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40 Cute Things to Do for Your Girlfriend

By on January 13, 2015

When you finally settle on a girl, you have to show that you care. Ladies want to see that you like them through action; not just words. If you want your girlfriend to be happy with your relationship, you need to find a way to display your affection.

New relationships can use some of the cheesier ideas on this list. When you are just falling for someone, these over-the-top, public displays of love are appropriate. As the relationship further develops, the level of public display may drop. This is completely natural. Long-term relationships still need attention, however. Over time, it can become far too easy to just take her for granted. If you are taking your girlfriend for granted, she is going to react by becoming insecure. She may also take you for granted. Instead of allowing this downward spiral to begin, take time every week or two to do something cute for your girlfriend. This list of ideas will help you get started on making your relationship stronger than ever.

1. Buy Something Special

Even if she says she does not want flowers or chocolates, you can find something else to get her. Find a little object, item or snack that you know she will love. This present does not have to cost much. It will mostly be a way for you to show her that you were thinking about her and really care.



2. Random Dates

Having the same Friday night date night can become boring. Be spontaneous and take her out. A nice dinner, a movie or a hike could be the perfect way to spice things up. If you want something extremely special for her, try taking her to a pottery painting studio. These places normally charge a fee to paint a mug, plate or statue. For an unusual date that girls love, a pottery painting studio is one of the best places.

3. Give a Massage

Sometimes, it isn’t what you give her. The cute things you do for your girlfriend matter. Many guys completely underestimate the power of the back massage. A foot run, hand massage or neck rub is the perfect way to help her relax after a long day at work.

4. Add Songs to Her Ipod

Buying songs from Itunes can be a pain. Help your girlfriend out by adding songs to her iPod. Even better, pick out cute, romantic songs that she will love to hear. Every time she hears the Itunes song in the future, she will think of you and only you.

5. Step up Your Game

Despite the changing social mores and rules, many girlfriends are still the ones to cook dinner and do laundry. If you are covering more of bills or rent, this is a fair arrangement. For the lazy guys out there, step up your game. If you and your girlfriend share the bills, you should share the chores. She will appreciate your help, and it is a sign that you appreciate her for what she does.

6. Charge Her Phone

When she is pushed for time, little things like charging her phone may get forgotten. To show that you care, take some time to charge her phone. This attention to detail is always noticed by the ladies and is a free thing that you can do for your girlfriend.

7. Work Out Together

There are studies that show that couples who work out together are more likely to be in shape five years later. If you need some motivation, get your girlfriend to workout with you. It will give both of you shared time together and a bit of extra motivation.

8. Leave a Note

Write a note or a love letter to her and leave it on her pillow. To make this even cuter, hide short love notes around the house. Put them in the coffee can, the flower pot and behind the couch. Get creative and write plenty of notes so that she will be finding them for weeks!


9. Prepare Dinner

Every girl secretly dreams of a romantic candlelit dinner. Not only will this impressive for your girlfriend, but it is an extremely cheap thing to do. Lay out some silverware, buy some wine and make a delicious dinner. If you cannot cook, buy Italian food take out and put it on the plates. She’ll appreciate the effort once she walks into a candlelit room.

10. Be Early on Dinner Dates

If you really want to impress your girlfriend and make her smile, show up early for dinner. While you wait for her, pick out an appetizer and a glass of wine for her. She will be excited to see food waiting for her if she is hungry.

11. Keep Names in Mind

When you are first dating someone, it can seem impossible to remember all of the names of her family members and friends. Even if it seems difficult, pay attention and remember their names. Remembering names is a sign that you care about your girlfriend and plan on sticking around for a while.

12. Tell Her That She is Sexy

You may think that you are respecting her by saying that she is gorgeous and cute all the time. In the beginning of the relationship, this is a good thing to do. Once you have taken it to the next level, you should tell her that she is sexy. She wants to know that you find her attractive.

13. Wait for Her to Watch Television Shows

When you have a show that you watch together, wait for her. Watching it before she does may be enjoyable initially, but it will make her upset to always see the show second. Pick a television show that can be your time to relax together.

14. Change Her Desktop Background

As a cute idea for your girlfriend, find a picture of the two of you together and change her desktop background. You could also find a picture of a mutual travel goal or her pet.

15. Let Her Have Girl Time

When you first start dating, you may want to be with her all the time. Instead, you should let her have girl time with her friends. You both need to maintain outside relationships because it puts less stress on your relationship. It will also give you time to be yourself without worrying about your girlfriend.

16. Let Her Choose the Movie

Instead of picking what you watch, let her choose. Even if she picks a chick flick, watch it without rolling your eyes. If you are supportive of the things that she wants, she will be supportive of the things that you want to do.

