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50 Love Notes for Her

By on October 21, 2014

For centuries, lovers have used the written language to convey their feelings. Even when you are far away from your girlfriend, love notes for her can be read and reread to remind her of you. Each message that you send her is a tangible reminder of how much you love her. If you are having problems putting your feelings into words, try beginning with one of these love notes. Each love note for her can be modified so that it suits your relationship exactly. Before you begin, however, read the following tips. For each note to have the maximum impact, you should make sure to use the following guidelines.

love note

Drafting is Your Friend

Shakespeare, J.K. Rowling and every best selling writer have one thing in common: they use drafts. Most people skip this step when it comes to writing, and it doesn’t always matter. When it comes writing a love letter, creating multiple drafts is the best thing that you can do. If your girlfriend cannot read your handwriting or is distracted by typos, your love letter is not going to have the impact that you were hoping for. While you write the letter, pay attention to the content and grammar that you are using. The love note should be passionate, but it should also be well-edited.

Avoid Smut

You like imagining the ways you can twist her body or wrap her legs around you. That may work for a male-oriented love letter, but you need one that a girl will find romantic. While writing, you should avoid racy descriptions or overly body-focused writing. You want her to feel your deepest emotions and establish a romantic connection. Stay classy while you write, but feel free to tantalize her senses through hints.


Honesty is Best

Every relationship is different. When you write to your girlfriend, partner or wife, you need to use an entirely unique perspective. Craft an intimate love letter that is completely honest about how you feel. If you want to develop a relationship based on trust, your communication with her must be honest. Trust is the best way to really capture your girl’s heart and mind.

Make Adjustments

The following love notes for her are all just examples. Since there are so many different relationships and people in the world, it is impossible to create a love note that works perfectly for everyone. Rather than just use a basic love note on this page, pick your favorite and make some adjustments. Even better, try combining ideas or sentences from different love notes.

1. Good morning, sunshine. I wanted to leave you a note so that your day started out right immediately. Just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and cannot wait to see you later.

2. Life has never been better for me. Since you started dating me, each day seems like a fresh start and new opportunity. Every moment reminds me of how much my happiness is wrapped up in loving you.


3. If I could rearrange the entire alphabet, I would make sure to put “U” and “I” together.

4. If you give me the chance, I will love you forever and always. The poets have yet to write of a love as strong as ours. From now until the end of time, I will be yours.

5. You should download one of the astrology or love compatibility apps on your mobile phone. I am pretty certain that it will show that you and I are a perfect match.

heart beats fast

6. When I am around you, my heart beats unbelievably fast. Each time you touch me, my pulse goes wild. Every part of my being waits impatiently for the moment that you will pay attention to me again.

7. As long as there is one person in the world that cares for you, your life is not a waste. Your love for me is a constant reminder of why I exist and what my life means. Whenever things go wrong in your life or you encounter problems during the day, remember that you matter. Because I care for you and you care for me, both of our lives are greater than the sum of their parts.

8. Everyone tells me that love hurts. I always thought that they meant love hurts when it ends, but I was wrong. The pain of love comes from being separated by someone you care about. I cannot wait to be with you again.

9. Today is another day that I get to show you just what you mean to me. At this moment, I wanted to confess my love for you again. As long as we are together, you never have to worry about your safety. I will protect you like I would protect my very self and keep you safe. I love you.

stay together

10. When my life was at its darkest, you arrived. You shined a light into my life that I never knew even existed. Every moment with you helps me to find my way and reminds me of how important love is. Life only matters when we are together.

11. Your existence is the reason behind each step that I take and each breath I make. Even though you are the reason that I breath, you still manage to take my breath away. Your beauty astounds me and your intelligence continuously amazes me.

12. If someone told me years ago that I would one day be with you, I would never believe it. Just the thought of being with someone as wonderful as you would give me the hope that I need to wait for an eternity to be at your side.

13. Whenever I close my eyes, the image of your face rises before me. I see you every moment of the day and even when I sleep. You are my world and all that I need. It is impossible for me to think of anything other than you.

