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50 Best Undercut Hairstyles for Men

By on February 3, 2015

The undercut hairstyle (also known as the controversially named “Hitler Youth” haircut) has been around for a while, but it became a trendy and mainstream hairstyle for men after Jimmy Darmondy, a character in Boardwalk Empire played by Michael Pitt, sported the hairdo on screen. Since then, we’ve been seeing undercuts EVERYWHERE. On the football field, on television, at fashion week, in advertising – it truly is the style of the moment. So, we’ve chosen the 50 Best Undercut Hairstyles for Men as worn by popular film and TV stars, athletes, male models, singers, and celebrities. Check out our selection and you’re sure to find the perfect undercut hairstyle right here.


1. David Beckham Undercut Hairstyle: Mid-length undercut

best undercut hairstyles for men_02

Former international football star and style icon David Beckham sports his version of the trendy undercut hairstyle with some soft, designer stubble and bold sunnies. He sports 3 different lengths in this undercut – mid-length on top, slightly shorter on the sides, and an even shorter border by his ears and the nape of his neck. This gradated undercut hairstyle is masculine and simple, and it suits all face shapes. Wear your hair with a side parting to finish off this chic and stylish look.



2. Josh Duhamel Undercut Hairstyle: Volume on top

best undercut hairstyles for men_03

American actor and former fashion model Josh Duhamel looks great with his subtle undercut and lots of volume on top. This undercut hairstyle is especially flattering for those of you with fine hair, as the extra volume makes it look thicker and fuller. The contrast between the short sides and long top section further emphasize the volume of the hair on top. To get thicker looking hair, work some volume boosting hair-styling mousse into your damp locks before blow-drying. Avoid products that contain silicone, as this ingredient can weigh hair down, making it look flat and lifeless.


3. Macklemore Undercut Hairstyle: Shaved sides and long on top

best undercut hairstyles for men_04

American rapper Macklemore is well-known for his edgy undercut featuring shaved sides and long hair on top. This “extreme” undercut is sure to draw attention to your personal style, and it’s great as a more alternative version of the classic undercut. If you like it super-short, you may need to invest in an electric razor / shaver to trim your hair at home. Frequent trips to the barber can become expensive! Closely shaved hair can become irritated easily, so make sure that you use moisturizing hair care products to keep your scalp in top condition.


 4. Bruno Mars Undercut Hairstyle: Puffy pompadour

best undercut hairstyles for men_05

American singer, songwriter, record producer, voice actor, and choreographer Bruno Mars owns his signature look with a puffy, sky-high pompadour and soft, short sides. The short sides draw all the attention to his pompadour, making this a bold and confident style statement. For an epic pompadour, grow your hair out on top, and tease it or back-comb it slightly when styling. Also, volume-boosting hairspray is a must! It will keep your hair in place and prevent it from flopping over.


5. Michael Pitt Undercut Hairstyle: Sleek and swept back

best undercut hairstyles for men_06

American actor, model, and musician Michael Pitt sports his signature Jimmy Darmody / Boardwalk Empire undercut with sleek, swept back hair. We love the subtle transition from short sides to long on top, and the flawless smoothness of his locks. The key to pulling off this hairstyle is in the cut – make sure that you go to a professional stylist who knows exactly what you want. Then, invest in a fine-toothed comb and some non-greasy pomade for styling super-smooth, flawless looking locks.


6. Daniel Radcliffe Undercut Hairstyle: Layered sides with fauxhawk

best undercut hairstyles for men_07

English actor Daniel Radcliffe (forever known as Harry Potter) sports an edgy haircut with a layered undercut and a cockatoo-inspired fauxhawk. This undercut is quirky and bold, and we love the interesting contrast between short and long hair. Of particular interest is the visible line between different hair lengths – this creates a focal point, drawing attention to his eyes and his trendy hairstyle. Use a soft hair wax or strong hair gel to style your hair in a gravity-defying fauxhawk for extra impact.


