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Chris Hemsworth Height Weight and More

By on August 24, 2014

Birth Name

His birth name was Chris Hemsworth.


He goes by the nickname of Chris or Kip.

Age and Birth Date

Chris Hemsworth was born on August 11, 1983, so he is currently 31 years old. He will turn 32 years old in August of 2015.




Astrological Sign

His astrological sign is Leo.

Birth Place

Chris was born in Melbourne, Australia.


He is an Australian by birth.


Educational History

As a young adult, he attended high school at Heathmont College. Since most of his youth was spent in the Outback, he has more memories of crocodiles and buffalo than he does of school. 


Hemsworth is an actor by trade.




Father: Craig Hemsworth

Mother: Leonie Hemsworth

Brothers: Luke Hemsworth and Liam Hemswoth

Daughter: India Rose

Sons: Tristan and Sasha


The name of his manager is unknown.


Attractive and fit


6 feet 3.75 inches or 191 centimeters


91 kilograms or 201 pounds


Isabel Lucas (2005-2008)- Starting in 2005, Chris Hemsworth began to date the beautiful Isabel Lucas. At the time, she was his co-start on the Australian soap opera, Home and Away. They ended up staying together until 2008.

Elsa Pataky (2010-current)- Following his breakup with Isabel Lucas, Chris Hemsworth began to date Elsa Pataky. Known for her work as a Spanish actress, Elsa was introduced to Chris through mutual friends. They ultimately ended up getting married on December 26 of 2010. On May 11 of 2012, they had a daughter that they named India Rose. Their twin sons, Sasha and Tristan, were born in March of 2014.



Hair Color

He has blonde hair.

Eye Color

Hemsworth is known for his bright, blue eyes.



Distinctive Features

Chris Hemsworth is often recognized due to his muscular build and deep voice.

Body Measurements

His chest measures 48 inches around while his biceps are 16 inches in girth. Hemsworth’s waist is 22 inches.

Shoe Size


Brand Endorsements

He endorsed Foxtel in 2012.


Although he does not practice a particular religion, he reads a lot about Buddhism. Hemsworth considers himself a spiritual person.

Best Known For

In 2011, Marvel selected him to play Thor in the film, Thor. For Americans, he is best known for being in Thor and the Avengers. Among Australian audiences, Hemsworth is recognized for playing Kim Hyde in Home and Away.

First Television Show

In 2002, Chris Hemsworth played King Arthur in the television show, Guinevere Jones.

First Film

His first appearance on film was as George Samuel Kirk, Senior in the 2009 movie, Star Trek.


Personal Trainer and Exercise Routine

When he was selected to play Thor, Chris Hemsworth had to start working out regularly to bulk up. To do this, he scheduled workouts with Michael Knight for an hour and a half on five days of the week. Most of his workouts consisted of cardiovascular exercise, muay thai and boxing.

Chris Hemsworth’s Favorite Things

Favorite Book Series: The Lord of the Rings

Favorite Music: RadioHead and David Grey

Favorite Hobby: Surfing

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Television Character: Kramer from Seinfield

Chris Hemsworth Facts

As a native Australian, Chris Hemsworth actually had to study how to speak with an American accent before he could play Thor.

Hemsworth was actually on the Australian version of Dancing With the Stars and made it halfway through the competition before he was eliminated.

If he was unable to be an actor, Chris would want to be a director or a writer.

When he was chosen to play the role of Thor, Chris Hemsworth had to gain 20 pounds in muscle in order to fit the part.

Originally, Chris Hemsworth began auditioning for roles because he thought that it would be fun. He did not actually plan on becoming an actor.

Chris is the middle child of his family. One of his brothers, Liam Hemsworth, is quite famous as well.

After playing Thor for Marvel, he also was the voice of Thor in the 2011 videogame, Thor: God of Thunder.

Since his father was a social worker and his mother was an English teacher, he spent much of his early life in the Outback of Australia. They lived among Aboriginal communities until he moved to Melbourne.

Interestingly, Chris Hemsworth remains unconnected to social media. He does not possess a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account.


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