17. Listen Up!

When you are tired and stressed out, she listens to your problems and what you have to say. You should do the same thing for her. Sometimes, all it takes is a sympathetic listener to make everything feel better. For bonus points, give her a foot massage while you listen. It will help to relax her and let her know that you actually care.

18. Make Her a Drink

The stereotype is that girls want to talk about their problems. This may not be the case for every woman. Instead of just sitting back and trying to listen, you can try to make her favorite drink. She will unwind after a bit of time relaxing next to you.

19. Keep Her in Mind

The easiest way to make sure that she feels loved is to care for her. When you make plans, involve her in them. Over the course of your relationship, you have to stop thinking of “you and I” and start thinking of “we”.


20. Paint Her Nails or Shave Her Legs

If you want to step up the intimacy, try painting her nails or shaving her legs. It is a way to be sexually and emotionally close without resorting to just sex. Best of all, you will probably make her laugh by how terrible you are at painting her nails.

21. Call Her Everyday

Your girlfriend wants to know that you think about her all the time. If days go by without a text or a phone call, she is going to think that you are not interested. In the worst case scenario, she may even move on to someone else. Let her know that you are interested by calling her.

22. Go Shopping

You may not care for shopping, but chances are that your girlfriend does. She probably watches football games or does other activities that matter to you. To be fair, you should take part in activities that she cares about. Go shopping, watch a movie or do whatever activity that she enjoys.

23. Volunteer

Giving back and volunteering has been shown to boost happiness levels. Improve your relationship and become happier by volunteering as a couple.

24. Surprise Her

Surprise her with a dinner, a gift or a massage. Whatever you do, be spontaneous about it.

25. Breakfast in Bed

No one likes waking up in the morning. One of the top cute things to do for your girlfriend is to make her breakfast in bed. It will start her day out right and be a great way to wake her up.

26. Put on Her Favorite Music

Whether you are cleaning the apartment or just reading books, try playing some music. Use one of her favorite bands to make her smile.

27. Buy Her Lotion or Soap

Girls love having perfumes, lotions and soap. Find one that suits her, and buy it for your girlfriend.


28. Take a Hike

Seriously, take a hike. Girls like the outdoors, too. Go outside, take a breath of fresh air and go hiking with her.

29. Involve Her

Once you are a couple, decisions should be made jointly. Involve your girlfriend in all of the decisions that you make.

30. Fix Something

If you are short on cash, you can always try fixing something of hers. When her bike breaks or her computer crashes, let her know that you care by fixing it for her.

31. Think of Her When Shopping

Your girlfriend probably likes a different type of food than you do. She may like vegan dishes, low-calorie food or Asian specialties. Noticing little things the type of things that she eats really matters. She cares about you; you should show that you care about her as well.

32. Talk Her Up

Your girlfriend will hear what you say to your friends. Sooner or later, she will find out if you complained about her. Instead of complaining, talk her up. The things that you say to your friends effect how you think. If you want to stay in love with her and keep her in love with you, you should talk her up and only share good things about her.

33. Introduce Her to Family 

Girls know that only “girlfriend” material is brought home to mom. If you want to make your girlfriend happy, introduce her to your family.

34. Stop Teasing Her

Your girlfriend may wear matching pajamas or sleep with a teddy bear. Whatever her quirk is, let her have it. Teasing her will only make her become defensive.


35. Share Your Food

A part of becoming an “us” is that you start sharing things. From your laptop to boxers, your things are going to become hers. This is a positive sign. It means that she is comfortable with you and considers your relationship to be long-lasting. You can move this step along by sharing with her. When you share your clothes, it shows you care. Sharing your food shows that you consider her needs as well as yours.

36. Hold Her Hand in Public

If you want her to know that she matters to you, hold her hand. Wrap your fingers around hers and walk with her everywhere. The constant presence of her skin against yours is an excellent way to boost your relationship.

37. Send Flowers

It may be stereotypical, but flowers are a great way to show your girlfriend that she matters to you. To really surprise her, hire a floral company to send her flowers at work. Everyone at work will ask her about the flowers, and she will love the attention. For a more personalized touch, you can go out and pick them for her. It sounds corny, but she will love it.

38. Look at Her Hair

If you want your girlfriend to be head over heels in love, notice her hair. Stereotypically, guys never notice changes in hair or makeup. Unfortunately, this stereotype is normally true. Pay attention to changes in her hair or new outfits. She spends time getting ready and looking cute; appreciate it.

39. Build a Relationship With Her Family

For your girlfriend to really like you, she will need her families approval. If the family hates you, it is a sign for her that there is something wrong with you. Unless you want your girlfriend to second guess your relationship, take time to build a relationship with her family.

40. Read Her Books

The easiest way to gain a glimpse of your girlfriend’s mind is to see what she is reading. By reading the books that she reads, you understand what she thinks and gain something new to talk about together.

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