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40 Best Compliments for Girls

By on January 14, 2015

Before you give a girl a compliment, you need to know how to do it right. Overly sexual compliments can be received poorly by women. You need to focus on complimenting traits like her personality, way of dressing or safe physical features. Until your relationship reaches the next level, you should avoid any sexual comments because she could take it the wrong way. To get some ideas, read on for the best compliments for girls.

compliments for girls

1. I love talking with you.

Women love to communicate and place a high value on their ability to communicate. If you tell her that you enjoy talking to her, she will assume that you enjoy her ideas and truly listen to what she has to say.


2. You are so good at ______.

Every girl has a hobby, career or pastime that she cares deeply about. Complimenting her on this interest will be flattering for her. More importantly, it shows that you are interested in the things that she cares about. It also indicates that you respect the way she spends her time on a specific activity.

3. That ________ looks amazing on you.

Women spend a lot of time figuring out what they are going to wear. They took time to consider how they look before they met up with you. Recognize their efforts by complimenting them on their clothing choice.

4. You always make me feel so comfortable.

If you feel comfortable around her, you should let her know it. She wants to hear that she is different than the other women you have dated.

5. You are so smart.

Although every woman wants to hear that she is beautiful, you should also compliment her intelligence. She needs to know that you are interested in her for more than just how she looks.

6. You are more gorgeous than movie stars.

You can modify this compliment by making it about a specific movie star, or a film that you just watched together. After seeing all of the perfect bodies in Hollywood movies, your girlfriend will love to hear that she is just as attractive as major celebrities are.

7. My friends like (love) you.

Your girlfriend knows that she needs to get your friends to like her. If your friends hate her,the relationship is doomed. Let her know that she fits in with your group, and she will feel happier.

8. I can see so much warmth in your eyes.

This compliment is a modification of the traditional, “I love your eyes”. It indicates that you are looking into her eyes, and it shows that you believe she is a warm, caring person. She has heard compliments about her eyes a thousand times, so you need to mix it up.

9. I think you are perfect just the way you are.

In bad relationships, we try to change who our partner is. Let her know that you like her who she is already. This will encourage her to be herself around you and just relax in your presence.

10. I miss you.

When you are not together, it is perfectly normal to miss each other. You do not want to appear callous by saying that you did not miss her. Use this compliment for girls to let your girlfriend know that you want to be around her and wish you were closer.

11. You have such good taste.

You can easily flatter a girl with this compliment. Everyone wants to hear that their opinions matter. You can adjust this compliment so that it involves her taste in food, novels, music and films. Basically, you can tell her that you like her taste in anything. If you say it, you should mean it. Otherwise, you are going to end up watching an endless stream of chick flicks while drinking red wine.

12. I would rather be with you than my friends tonight.

You need to use this compliment carefully. If you say it wrong, it could sound like you are trying to show how popular you are. It could also seem like you are trying to tell her what you have given up. When done right, this compliment can be a wonderful thing. It lets her know that you want to be with her more than anything else. She ends up being flattered and feels like a much-desired commodity.

13. How could I exist without you?

This compliment for girls is easy to use in any situation. Even though you are both independent people, this quote lets her know that you still need to be around her. Everyone wants to hear that they make a difference and matter to someone else.

14. I can’t keep my eyes off of you.

Instead of telling her that she has a nice rack, you should say that you cannot keep your eyes off of her. It lets her know that you find her amazingly attractive. This quote manages to be a major compliment about her looks without veering into the world of crude flattery. In addition, it shows that you are thinking about her all of the time.

15. Your ______ has rubbed off on you!

Everyone has a teacher, family member or hero that has influenced their life. If you know your girlfriend really well, you will also know who her heroes are. Telling her that she reminds you of her hero is a great way to compliment her.

16. I am so proud of you.

If you are dating the right woman, you will feel proud of her accomplishments at some point. Telling her how you feel is a way for you to express your respect and admiration for who she is. Over time, girls may feel taken for granted in the relationship. You can prevent this from occurring by showing her all the time that she is valued in the relationship.

17. You make my world stand still.

This may sound over-the-top, but it is one of the best compliments to use if you want to make her blush. Your girlfriend wants to feel important to you. Compliments like this show that she is the center of your world, and you would give anything to be around her.

18. Roses are red…

If you want something cute to write her, try modifying a stereotypical love poem like “Roses are red”. You will not win any awards for your poetry, but it will make her smile. Terrible poetry is excellent because it shows that you are willing to look foolish around her and that you really care. Whether it is excellently or poorly written, poetry is sure to win her over.

19. I can’t stop thinking about last night.

This can be used after your first night together or after a first date. You want to show that you cannot get her out of your mind. She needs to know that you feel passionately about her. The easiest way to do this is to tell her outright. Girls like to talk about their feelings, and they will respect you for sharing what you think.

20. Your lips are so soft.

The key to a physical compliment is to make it poetic and not trashy.

21. Your _________ is so cute.

When it comes to physical compliments, telling her that she is cute is always a great idea. You can tell her that her freckles, nose or mannerisms are cute.

22. You make me want to be a better man.

Everyone wants to hear that they made a difference to someone. By telling her that you want to be a better person, she will feel like she is a good influence on you.

23. I can see the world in your eyes.

It may be a bit mushy, but she will eat this up. Girls want to feel like they are unique. Make her feel like she is special by telling her poetic compliments.

24. I like the way you move.

If you need a more physical compliment, this will work.

25. You are the most gorgeous woman that I have ever seen.

Tell her she is beautiful and she’ll love you for it.

26. Never change the way you look; you are so beautiful.

This is a great way to let her know that she is perfect the way she is. Nothing needs to be changed.

27. You light up any room that you walk into.

Again, be poetic with your compliments. It makes them truly memorable.

28. You are such a positive person.

If you are out of things to compliment, try complimenting her personality.

29. You are the first thing that I want to see in the morning.

Tell her this in person, or send her a text later in the day.

30. Being with you completes me.

If she is your better half, let her know how you feel.

31. I could listen to you for hours.

Girls love to talk, and she will love hearing that you like to hear what she has to say.

32. Everyday with you is worth celebrating.

Another poetic compliment that she is sure to love.

33. Your confidence is so attractive.

This flatters her personality and her looks—use it!

34. I love your smile.

Like the eyes, the smile is one of the safest physical features to compliment on a first date. Use this with a girl that you just met, and you will make her blush with pleasure.

35. You look prettier than a picture.

It may be an old-fashioned compliment, but it works.

36. You take my breath away.

Simple, yet poignant.

37. I love the sound of your laugh.

If you don’t know a lot about her, you can always use this compliment.

38. You make my dark days brighter.

If she is the light of your life, let her know it.

39. If I had a million dollars, I would quit my job and spend every second with you.

This is a great message to use in a short love note or text.

40. You are my everything.

She wants to be the first thing you think of the morning, and the last thing you think of at night. Let her know that she is your entire world.

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