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30 David Beckham Hairstyles

By on January 2, 2015

English former football player David Beckham has gained quite a reputation as a style icon over the years, and he seemingly has it all – good looks, a successful football career behind him, a gorgeous wife, four children, and fantastic hair. His hairstyles alone have made him a man to watch in the style world! No matter the hairstyle – mullet, mohawk, or pompadour – he manages to own it in a way that accentuates his best features and his unique personal style. So, we’ve taken inspiration from the man himself and chosen 30 David Beckham Hairstyles to give you some great ideas for your next hairstyle.


1. David Beckham Hairstyles: Sleek and combed back

david beckham hairstyles_01

Becks looks sharp and well-groomed with his sleek and combed back hairstyle. He sports a mini pompadour (puffy section of hair at the hairline extending backwards) and short sides. To recreate this hairstyle at home, invest in a good quality pomade or non-greasy hair gel to slick hair back. Gently work the pomade or gel (about a fingernail-sized amount) into your hair, and then use a comb to style your hair up and to one side. If you have very fine hair, use a light hair spray to keep it from falling out of place or flopping over.



2. David Beckham Hairstyles: Subtle mullet and side fringe

david beckham hairstyles_02

We’ll admit that the mullet isn’t usually at the top of our list of trendy hairstyles, but Beckham’s version has converted us! Here he sports a subtle mullet with a long, sweeping side fringe. If you have mid-length hair and you’re looking for a sporty and boyish style, then this style might be perfect for you. Hair at the back should not be longer than your collar, and it should be the same length – no scraggly rat tails! Since this style is more casual, you can simply work a tiny bit of pomade into your fringe to keep it in place. Use your fingers instead of a comb for a more natural look.


3. David Beckham Hairstyles: Simple hairband for long hair

david beckham hairstyles_03

David Beckham has a way of turning a simple hairstyle into a style statement, and his hairband is no exception. This hairstyle is perfect for mid-length to long hair, as it keeps pesky pieces of hair out of your face. For best results, make sure that your hair is clean. It may be tempting to just push your hair back instead of giving it a quick wash, but you run the risk of looking like a greaseball. Don’t be that guy.


4. David Beckham Hairstyles: Soft caesar with tufty fringe

david beckham hairstyles_04

The caesar is a classic men’s haircut, and David wears it effortlessly. It’s a great style for the office, as it’s short, neat, and has a bit of hair at the front to style on weekends. Here Becks wears his hair without any product, giving it that signature natural, soft look. If your hair tends to lie flat without any product, try a soft-look gel that is invisible once it’s in your hair.


5. David Beckham Hairstyles: Wispy fringe

david beckham hairstyles_05

Fine hair needn’t be boring or hard to style – Becks shows us how to liven up a simple hairstyle with a quirky, wispy fringe. You’ll need a very light pomade or hairspray for this style, as the goal is to keep hair looking light and full of body. Try to avoid hair products that contain silicone, as this ingredient can weigh hair down, making it look greasy and flat.


6. David Beckham Hairstyles: Undercut and fauxhawk

david beckham hairstyles_06

2014 has been the year of the undercut, and Becks was on top form (as always) with his flawless undercut and fauxhawk. He also sported designer facial hair with a full moustache, creating a fantastic retro look. This look is currently trending, and it’s especially popular paired with all kinds of beards and facial hair styles. However, this look is high maintenance, as the hair needs to be freshly cut for a neat and well-groomed look. You’ll need to have your hair trimmed and re-styled about every two weeks for best results.


7. David Beckham Hairstyles: Tousled caesar and scruffy beard

david beckham hairstyles_07

If you prefer a more low-maintenance look, then try out the tousled caesar hairstyle. This hairstyle is easy to wash and go, and it’ll still look good after a month or two of growth.  Becks pairs his casual hairstyle with a scruffy beard and a grey hoodie. If you want to style your hair a bit, simply work some pomade into your fringe and set with a blow-dryer or some hairspray.


8. David Beckham Hairstyles: Mini ponytail

david beckham hairstyles_08

If you’re a sportsman with long hair, you’ll know how hard it is to keep your hair out of your eyes when you’re in action. It’s important to find a style that’s both aesthetically pleasing and practical. If your hair isn’t long enough to pull into a full ponytail, try tying the top section back in a mini-ponytail instead. You can even create multiple ponytails for each different layer of hair. For an extra-slick look, comb pomade into your hair before pulling it into a ponytail.