7. Zayn Malik Undercut Hairstyle: Clean cut and chic

best undercut hairstyles for men_08

One Direction singer Zayn Malik looks dapper and distinguished with his clean cut, chic undercut hairstyle. He sports a “smoky” effect on the sides, which is achieved with an electric shaver and varying the length of the hair every so slightly. The darker areas are thicker/longer sections of hair, giving this hairstyle some extra depth. Recreate this look by styling your hair with a very prominent side parting and lots of pomade for a shiny, polished look.


8. Tom Brady Undercut Hairstyle: Neat college prep

best undercut hairstyles for men_09

American football player Tom Brady looks effortlessly handsome with his neat college-prep undercut hairstyle. He sports a side-combed fringe styled with pomade, and soft, short sides. His soft designer stubble gives this look a mature, masculine edge, and the glasses finish off his preppy look. For a neat and tidy look, use a comb to style your hair, or you could use your fingers for a more natural and carefree look. The choice is yours! Finally, remember to groom your brows – a scruffy uni-brow is never a good look.


9. Zac Efron Undercut Hairstyle: Soft and spiky

best undercut hairstyles for men_10

American actor and singer Zac Efron exudes boyish charm with his soft and spiky undercut hairstyle. The short sides complement his professional look, while the spiked top section adds a bit of youthful playfulness. To get Zac’s trendy hairstyle, ask your hair stylist to razor-cut your hair (or “feather” it) for softer tips. Then, have the sides shaved with electric clippers or an electric shaver. Take care not to cut the sides too short – you’re aiming for a subtle undercut, and not a dramatic side-shaved undercut!


10. George Clooney Undercut Hairstyle: Sexy side-wave

best undercut hairstyles for men_11

American actor, writer, producer, director, and activist George Clooney owns his enduring sex appeal with a trendy undercut hairstyle and an alluring side-wave in his locks. The undercut hairstyle suits all ages, provided you tweak the style slightly to suit your personal look. In Clooney’s case, he’s chosen a classic subtle undercut with mid-length hair on top for a simple but chic final look.


11. Joseph Gordon-Levitt Undercut Hairstyle: Simple and traditional

best undercut hairstyles for men_12

American actor, director, screenwriter, producer, and editor Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks cool as a cucumber with his simple and traditional undercut hairstyle. He’s kept some length on top for styling, and he makes the most of it by wearing it up in a small wave. This hairstyle is quite low maintenance as it has the potential for growing out nicely with very little need to have regular trims or styling.


12. Ryan Reynolds Undercut Hairstyle: Quirky waves on top

best undercut hairstyles for men_13

Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds looks dapper with his smooth undercut and quirky, dynamic waves on top. This particular undercut hairstyle suits his oval-shaped face, and it gives his fine hair more body and depth. If you have naturally wavy/curly hair, then this style can work very well for you. The short sides will be low maintenance, and the longer bits on top will curl/form waves naturally without heat styling.


13. Alexander Ludwig Undercut Hairstyle: High ponytail and shaved sides

best undercut hairstyles for men_14

Canadian actor, singer and model Alexander Ludwig (best known for his current role as Bjorn in Vikings) sports an unusual undercut hairstyle with a high ponytail and shaved sides. This look certainly isn’t for everyone, but it’s a great alternative look that expresses personality and confidence. To achieve this look, you’ll either need hair that is long already, or you’ll need to shave your sides and then grow your hair out whilst keeping the sides shaved. Pair your “viking” hairstyle with some well-groomed facial hair for a truly striking final look.


14. Siva Kaneswaran Undercut Hairstyle: Straight up

best undercut hairstyles for men_15

Singer Siva Kaneswaran looks effortlessly handsome with his chic undercut and the rest of his hair styled straight up. He has very thick, glossy hair that looks phenomenal when styled properly. We love the contrast between his short, sleek sides and the full volume of his hair on top. For glossy, healthy looking hair be sure to follow a healthy diet that is rich in good fats such as avocado, nuts, oily fish, and peanut butter. These hair-friendly foods will keep your hair strong, thick, and healthy.


