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50 Best Long Hairstyles for Men

By on August 3, 2014

Long hairstyles for men are currently trending in the fashion world, with many new and exciting hairstyles to choose from.  If you’re currently growing your hair out or looking for a new style for your long locks, you’ve come to the right place – we have the 50 Best Long Hairstyles for Men for you to choose from. Get inspired by long hairstyles worn by famous male celebrities like Brad Pitt, Jared Leto, Chris Hemsworth, Kit Harington, Christian Bale, and many more. Find a hairdo that suits your face shape and hair type, and learn how to style your new ‘do quickly and easily.

With 50 different long hairstyles to choose from, you’re sure to find a great new look to try out.


1. Brad Pitt Long Hairstyle: Roughly layered, tucked behind ears

long hairstyles for men_01


American movie star Brad Pitt looks distinguished and dapper with his roughly layered locks tucked behind his ears. This hairstyle is characterized by collar-length hair that has been layered roughly towards the ends for extra volume and definition. Prep damp hair with volume boosting mousse before styling, and blow-dry gently to keep hair smooth. Part your hair in the middle, sweeping hair to each side of the parting and tucking it behind your ears. This will keep hair out of your face, making your hairstyle look neater and more formal. You can even add a tiny bit of pomade to your hair to keep it in place – a finger-nail sized amount is enough.


2. Chris Hemsworth Long Hairstyle: Casual man bun

long hairstyles for men_02

Thor actor Chris Hemsworth is right on trend with his long hair pulled back into a casual man bun. The “man bun” is simply the male version of the female bun hairstyle, and it’s a very masculine and functional up’do for men with long hair. Secure your hair at the nape of your neck with a clear or neutral colored hair tie, and tuck some of your hair into the hair tie to form a looped bun. Smooth hair back from the crown with a bit of non-greasy hair gel, and you’re good to go!


3. Kit Harington Long Hairstyle: Loose, wild curls

long hairstyles for men_03

He may know nothing as his Game of Thrones character Jon Snow, but actor Kit Harington definitely knows how to rock his natural curls. If you’ve been blessed with thick, curly hair, don’t be afraid to wear it loose and wild. Use pomade to style it slightly – comb curls back away from the face for visibility, and create a shallow side parting for a modern look. Avoid hair care products that contain silicone, as this ingredient can make hair look limp and greasy.


4. Jared Leto Long Hairstyle: Long ombre waves

long hairstyles for men_04

Dallas Buyers Club actor and 30 Seconds to Mars vocalist Jared Leto looks phenomenal with his long ombre waves of hair. This long hairstyle works best with fine/thin hair that is relatively straight, as it needs to look smooth and sleek for maximum impact. The ombre fade is a hair color choice that has been very popular in recent months, with many famous celebrities sporting the look. The key to this look is keeping the color fade subtle – ask your stylist to give you a gradual fade from dark to light for a more natural look.


5. Matthew Gray Gubler Long Hairstyle: Slightly scruffy

long hairstyles for men_05

Criminal Minds actor Matthew Gray Gubler keeps his look playful and boyish with slightly scruffy waves of hair and a 5-day beard. Once you decide to grow your hair out, you’ll realise that it becomes more difficult to style in its “in-between” phase. Take inspiration from Gubler and style your fringe/bangs to one side as they grow out. A side parting is contemporary and flattering, and very useful for keeping wayward hair out of your eyes.


6. Christian Bale Long Hairstyle: Long luscious locks

long hairstyles for men_06

The Dark Knight Rises actor Christian Bale rocks long, luscious locks and a full beard and mustache. Bale is a perfect example of how to do long hair right – keep it to a flattering length (collarbone-length or shorter), keep it healthy, and style it well. Keep your hair in top condition by using hair care products that suit your hair type (e.g., oily, dry, fine, thick) and eating well. Choose one or two hair styling products (e.g., gel, hair spray) and purchase the best quality you can afford for the best final look possible.


7. Jared Padalecki Long Hairstyle: The “Supernatural” shag

long hairstyles for men_07

 Supernatural actor Jared Padalecki sports a contemporary shag haircut that frames his rectangular shaped face. The shag haircut is characterized by varied lengths and lots of natural texture, and it’s popular among young men. This long hairstyle is easy to maintain, and it’s great as a causal hairdo. Wash hair daily to maintain volume, and embrace your hair’s natural texture for best results.


8. Ashton Kutcher Long Hairstyle: Chin-length waves

long hairstyles for men_08

Father-to-be and comedy actor Ashton Kutcher looks suave with his chin length waves of hair. He keeps his look toned down and tidy by tucking hair behind his ears and choosing a side-parting. Pair your sleek locks with a scruffy-yet-chic 10 day beard for a contemporary and stylish contrast. Don’t forget to groom your brows – a uni-brow can ruin your carefully styled look.


9. Joe Jonas Long Hairstyle: Sweeping side fringe

long hairstyles for men_09

American pop singer Joe Jonas sports a sweeping side fringe and thick, curly hair that frames his face. This long hairstyle is very popular among teenagers, and it’s a fun and modern style perfect for leisure time. If your hair is wavy or curly, invest in a mini straightening iron to smooth out your side fringe. These little tools are very easy to use – 2 minutes in the morning and you’re set for the day. Use a light hairspray to keep your fringe in place, and your curls looking thick and bouncy.


10. Josh Holloway Long Hairstyle: Swept back

long hairstyles for men_10

Lost actor Josh Holloway looks suave and distinguished with his long hair swept back and a 10-day salt and pepper beard. If you have long, fine/thin hair like Josh’s, comb it back from the crown for a neater, more professional look. Use some pomade or light hair gel (the non-greasy, invisible kind) to keep hair in place, and blow dry it gently to set the product.

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