14. Someone once told me that you can only in fall in love once. That is the biggest lie ever told. Every time I see you, I fall in love again and again and again. Love is a journey that I am excited to take with you.

15. Nobody had to teach the birds to fly or cats to meow. Nature just does things without having to learn or practice. Likewise, no one had to teach me how to love you. From the first second that I saw you, love spoke to me and guided my every step.

16. If I did not cherish every word you said or adore your every movement, then I would not deserve to have you. Every moment of my life is spent thinking of ways to show you just how important you are to me.

smile face

17. When you see this note, send me a text. I want to know the moment that your face breaks into smile and you think about our first kiss. When you message me, I will join you and think about the same thoughts. By sharing thoughts and memories, we can be a little closer together even when we are apart.

18.My greatest fear is that I love you a million more times than you could ever love me. I believe this fear has been realized. Every moment of my time with you is waiting with bated breath for your every word, touch or glance. My love for you is boundless and runs as deep as the deepest oceans. Nothing you do or say could ever make me love you less.

19.Whatever you do, I will always be at your side. Each moment of my time will be working toward making all of your dreams come true.

20.The agonies of love have brought me to painful lows and ecstatic highs. Your glance gives me life and the very air I breath. When your glance has gone from me, I am left alone in the darkest of nights. Only the sight of you can brighten my day again.

21. Falling in love with you happened because of all the little things. From the way you hold my hand to your cute giggle, the little things are what make the difference.


22. No matter what, I will always be there for you. If you need a hug or kiss to brighten your day, send me a message.

23. Before I met you, I was incomplete. A hole in my heart was waiting to be filled. Until I saw your face, I never knew just what I was waiting for.

24. Being in love is the best feeling in the world. Every time I see you, I fall in love all over again.

25. When work is done, we will walk together once again. At night, we can luxuriate in the comfort of each other’s presence. All it takes are a few hours apart until we can be together again.

26. When you see this message, you will know that I was thinking of you.

27. From now until the moment I am with you again, I will count down each second.

28. Your love has turned me into a very rich man. If King Midas were still alive, he would be jealous of my wealth.

love you more

29. Every moment we are together only causes me to love you more.

30. A kiss from you will make me complete. Spare a kiss for a poor man?

31. Today, all I could think about was you. I missed you and am waiting impatiently for you to come home.

32. Each time I tell my friends about you, reliving your wonderfulness causes me to fall in love all over again. Unfortunately, it has also made me impatient to be at your side again. Come, love, and give me a kiss.

33. There are two reasons that I wake up everyday: the stupid alarm clock and you. I am in love with just one of these reasons.

34. Never will I follow you into the dark. Instead, I will walk ahead of you to light your way. This is how love should be.


35. Your name is always on my lips, and your love is always in my heart.

36. This note is a reminder that I am thinking of you. Are you thinking of me, my love?

37. If you were a library book, I would owe a large fine because I would never give you back.

38. My love is not just for who you are, but for who I am when I am with you.

39. Great minds contain plans and ideas, but my mind only contains thoughts of you. I think that makes my mind better. 😉

40. The sun makes us appreciate the day and the moon makes us appreciate the night. Your existence makes me appreciate every moment of every hour.

41. What is love? It is the feelign I experience every time my phone rings and I realize it is you. Loss is the feeling I experience when the text or call is from someone else. If you think of me today, send me a message. It makes a world of difference.

42. This is a message about how great you look today. Although I haven’t seen you yet this morning, I know you are beautiful because you always are. Your looks outshine everyone around you.

43. If love went away whenever we closed my eyes, I would never blink a moment because I cannot live a second without your love.

44. Before I met you, I thought that dreams never came true. You have shown me otherwise.

45. Most people do not realize what they have until it is gone. I will never make that mistake with you.

light of my day

46. You are the light of my day and the love of my life. Your existence gives me reason to hope for a better world.

47. You make me wish that I was a better person so that I could be deserving of you.

48. There will never be a distance so large that my love cannot find you.

49. For us to have happiness, we have to follow three steps. Me, you and us.

50. Whenever you see a shooting star, wish on it. It worked for me when I wished for you.

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