15. Tom Hardy Undercut Hairstyle: Super-short with side fringe

     best undercut hairstyles for men_16

British actor Tom Hardy looks great with his super-short undercut and a side-fringe. We love the texture of his soft, smooth sides and wet-look fringe. To get a long-lasting, just-stepped-out-the-shower look, use a wet-look gel that dries still looking wet. Alternatively, you can use water to wet your fringe, and reapply water whenever it starts to dry out or starts to frizz. Pair this hairstyle with a slightly scruffy beard for a masculine touch, or stay clean-shaven for an extra slick look.


16. Justin Timberlake Undercut Hairstyle: Traditional, brushed-back ‘do

best undercut hairstyles for men_17

American singer, songwriter, and actor Justin Timberlake looks effortlessly stylish with his traditional, brushed-back undercut. His thick, full locks are pumped full of volume and we suspect he’s had them straightened as his hair is usually quite curly. This look is made perfect with well-groomed facial hair (trimmed and styled) and neat brows. Invest in a high quality pomade or hair mousse to style your hair effortlessly. Look for a brand that is non-sticky, silicone-free, and feels light on your hair.


17. Colin Farrell Undercut Hairstyle: Slicked back man bun

best undercut hairstyles for men_18

Irish actor Colin Farrell takes a daring style risk and combines two major trends in one – the undercut, and the “man bun”. This style is definitely unusual and quirky, and will likely draw a lot of attention! For a more formal look, you can slick your hair back with pomade before tying it in a small bun at the top of your head. Alternatively, you could wear it in a high ponytail – it works just as well to keep hair neat and out of your face.


18. Brad Pitt Undercut Hairstyle: Military style

best undercut hairstyles for men_19

American actor and producer Brad Pitt looks dapper and handsome with his military-style undercut. This close-shaved undercut is bold and masculine, and it opens up the face, drawing attention to the eyes and mouth. It is quite a high maintenance hairstyle, however, as the sides will need to be shaved with an electric razor almost daily to keep them super short. You can style the top with a bit of pomade – simply work it into your hair with your fingertips.


19. Sang Woo Kim Undercut Hairstyle: Side-parted ‘do

best undercut hairstyles for men_20

British-Korean model Sang Woo Kim looks effortlessly stylish with his classic side-parted undercut hairstyle. We love the contrast between his simple side-parting and the textured waves in his hair. For hair that has a glossy sheen, invest in a high quality shampoo, and don’t forget the conditioner! A healthy scalp promotes hair growth and healthy, shiny hair follicles. Also, it’s a good idea to follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly. A healthy lifestyle means healthy hair! Finally, if you prefer your face to be clean-shaven, be sure to exfoliate your skin once a week to remove dead skin and prevent ingrown hairs. A good aftershave is also a must.


20. Justin Bieber Undercut Hairstyle: Tousled on top, soft sides

best undercut hairstyles for men_21

Canadian singer and songwriter Justin Bieber is bang on trend with his modern undercut hairstyle featuring soft, shaved sides and tousled locks on top. He rocks a ‘do full of texture and volume, making this look contemporary and youthful. Get your barber to razor-cut your hair for soft edges, and use electric clippers for the undercut section. For a boyish look, opt for a totally clean-shaven face and tidy eyebrows.


21. Zachary Quinto Undercut Hairstyle: Quirky quiff

best undercut hairstyles for men_22

American actor and film producer Zachary Quinto ups the style stakes with an elaborately styled, quirky quiff. The quiff is a forelock that is longer than the rest of your hair, and it is typically styled up and back. Zachary has styled his hair in a loose twisted ‘do full of texture and volume, keeping the sides short and chic. This is a great undercut hairstyle for thick hair, and it’s also relatively low maintenance. If you have very thick eyebrows like Zachary, you may want to groom them to prevent a uni-brow. You can either shave between them (just above the bridge of your nose), wax, or pluck stray hairs.


22. Liam Payne Undercut Hairstyle: Polished and preppy

best undercut hairstyles for men_23

One Direction‘s Liam Payne nails the “boy-next-door” look with a polished and preppy undercut hairstyle. He sports a youthful wave in his fringe and soft, shaved sides. We love the smooth texture of his ‘do, and his soft, well-groomed facial hair. Liam shows that you don’t need a dramatic undercut to join this style trend – a subtle undercut hairstyle can be just as good.


