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50 Best Long Hairstyles for Men

By on August 3, 2014

11. Brad Pitt Long Hairstyle: Messy layers

long hairstyles for men_11

American actor Brad Pitt looks casual and stylish with his long, messy layers of blonde hair. This long hairstyle suits thin hair, as the layers add definition and volume, making hair seem thicker than  it really is. Part hair slightly to one side for a modern look, and tuck hair behind your ears for visibility (both so that you can see, and be seen, clearly). For extra volume, ask your stylist to “feather” the ends of your hair – this cutting technique fluffs up the hair, making it appear thicker.


12. Tom Cruise Long Hairstyle: Voluminous waves


long hairstyles for men_12

Actor Tom Cruise sports thick, voluminous waves of hair and a sweeping side fringe. This hairstyle concentrates the volume at cheek level, with hair being tapered from the cheeks downwards. Pump your hair full of volume in 3 easy steps: 1. use a volume-boosting shampoo and conditioner, 2. work volume boosting hair styling mousse into damp hair, and 3. blow-dry hair with a round brush. Use a light, silicone-free hair spray to keep hair in place, and make sure that your facial hair is well groomed before you step out. Don’t forget your brows!


13. John Mayer Long Hairstyle: Thick curls

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - FEBRUARY 12:  Singer John Mayer arrives at the 2011 Pre-GRAMMY Gala and Salute To Industry Icons Honoring David Geffen at Beverly Hilton on February 12, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California.  (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

American singer-songwriter John Mayer sports thick, dark curls and a slightly scruffy almost-circle beard. This long hairstyle is all about the volume, so invest in some volume-boosting hair care products. If you have naturally thick hair, have it cut professionally to shape and style it properly. You can create either a side-parting or a middle parting to keep long locks out of your eyes, or tuck hair behind your ears.


14. Colin Farrell Long Hairstyle: Messy half-up hairdo

long hairstyles for men_14

Winter’s Tale actor Colin Farrell looks striking with his silver-streaked hair in a half-up hairstyle. The half-up hairstyle is perfect for very long hair, as it tames wild locks in a half ponytail whilst leaving enough free for a casual look. How to recreate the look: 1. separate hair into two sections – one from the top, and the rest from ears downwards, 2. smooth hair back and tie the top section behind your head, and 3. use some pomade to tame frizz. You could also create a mini bun with the first section of hair and leave the rest loose for a more contemporary look.


15. Joe Manganiello Long Hairstyle: Curly waves

long hairstyles for men_15

True Blood actor Joe Manganiello looks effortlessly handsome with his curly waves of hair tucked behind his ears. Curly hair can be hard to style due to it’s springy structure, so we recommend using a high quality pomade that styles hair without making it look too wet or greasy. Tuck your hair behind your ears for a tidier look, and keep your beard well-groomed for a classy overall look. Invest in a beard-trimmer to keep your facial hair looking great without having to visit the barber once a week.


16. Chris Hemsworth Long Hairstyle: Straight layers

long hairstyles for men_16

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth keeps his look chic and modern with straight layers in his long blonde hair. Layers can bring your long hair to life by adding extra volume and definition, as well as lots of natural texture. Generally, it’s best to keep the shortest layer at chin level to frame your face. Get Hemsworth’s sleek look by straightening hair with a mini-flat iron after blow-drying. Never attempt to straighten hair when damp or wet, unless you have a specially designed hair straightener, as this can damage your hair.


17. Matthew Gray Gubler Long Hairstyle: Tousled chin-length locks

long hairstyles for men_17

American actor and director Matthew Gray Gubler rocks tousled, chin-length locks that accentuate his strong jawline. This long hairstyle is simple and casual, and it suits most face shapes. If you don’t have naturally wavy hair like Gubler’s, you can use texturizing spray and a bit of hair spray to give your straight locks some messy definition. If you have naturally wavy hair, simply let your locks air dry after washing, part your hair slightly off-centre, and run your fingers through your hair for some natural texture.


18. Jared Leto Long Hairstyle: Sleek man bun

long hairstyles for men_18

Actor and singer Jared Leto looks dapper with his long hair done up in a sleek man bun. He proves that long hair can indeed look great in formal styles, and with a beard to boot. Recreate this style by combing hair carefully and smoothing pomade over it from your hairline to about the middle of the top of your head. Tie hair at the back of your head, in line with your ears, and then wind part of it into a bun. Leave the rest loose for extra texture and a more contemporary look.


19. Ashton Kutcher Long Hairstyle: Long, flicked layers

long hairstyles for men_19

American actor and soon to be father Ashton Kutcher sports long, flicked layers of hair and very light stubble. This long hairstyle features layers of hair that project outwards, hence the name “flicks”. Recreate Ashton’s style by parting hair in the middle and tucking it behind your ears. When shaving, make sure that you exfoliate your skin beforehand, and apply a cooling aftershave lotion afterwards to prevent razor burn and unsightly redness caused by friction. If you stick to a good cleansing and moisturizing routine, as well as shaving regularly and correctly, your skin will look great paired with your stylish long hairstyle.


20. Josh Holloway Long Hairstyle: Straight with a beanie

long hairstyles for men_20

Actor Josh Holloway keeps his look cool and casual with a grey beanie and straight, shoulder-length blonde hair. Hats are a great go-to accessory for a bad hair day – simply choose one that suits your look and personal style, and you’re good to go! Beanies are especially popular as winter accessories, and they also keep your ears warm on cold days. Pair your long hair with some designer stubble, and make sure that your brows are well groomed too. You can either tweeze the hairs between your eyebrows, or shave the area very carefully with the razor you use for your face.

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