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30 Crew Cut Hairstyles for Men

By on February 18, 2015

The crew cut is a classic men’s hairstyle that is very popular in the military and in the sporting world, mainly due to its practicality and low maintenance. The name “crew” cut likely comes from Ivy League universities adopting the hairstyle for their “crew”, or rowing teams, for maximum visibility while competing. (The so-called “Ivy League” hairstyle is very similar, but the hair is long enough on top to be combed over to one side).

The crew cut is quite simple, with the hair short overall – longest at the crown and shortest at the back of the head. The sides are usually tapered and short. The crew cut can define one’s face, creating a more athletic and masculine look. It suits most face shapes, and all hair types. We’ve compiled a list of 30 Crew Cut Hairstyles for Men worn by famous male celebrities to show you how this practical and masculine cut can transform your features and update your look.


1. Zac Efron Crew Cut Hairstyle: Short and soft



American actor and singer Zac Efron made a clever career move with his short crew cut – goodbye long, floppy teenage fringe, hello short, mature, and clean-cut hair! Zac looks fantastic with his face exposed, and we can fully appreciate his eyes and his jawline without his hair getting in the way. He looks especially dapper with just a tiny bit of stubble, and groomed eyebrows.


2. Channing Tatum Crew Cut Hairstyle: Slightly tousled up top


American actor, film producer, dancer, and model Channing Tatum looks great with his slightly tousled crew cut. Also known as a “brush cut”, this longer-length crew cut is simple yet sexy, and full of texture that makes his hair look irresistibly touchable. A crew cut with an extra inch of length is still neat and tidy, but the longer hair takes the “military” edge off.


3. Taylor Kinney Crew Cut Hairstyle: A crew for thick / curly hair


American actor and model Taylor Kinney, currently starring in TV series Chicago Fire, sports a slightly longer crew cut that is very flattering for his thick, dark hair. The crew cut is especially good for very coarse, thick, or curly hair, as it makes it more manageable and a lot neater-looking. Pair your short hairstyle with a scruffy beard for a rugged and masculine final look.


4. Ryan Gosling Crew Cut Hairstyle: The Drive crew cut


Canadian actor, film director, screenwriter, musician, and businessman Ryan Gosling shows off his signature “Drive” crew cut hairstyle that features a short fringe slicked over to one side. This crew cut hairstyle is fresh, modern, and contemporary, and it suits his oval shaped face perfectly.


5. Chris Evans Crew Cut Hairstyle: Slightly spiked


American actor and film director Chris Evans, well-known for his role as Captain America, looks clean-cut and dapper with his slightly spiked crew cut hairstyle. This hairstyle is short yet not at all boring, and we love the dynamic texture of his hair. To style a crew cut of this length and texture, simply work some pomade into your hairline using either your fingers or a fine-toothed comb.


6. Christian Bale Crew Cut Hairstyle: Close-cropped


English actor Christian Bale (a.k.a. Batman) looks edgy and mysterious with his close-cropped crew cut. This hairstyle suits his sharp facial features, and his facial hair adds to the “hard man” look. The key to this hairstyle is keeping a relatively uniform shortness all the way around, except for a section of hair about half an inch longer on top.


7. Adam Levine Crew Cut Hairstyle: Boyish charm


American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and actor Adam Levine keeps his look chic and simple with a boyish crew cut hairstyle. This hairstyle suits his long face shape, and the designer stubble on his face helps to balance out his look. The crew cut hairstyle is incredibly easy to care for and style. Wash and condition your hair regularly, brush it with a medium bristle brush, and use a tiny bit of pomade when styling to make it look more dynamic. Easy!


8. Colton Haynes Crew Cut Hairstyle: Contemporary Ivy League


American actor and model Colton Haynes oozes preppy sex appeal with his contemporary Ivy League crew cut hairstyle and a smooth, clean-shaven face. His version of the crew cut sports a longer fringe / forelock that he has styled up with hair gel. If you prefer a more versatile short hairstyle, then this crew cut hairstyle is for you.


9. Robert Downey Jr. Crew Cut Hairstyle: Subtle flat top


American actor, producer, and singer Robert Downey Jr. (a.k.a. Sherlock Holmes or Iron Man) looks handsome and stylish with his flat-top crew cut and designer facial stubble. Although this crew cut is not a true flat top (i.e., not the military-style flat-top buzz cut), it has been styled forwards and horizontally from the crown. This crew cut hairstyle is great for thinning or fine hair, as it creates the illusion of fuller, thicker locks.