23. Ryan Gosling Undercut Hairstyle: Subtle undercut with side parting

best undercut hairstyles for men_24

Canadian actor, film director, screenwriter, musician and businessman Ryan Gosling looks effortlessly cool with his subtle undercut and a side parting. The side parting is classic and chic, and it suits his high forehead and long/oval shaped face. For extra texture and volume, try a volume boosting hair styling mousse and use your fingers to create natural-looking texture. For a more professional look, style your hair with a fine-toothed comb and a tiny bit of pomade. Pair this trendy hairstyle with some short stubble for a more masculine and mature look.


24. Cristiano Ronaldo Undercut Hairstyle: Asymmetrical with side detail

best undercut hairstyles for men_25

Portuguese professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo never disappoints with his outrageous hairstyles, and his asymmetrical undercut is no exception. If you like pushing the boundaries when it comes to your personal style, why not take inspiration from Ronaldo and add some detail to your undercut? Ask your barber or hair stylist to shave a design into your undercut for some extra head-turning details. This style is high maintenance, as you may need to shave your hair to return to a more conservative look. It may also grow out strangely, so bear this in mind before you make your decision!


25. Gary Barlow Undercut Hairstyle: Simple and chic

best undercut hairstyles for men_26

English singer-songwriter, pianist, composer and record producer Gary Barlow sports a simple yet chic version of the undercut hairstyle. He’s kept his hair relatively short, with a subtle change from short sides to slightly longer hair on top. This hairstyle is very low maintenance, as it has the potential to grow out well without needing regular styling. It’s also very easy to wear from day to day – you can just leave it for a natural bed-head look, you can comb it back with pomade for a formal look, or spike it a bit with gel for a modern and youthful look.


26. Adam Levine Undercut Hairstyle: Mid-length with fringe styled up

best undercut hairstyles for men_27

American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and actor Adam Levine looks handsome and stylish with his mid-length undercut and his fringe styled up. This haircut is right on the border between an undercut and a fade hairstyle (a gradual change in hair length), and it works as both. For extra volume when styling your hair up, try working a volume boosting hair styling mousse into damp hair with your fingertips. Then, blow-dry your hair with a round brush, and finally, use some non-greasy gel or pomade to style the long bits upwards.


27. Joe Jonas Undercut Hairstyle: Smoky look

best undercut hairstyles for men_28

American pop singer, musician, actor, and dancer Joe Jonas sports the classic “smoky look” undercut with thicker hair on top. The smoky look is achieved by very subtly varying the hair length of the undercut, from a super-short cut to a slightly longer cut. This can be done by your barber or hair stylist with an electric razor. For an extra slick look, keep some light stubble on your face, especially if it links with your sideburns. With regular trims, this undercut hairstyle will look sharp and sexy no matter what the occasion.


28. Matthew Holt Undercut Hairstyle: Elvis inspired

best undercut hairstyles for men_29

British professional model Matthew Holt looks fantastic with his Elvis-inspired undercut hairstyle. This top-heavy hairstyle is sexy and high-fashion, and it’s perfect for thick hair. You may need to style your hair up most days, however, because of the length on top. Alternatively, you could slick it back to keep it our of your eyes. Overall, this is a very versatile hairstyle that can be altered for various occasions. Invest in a high quality shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type (oily, dry, etc) for best results.


29. Robert Pattinson Undercut Hairstyle: Tousled bed-head

best undercut hairstyles for men_30

English actor, model, musician and producer Robert Pattinson oozes sex appeal with his touseld, bed-head undercut hairstyle. We love the contrast between his boyish hairstyle and his masculine stubble – the perfect contemporary look for your late 20s. For that “just-rolled-out-of-bed” look, let hair dry naturally and then muss your hair up with a bit of pomade and your fingertips. Don’t over-think it – you want it to look natural and carefree, not perfectly styled.