9. David Beckham Hairstyles: Top heavy

david beckham hairstyles_09

The quiff/pompadour hairstyle is trending at the moment, and it’s especially striking when paired with short, smoothed-back sides. This top-heavy hairstyle is sexy and modern, and it works incredibly well with designer facial hair. Pump your hair full of volume using a volume boosting hair-styling mousse and blow-drying your hair with a round brush.


10. David Beckham Hairstyles: Chic undercut

david beckham hairstyles_10

Becks looks very dapper here with his chic undercut, combed back hair, and immaculately groomed facial hair. Well-styled facial hair can make an average hairstyle fantastic, so take care when trimming and shaping your beard and moustache. Aim for a well-put-together look where your hairstyle complements your facial hair.


11. David Beckham Hairstyles: Mid-length preppy ‘do

david beckham hairstyles_11

Beckham softens up his bad-boy footballer look with this soft, mid-length preppy ‘do. He’s also opted for a medium brown colour for his hair instead of his signature blonde locks. Extra volume gives his fine hair body, making it look thicker and healthier. For a tousled, natural look, style your hair with your fingers instead of a brush or comb.


12. David Beckham Hairstyles: Soft spikes

david beckham hairstyles_12

Peroxide aside, soft spikes can look really great when done right. Ask your hair stylist to finish off your haircut with razor-cut edges that look sharp and angular, and then style them with pomade / gel and your fingertips. Style your fringe to the side for a more contemporary look.


13. David Beckham Hairstyle: Formal and flawless

david beckham hairstyles_13

This hairstyle is perfect for a formal event, as it’s neat, classic, and incredibly handsome. The key to this look is attention to detail – make sure that every hair is in place by using a good quality pomade and a fine-toothed comb to style your hair. Finish off with a bit of hairspray to keep everything in place.


14. David Beckham Hairstyles: Short with peaked fringe

david beckham hairstyles_14

The peaked fringe is a boyish fashion statement that draws attention upwards towards the eyes. Style your hair in a soft triangle that is centered at the middle of your forehead, using hair gel or wax to keep it up. For a less “done” look, use a gel that dries or a strong hairspray that keeps hair looking dry and soft.


15. David Beckham Hairstyles: Messy high ponytail

david beckham hairstyles_15

The high ponytail is a great alternative to the regular, boring old ponytail – it’s more flattering, and practical too as it keeps hair off of your shoulders. You could also wear long hair in a “man bun”, which is a great style for summer. The gendering of hairstyles is slowly being broken down, so why not experiment with some new looks? Some traditionally “feminine” hairstyles are now being recognized as equally stylish for men.


16. David Beckham Hairstyles: Soft and textured

david beckham hairstyles_16

Not a fan of using hair products every day? Get a good quality haircut and you won’t need much extra styling. This short style features soft, textured hair and minimal styling. Simply wash and go, or style your hair with water. For a masculine yet clean-cut look, keep your facial hair well-groomed and properly shaped.


17. David Beckham Hairstyles: Side-fringe and light stubble

david beckham hairstyles_17

A young and fresh-faced David Beckham shows off his stylish side fringe and some barely-there stubble. This youthful, boyish look is perfect for college or university, and it’s medium maintenance. As your hair grows, you’ll need to tweak your style a bit to suit your new hair length. Alternatively, have it trimmed every two weeks to keep it from looking too scruffy.


18. David Beckham Hairstyles: Super-short

david beckham hairstyles_18

Dare to bare it all with a super-short cut like David’s. Very short hair doesn’t suit everyone, but it can look very sexy and masculine when done right. Short hair opens up your face, so this look works best for confident men. It’s also low maintenance provided you have it cut regularly – it’s a wash-and-go style, but it can get messy as it grows out. If you do intend on growing your hair longer after a short cut, remember to have it styled regularly to keep it looking good.


19. David Beckham Hairstyles: Floppy with short sides

david beckham hairstyles_19

A moustached David Beckham looks rugged and handsome with his flopped-over hairdo and short sides. When your hair is quite long on top (a classic undercut or a fauxhawk style) you can wear it slightly messy, flopped to one side. This may happen naturally if you’re active and your slicked-back hair comes undone, but you can also style it this way on purpose. Use some pomade to keep hair heavy and close to your head.