10. Peter Mooney Crew Cut Hairstyle: Boy next door


Canadian actor Peter Mooney, best known for his role in police TV drama Rookie Blue, looks carefree and confident with his simple boy-next-door crew cut hairstyle. This crew cut hairstyle is classic and low-maintenance, and it’s suitable for all work environments. Pair this timeless hairstyle with soft, well-groomed stubble for a handsome and professional final look.


11. David Beckham Crew Cut Hairstyle: Soft and textured


English former professional footballer, model, and style icon David Beckham looks preppy and well-turned out with his soft, textured crew cut hairstyle. This hairstyle suits his oval / square face shape, as it complements both the curves of his cheekbones and his strong jaw. Most people have a combination of face shapes, instead of one perfect shape, so bear this in mind when choosing a new hairstyle.


12. Jake Gyllenhaal Crew Cut Hairstyle: Neat and tidy


American actor Jake Gyllenhaal looks dapper and confident with his neat and tidy crew cut. The crew cut is essentially the simplest men’s hairstyle you could hope for – it’s low maintenance, classic, work-appropriate, and subtly masculine. All you need is a shampoo and conditioner suited to your hair type (e.g., dry, oily, itchy scalp), a soft-bristled hair brush, and some pomade for styling. The crew cut is easy to look after, and it saves you time getting ready in the morning!


13. Brad Pitt Crew Cut Hairstyle: Military-style brush cut


Award-winning American actor and producer Brad Pitt (seen here in The Tree of Life) sports a military-style brush cut with a slight flat top and graduated sides. The longer hair on top is styled with pomade, giving it a textured, slightly wet look. For best results, invest in a pair of electric hair clippers to trim the section of hair closest to your ears and the nape of your neck. Alternatively, visit your barber every 2-3 weeks to have your hair trimmed and styled to keep your crew cut looking fresh and sharp.


14. Sam Worthington Crew Cut Hairstyle: Close-cropped


English-born Australian actor Sam Worthington, best known for his role as Jake Sully in Avatar (2009), looks distinguished with his close-cropped crew cut hairstyle. This hairstyle opens up the face, highlighting features such as the brow and forehead. For an even more masculine look, pair your short crew cut hairstyle with a scruffy beard. You can groom it a bit more for work if your boss isn’t keen on neck beards in the office!


15. Cam Gigandet Crew Cut Hairstyle: Boyish and playful


American actor Cam Gigandet sports a boyish and playful crew cut hairstyle full of texture and subtle volume. This hairstyle is great for fine hair, as the cut creates extra volume and makes the hair look more dynamic. Style your hair with water or a tiny bit of pomade (about a fingernail-sized amount in your palm) for a contemporary, carefree, and casual look.


16. Bradley Cooper Crew Cut Hairstyle: Tousled brush cut


American actor Bradley Cooper takes a break from his signature curly locks and opts for a short and tousled brush cut. The brush cut is meant to be worn with hair brushed forward from the crown of the head, hence the name. It’s a great option for very thick, coarse, or curly hair, as it tames wild locks and opens up your facial features. Style hair with a soft-bristled brush, stick to a regular cleansing and moisturizing schedule (daily or every two days), and that’s it!


17. Ricky Martin Crew Cut Hairstyle: Slick side fringe


Puerto Rican singer, actor, and author Ricky Martin looks effortlessly handsome with his chic crew cut hairstyle and a slick side fringe. The longer hair on top allows for many more styling varieties, which is great if you enjoy regularly updating your look. For super-shiny locks, use an anti-frizz serum on your fringe – it smooths the hair cuticles, making hair look sleek and healthy. It does a similar job to pomade, except it doesn’t weigh your hair down.


18. Matt Damon Crew Cut Hairstyle: Almost Ivy League


American actor, voice actor, screenwriter, producer, and philanthropist Matt Damon looks fantastic with his “almost Ivy League” crew cut. The Ivy League hairstyle is incredibly similar, but features longer hair on top that is usually styled combed to one side. At this length, it’s best styled brushed forward or spiked with a bit of pomade or gel.


19. Robert Pattinson Crew Cut Hairstyle: Tapered sides


English actor, model, musician and producer Robert Pattinson looks completely different with his short crew cut and neat, tapered sides. Without his previously long hair flopping into his face, you can see his eyes and defined facial features properly. This haircut suits both thick and fine hair, as the shortness will help to even out your hair.


20. Ben Affleck Crew Cut Hairstyle: Simple yet stylish


American actor, director, screenwriter and producer Ben Affleck looks dapper and distinguished with his simple yet stylish crew cut hairstyle. This hairstyle is perfect for fine hair, as it’s very short and requires very little styling. Pair this timeless crew cut hairstyle with a clean-shaven face or barely-there stubble for an exceptionally professional look.