30. Ewan McGregor Undercut Hairstyle: Gentlemanly and dapper

best undercut hairstyles for men_31

Scottish actor Ewan McGregor looks dapper and professional with his gentlemanly undercut hairstyle. The smooth, swept back hair on top gives this hairstyle a polished look, and the short sides keep it neat and tidy. This undercut hairstyle is great for thin/fine hair, as you want the hair to lie relatively flat instead of creating a quiff or bouffant (i.e., very puffy up-styles). Use a non-greasy pomade or a hair gel that dries invisibly to style your hair. Avoid products that contain silicone – this ingredient lies on top of hair follicles instead of being absorbed, making hair look greasy and lifeless.


31. Josh Hutcherson Undercut Hairstyle: The Wave

best undercut hairstyles for men_32

Mockingjay actor Josh Hutcherson is bang on trend with his stylish undercut and his fringe styled in a smooth wave. We’re not so sure about his bleached blonde hair color, but we certainly admire his contemporary style. Hair spray is a crucial tool in achieving this hairstyle – use it to keep your wave in place. Take care not to overdo it on the hair spray, however. Too much can make your hair feel like dry, spiky straw, which you really don’t want if you hope a date will run their hands through your hair at the end of the night!


32. Neymar Jr. Undercut Hairstyle: Soft and shaved

best undercut hairstyles for men_33

Brazilian professional footballer Neymar Jr keeps it real with a soft, side-shaved undercut hairstyle. He sports a kind of flat-top style with a long fringe that almost skims his eyebrows. For super-soft looking hair like Neymar’s, ask your hair stylist to “feather” the ends with a razor. This technique creates more uneven tips that look softer, and more textured than blunt ends. It’s a good idea to invest in a pair of hair clippers or an electric shaver so you can trim the sides at home, especially if your hair grows very fast!


33. Robbie Williams Undercut Hairstyle: Perky side fringe

best undercut hairstyles for men_34

English singer-songwriter Robbie Williams looks carefree and comfortable with his perky side fringe and a subtle undercut. His salt-and-pepper locks are quite thick, and so his fringe is best styled when at mid-length. Tips on styling graying hair – it’s best left alone, unless it really bothers you. Dyeing your hair to cover grays can be high maintenance, and you’ll likely have to go every two weeks to your barber. Most men can pull off gray hair very well, especially if it’s styled correctly. Use pomade or a little bit of hairspray on your side fringe to keep it in place – it may start getting unruly as the day/night goes on. Keeping a small comb in your pocket is also a good idea for touch-ups.


34. Ricki Hall Undercut Hairstyle: Hipster chic

best undercut hairstyles for men_35

UK model Ricki Hall shows off his elaborate hipster undercut hairstyle and a massive retro beard. This hairstyle is alternative and unusual, and it’s definitely not for everyone. Ricki rocks it with immaculate grooming, and clearly defined lines. We recommend printing this picture out and giving it to your hairstylist for best results. While you are there, make sure that you ask for tips on how to maintain the hairstyle. If you’re also looking to grow out your beard, it’s worth investing in some beard grooming tools and products for epic facial hair.


35. David Beckham Undercut Hairstyle: Flawless fauxhawk

best undercut hairstyles for men_36

Retired international football star David Beckham is effortlessly stylish with his flawless fauxhawk undercut hairstyle. He sports very short sides, and a characteristic “fake mohawk” style that runs from his hairline to the back of his head. We love his designer beard and mustache, and the joining of his beard and sideburns. This hairstyle suits both fine and thick hair – simply use more product on thin hair to make it stand up. On days you don’t feel like styling your hair up, you can comb or slick it back. Easy!


36. Ricky Martin Undercut Hairstyle: Dapper and distinguished

best undercut hairstyles for men_37

Puerto Rican singer, actor, and author Ricky Martin looks dapper and distinguished with his conservative undercut hairstyle. The subtle side parting is classic and timeless, and he has just enough texture in his hair to make it look interesting. For extra texture and shine, use a high quality pomade or hair gel, and apply it with a fine-toothed comb. For extra impact, grow a 7-day beard and keep it well groomed with an electric beard trimmer. If you suffer from dry skin, try a facial moisturizer that contains shea butter – it’s very good for the skin.


