to women, whereas a cocky man is often just annoying. It’s alright to have a bit of swagger now and then, but remember to show a decent level of humility and not to get carried away.

20. Reliability


Being called reliable might not seem like the coolest or most sexy descriptor, but reliability is very important to women. The thing about reliability is that it’s vital in all kinds of aspects of a person’s life, so being truly reliable is a big deal. For instance, no woman wants to sit waiting for their partner in a restaurant for half an hour, because they’re never on time. Reliability affects everything from remembering to pay a bill on time to the ability to hold down a job. Therefore, it’s an extremely desirable trait in the long run. Everybody needs someone to rely on, so you should be able to show that special woman in your life that you can be that person.

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