20. David Beckham Hairstyles: Slicked back, wet-look locks

david beckham hairstyles_20

Becks looks distinguished and effortlessly handsome with his slicked back, wet-look locks and a crisp tuxedo. The easiest way to neaten up longish hair is to smooth it back with wet-look gel or a thick pomade. Use a fine-toothed comb to style for hair for extra precision and control. Use a little bit of hairspray to keep your hair in place all night.


21. David Beckham Hairstyles: Beachy, shoulder-length waves

david beckham hairstyles_21

In this blast-from-the-past picture, Becks sports shoulder-length waves of blonde hair. We love his casual surfer look, and his summery golden hair color. The middle-parting draws attention to his eyes and accentuates his symmetrical face. Tuck your hair behind your ears to keep it out of your face, and keep a small comb handy in your pocket to tidy up your hair when need be.


22. David Beckham Hairstyles: Short and textured

david beckham hairstyles_22

A very young Becks rocks a super-short fade haircut with a bit of subtle texture. The fade haircut is a varied length style that is perfect for work or leisure, and it’s very low maintenance. To style, simply put some gel or pomade in the palm of your hand and run it briskly through your hair. This will make your hair stand up, instead of lying flat on your head.


23. David Beckham Hairstyles: Extreme mohawk

david beckham hairstyles_23

Daring and alternative, the mohawk is an attention-grabbing hairstyle that will most definitely get you noticed. It’s very high maintenance, so it’s a good idea to invest in a hair trimmer to keep your hair very short and neat. If you want a “real” mohawk, you can shave your head entirely, leaving only a long strip of hair that you can style.


24. David Beckham Hairstyles: Big wave

david beckham hairstyles_24

Beckham looks sophisticated and fashionable with a big, retro wave in his hair. His locks have been swept back from his hairline, and they are pumped full of volume. For extra volume, try working volume boosting mousse into damp hair before blow-drying it with a round brush. Use an anti-frizz serum for lots of shine and smooth, soft-looking hair.


25. David Beckham Hairstyles: Textured fade hairstyle

david beckham hairstyles_25

This hairstyle is sporty and masculine, with just enough length to style in several different ways. Here Becks wears his hair up in the front, and slightly messy on top. Use pomade to style, or you can even style your hair with water – simply run wet hands through your hair to muss it up a bit.


26. David Beckham Hairstyle: Peaked and spiky

david beckham hairstyles_26

David Beckham looks fresh and stylish with his peaked and spiky hairdo. He’s mastered this hairstyle with lots of texture and volume, and we love the lightness of his hair. This hairstyle is great for fine hair, as it gives it extra body, making it look fuller and thicker. It’s also good for thinning hair as the volume will hide any sparse patches of hair.


27. David Beckham Hairstyles: Just-stepped-out-the-shower look

david beckham hairstyles_27

Becks oozes sex appeal with his wet-from-the-shower looking hairstyle and a pair of reflective sunnies. Wet-look gel is great for this hairstyle as it dries whilst still looking wet – practical yet stylish. This look is casual enough to pair with 3-day stubble, dark sunglasses, and a leather jacket.


28. David Beckham Hairstyles: Side parted

david beckham hairstyles_28

Becks sports yet another chic, formal hairstyle that is perfect for special occasions. The side part and carefully combed coiff are classic and timeless, making this style great for weddings or other formal events. Keep your facial hair groomed for a more distinguished and masculine look. A tie, collar and jacket are non-negotiable!


29. David Beckham Hairstyle: Ruffled caesar

david beckham hairstyles_29

A young Beckham shows off his short, ruffled caesar and light stubble. The caesar is a classic and very popular men’s hairstyle, and it suits all face shapes. If you prefer short hair and simple styles, then this is a great starting point! Buy a soft-bristled brush to stimulate your scalp. Light brushing will stimulate blood flow, keeping your hair strong and healthy. This is essential, as short hair leaves your scalp more exposed to the elements.


30. David Beckham Hairstyles: Half-up, half-down hairdo

david beckham hairstyles_30

Not sure how to style your long hair? A half-up, half-down hairstyle covers the best of both worlds by keeping hair out of your eyes and leaving half of it down to hang about your shoulders. You can simply gather the top section of hair together and then tie it in a small ponytail, or take sections from the sides and join them behind your head. For best results, add some volume to your hairline before tying your hair up in a half-up hairdo.


As you can see, even fine hair can be amazingly versatile when you know how to style it. With these 30 hairstyles as inspiration, we’re sure you’ll find a style that suits you perfectly. What do you think about Beckham’s hairdos? Love, hate, not fussed either way? Let us know in the comments below!


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