37. Brian Austin Green Undercut Hairstyle: Slight flat-top

best undercut hairstyles for men_38

American actor and rapper Brian Austin Green (husband of Megan Fox) looks carefree and poised with his slight flat-top undercut hairstyle. This haircut is almost military style, but with more volume and a subtle side parting. This hairstyle suits thick hair, although you can style it up with hair products (e.g., hair spray or hair styling mousse) if you have fine or thin hair. For best results, find a natural side parting in your hair and use that. Trying to force an unnatural parting might cause your hair to be unruly and constantly spring out of place.


38. Baptiste Giabiconi Undercut Hairstyle: Dramatic bouffant

best undercut hairstyles for men_39

French male model and singer Baptiste Giabiconi makes a style statement with his dramatic bouffant and a chic undercut. His sky-high hair is strongly contrasted with the short, smooth sides, and we love his symmetrical facial hair. This hairstyle works best with thick hair, as it has natural volume. You can also recreate this style with fine hair – start with volume boosting shampoo and conditioner, and then blow dry your with a round brush after working some volume boosting mousse into your roots. Finally, use some light pomade to style, and set your hair with hair spray. When you want to wash your hair, use a clarifying shampoo to remove all the styling products.


39. Clark Bockelman Undercut Hairstyle: Waves on top

best undercut hairstyles for men_40

American professional model Clark Bockelman sports long, unruly waves and a subtle undercut. His thick blonde hair takes center stage in this look, with the undercut forming part of the background. We love his strong, bold look and his flawless facial hair. When it comes to picking a hairstyle, follow Clark’s lead and choose a style that suits your personality and your look. You should feel confident and comfortable with your hairstyle, so avoid just choosing a look because it’s the current trend. You can also ask your hair stylist for advice regarding your face shape, hair type, and overall look. The more research you do, the better the results will be!


40. Tom Hardy Undercut Hairstyle: Natural look

best undercut hairstyles for men_41

British actor Tom Hardy (known for his role as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises) shows off a natural, sporty undercut hairstyle with a wet-look fringe. He looks like he’s just come from the gym, fresh from a shower. The wet-look hairstyle can be incredibly sexy if done right. Firstly, don’t drown your hair in a product. It should be slick, but not dripping down your forehead. Secondly, decide on a style – combed back, tousled fringe, etc – and commit. Finally, make sure that you choose a wet-look gel that dries clear and firm. Otherwise, you’ll have wet, slimy hair that moves when you do. Not good.


41. Jake Gyllenhaal Undercut Hairstyle: Slicked back


American actor Jake Gyllenhaal sports a striking slicked-back undercut hairstyle and barely-there stubble. His hair is actually fairly long – his fringe would cover his entire face – so combing it back is effective in making it look neat. Try to work some volume into your hair so that it doesn’t lie flat – back combing works very well. Finally, it’s a good idea to keep a small, fine-toothed comb on hand to touch up your hair if need be.


42. Benjamin Eidem Undercut Hairstyle: Curly on top


Swedish professional model Benjamin Eidem looks effortlessly handsome and stylish with his simple undercut and messy curls. If you have curly hair, you may have struggled to find good hairstyles that suit your hair type. The good news is, as Eidem has shown, that curly locks can also be styled with an undercut! Ask your stylist to shave the back and sides with an electric clipper, leaving hair longer on top. Work some pomade into your curls with your fingertips to style them, and that’s it!


43. Michael Pitt Undercut Hairstyle: Flopped over on top


American actor, model and musician Michael Pitt sports a modern twist to his signature “Boardwalk Empire” undercut hairstyle with a long, floppy section of hair on top. With undercuts that have long hair on top, the forelock is usually combed back or styled up. Pitt creates his own rules by allowing his hair to flop to the side. Whether this look is fully intentional or a style faux pas, we have to admit that it suits him. Take inspiration from Michael Pitt and mix things up by altering classic styles to make them your own. Who knows, you might start the next big trend!