21. Chris Hemsworth Crew Cut Hairstyle: Soft and textured


Australian actor Chris Hemsworth looks confident and youthful with his soft and textured crew cut hairstyle. This hairstyle opens up his face and draws attention to his eyes and brows – important facial features which may be hidden behind longer hairstyles. Pair your short hairstyle with some designer stubble for a masculine and contemporary look.


22. Marshall Mathers (Eminem) Crew Cut Hairstyle: Super-short


American rapper, record producer, songwriter, and actor Marshall Mathers (Eminem) shows off his signature crew cut hairstyle. This short, military-style hairstyle is low maintenance and suits all hair types and face shapes. It’s the perfect wash-and go style that only needs daily washing and occasional brushing. Great for an active sportsman or if you’re busy and on the go all day long.


23. Joe Jonas Crew Cut Hairstyle: Short sides, thick on top


American pop singer, musician, actor, and dancer Joe Jonas (previously a member of the Jonas Brothers) sports a modern crew cut hairstyle with short sides and thick locks on top. This hairstyle is great for very thick hair, as it makes it easier to manage, and controls the texture. Joe also rocks incredibly thick eyebrows which define his face. If you feel that your eyebrows are too unruly or are negatively impacting your face, you can go to a salon and have them waxed or reshaped. This is the easiest way to open up your face, after having your crew cut!


24. Christopher Meloni Crew Cut Hairstyle: Classic cut for receding hairline


American actor Christopher Meloni (best known as Detective Elliot Stabler on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) looks effortlessly handsome with his classic crew cut. The crew cut is perfect for thinning hair or a balding scalp, as it keeps hair looking natural and stylish whilst avoiding glaringly obvious cover-ups for receding hairlines, such as comb-overs. Keeping your hair neat and short will draw more attention to your face and away from your problematic hairline. Male pattern baldness is incredibly common, so embrace your changing hairline and make the best of it with a stylish crew cut hairstyle.


25. Justin Timberlake Crew Cut Hairstyle: Curl control


American singer, songwriter, and actor Justin Timberlake shows off a superb crew cut hairstyle that suits his suave and sexy look perfectly. Most of us remember Timberlake’s crazy crop of peroxided curls from his NSYNC days (those of who who don’t remember, be grateful!), and so this is a major style upgrade. Curls can look fantastic on men, but if you’re tired of the extra maintenance, then a crew cut is the next best option. Then, all you need to do is brush your hair daily, and have it trimmed regularly. Easy!


26. Chad Michael Murray Crew Cut Hairstyle: Short and fuzzy


American actor, spokesperson, writer and former fashion model Chad Michael Murray looks smoking hot with his short and fuzzy crew cut hairstyle. You can clearly see the difference in hair length between the sides and the top, which is an indication of a great cut.


27. Tom Ford Crew Cut Hairstyle: Brush cut


American fashion designer and film director Tom Ford looks dapper and effortlessly handsome with his brush cut hairstyle. The brush cut is a slightly longer crew cut, with hair brushed forward from the crown. Ford deals with a receding hairline by adopting the brush cut version of the crew cut – longer hair on top, brushed forward to conceal his forehead. The designer stubble draws attention away from his hairline and down to his eyes and lips.


28. John Mayer Crew Cut Hairstyle: Neat and tidy


American singer-songwriter and producer John Mayer looks completely different with his short, close-cropped crew cut and a straggly beard. Mayer proves that a hair cut (in his case, from shoulder-length to super-short) can completely transform your image. A crew-cut is great for summer, as it keeps you cool, it dries easily after washing, and it requires almost zero styling. Practical and flattering, what more do you need?


29. Colin Farrell Crew Cut Hairstyle: Sexy spikes


Irish actor Colin Farrell is smoking hot with his sexy, spiked crew cut and well-groomed facial hair. We love the contrast between his short, silver-grey sides and the darker, longer, spiked section on top. The crew cut hairstyle is contemporary whilst still suiting almost every face and age, which makes it a great go-to haircut when you’re unsure what your next hairstyle should be. It also has the potential to grow out well with very little styling needed.


30. Ryan Reynolds Crew Cut Hairstyle: Thick and healthy


Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds looks great with his thick and healthy hair in a crew cut hairstyle. We love that he’s kept the grays at his temples (a little gray only adds a distinguished look, after all!), and his barely-there designer stubble. Light facial hair adds a masculine touch without looking scruffy or untidy.


So that’s it – our 30 Crew Cut Hairstyles for Men! We hope you’ve seen how flattering and flexible this seemingly simple hairstyle can be, and that you’ve found the perfect crew cut for your personal style. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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