44. Adam Lambert Undercut Hairstyle: Mini bouffant / quiff

best undercut hairstyles for men_01

American singer, songwriter, and stage actor Adam Lambert debuts an intricately styled mini bouffant/quiff and a soft undercut. This bold style is contemporary and eye-catching, and it is sure to get you noticed on the street or in a crowd. It is full of personality and flair, and it suits his heart-shaped face perfectly. We love the length of his undercut, and the soft, fuzzy texture of the hair on the sides. The extra height offered by his bouffant/quiff draws attention to his eyes and away from his pointed chin.

45. Miguel Veloso Undercut Hairstyle: Tons of texture

best undercut hairstyles for men_45

Portuguese professional footballer Miguel Veloso sports a modern undercut hairstyle with tons of spiky texture. His fringe is very long and almost obscures his eyes, but he’s styled it slightly to one side for visibility. The key to this undercut hairstyle is the actual cut. Get your hair stylist to add texture whilst cutting your hair – this makes it much easier to style. We are also quite impressed by Veloso’s designer stubble. Recreate this look with hair wax and hair spray for maximum hold.

46. Dan Smith Undercut Hairstyle: Sky high locks

best undercut hairstyles for men_46

English singer-songwriter Dan Smith of Bastille works his hipster sex appeal with sky-high locks, a medium-length undercut, and retro specs. His towering hair adds height to his profile, balancing out his wide jaw and wide cheekbones. This hairstyle is great for round or square faces because it gives that extra height boost that makes faces look longer and leaner. Use hair wax or strong hair gel for extra impact.

47. David Arquette Undercut Hairstyle: Super-short temples

best undercut hairstyles for men_47

American actor, film director, producer, screenwriter, wrestler, and fashion designer David Arquette sports an edgy undercut hairstyle with extremely short hair at the temples. This contemporary hairstyle shows off his silver-gray locks, and we love his scraggly stubble. This undercut hairstyle is perfect for fine hair, as it doesn’t require a lot of volume on top. For a casual look, use a tiny bit of hairspray on top, but no other products. You want your hair to look full of life. Finally, it’s a good idea to buy a pair of beard clippers to keep your facial hair looking good. Alternatively, visit your barber regularly for hair and beard trimming.

48. Usher Raymond Undercut Hairstyle: Smooth sides, textured top

best undercut hairstyles for men_48

American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor Usher Raymond IV keeps it real with his simple undercut hairstyle. He sports smooth sides and textured mini curls on top. This hairstyle features gradated length, and crisp, clean lines. With a lot of scalp exposed, the undercut hairstyle requires a bit more care than other hairstyles. Make sure that you choose hair care products that suit your hair type (e.g., oily, dry, sensitive scalp) and don’t forget the conditioner! Similarly, use a moisturizing face wash to make sure that your skin doesn’t dry out beneath your beard. It’s easy to forget about your face when it’s hidden behind hair. Aftershave without alcohol is also essential.

49. Cillian Murphy Undercut Hairstyle: High and tight

best undercut hairstyles for men_49

Irish actor of stage and screen Cillian Murphy looks superb with his retro “high and tight” undercut hairstyle. There is a clear line between the different lengths of hair, and you see that very clearly from the side. This undercut hairstyle is best suited to thick, straight hair, although it can work very well with curly hair too. For extra texture on top, let your hair dry naturally (no blow-drying or straightening!), and then work a thumbnail-sized amount of pomade into your locks using your fingertips. You can use wet-look gel for a slick and sexy look, or even just leave your hair product free for a natural and carefree look. Experiment with products to find looks that suit your personal style.

50. Sergio Aguero Undercut Hairstyle: Asymmetrical comb-over

best undercut hairstyles for men_50

Argentine professional footballer Sergio Aguero sports an unusual undercut hairstyle with an asymmetrical comb-over and a shaved line close to his hair parting. This look works best with very straight, thick hair, and lots of pomade. If you have a more alternative style, then take inspiration from Aguero and add some patterned details to your undercut. This style is unique and sure to turn heads!

We’re sure that you’ve found at least a few awesome hairstyles to try out from our 50 Best Undercut Hairstyles for Men – let us know which ones you loved or hated in the comments below!

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