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Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out

By on July 17, 2014

Asking a girl out is tremendously nerve racking. At that single moment you will never know how the situation will turn out: is she going to say yes with a huge smile on her face, or is she going to laugh in your face, leaving you humiliated and depressed? If you really want to up your chances at getting the big Y.E.S., you might try asking her out in a cute and totally romantic way. We’ve got 15 amazingly cute ways to ask a girl out that are sure to get you ten steps closer to a first date (and hopefully many more!).


1. Write Her a Little Letter

In case you didn’t know, women love little tiny love letters- for any occasion, all the time. There’s just something about opening up a note that’s made just for us that sends our hearts into a full fledged meltdown. We absolutely love it, and the best part is, it doesn’t have to be anything overboard. All you need to do is write, “Will you go out with me? From, Jerry”. Leave it on her desk at work, put it on the window of her care, or give it to her in person and walk away. So many options and it’s always a HUGE hit with women!


2. Write Her a Poem

Want to up your note game even more? Try a romantic poem like this one from PoemHunter.

Will You Go Out With Me

From the first time I laid eyes on you, 
I felt something inside, and hoped that you did too. 
That night I dreamed about me an you, 
wishing that when I wake it would come true. 
You have been on my mind, 
ever since i met you that first time. 
I tried to get you out of my head, 
but my heart told me to like you instead. 
Being next ot you i feel like I’m in heaven, 
Give me a chance and I’ll adore you twenty four-seven. 
I hope you see that we were meant to be, 
Please… will you go out with me?


3. Bake Her Something Sweet

Girls love tiny notes, but girls love sweets even more- especially chocolate. But even if you’re not as gifted in the chocolate department as Hershey but know how to make an amazing cake or cookie, show off your skills and bake that special lady something sweet. Maybe you could stick a little love letter in the frosting or write “Will you go out with me Sara?” in the frosting of your cake- how sweet (and delicious) is that?!

4. Tell Her in Person

There’s something oh-so-special and traditional about just asking a girl. But don’t just walk up and say “Hey dude let’s go out this weekend”. You want it to be cute. You want it to be out of the ordinary. So you can say something more like, “I would be honored if you, the most beautiful woman in the world, would accompany me to the movies this Friday night”. Yes this requires a lot of guts, but if you’re a brave man, she’s probably not going to turn down an invitation like that.


5. Serenade Her

No, people don’t just do this in the movies. They do it in real life too! And you should totally surprise her with something she will never forget: a beautiful song of romance written and sang by yours truly. Find a song online or write your own lyrics to REALLY impress her!

6. Leave Her a Gift

Who doesn’t love a gift? (I surely can’t think of anyone!) But remember- you don’t want to seem like you are trying to buy her love or somehow want to secretly be her sugar daddy and buy her everything she wants, so try not to spend any more than 5 dollars- unless of course it’s tickets to a show or something along those lines. You could surprise her with a gift of movie tickets for Friday nights to see that movie she keeps talking about, or it could be something like a box of chocolate or a new CD of her favorite band. Don’t forget to leave a note with the gift so she knows who and why!


7. Roses! 

Roses. Always. Work. I can’t say this enough. I’m not sure why, but we go crazy over roses. Much like the little love notes, there’s always a time and a place for roses. So if you want to ask her out and make sure she feels like a beautiful lady that actually wants to spend time with you, I say bring her some roses. A single rose is fine but if you really want to win her over, surprise her with a huge bouquet. Red is always a winner but feel free to switch it up with pink or white too!

8. Make a CD

If you’re technologically gifted, here’s one for you. Burn her a CD full of songs asking a girl out or some of her absolute favorite songs. In between the list of songs or directly after the songs are completed, cut the CD with a clip of you saying “Will you go out with me Michelle?”. Who wouldn’t find this totally cute and amazing (and not to mention totally unexpected)? I sure would!

9. Write it in the Sky

If you’re willing to shell out a few extra bucks, then I highly recommend getting the question written in the sky. While yes, this is expensive, there’s almost no way she will be able to reject you after seeing it. Just make sure she’s around you when you do it!

10. Write it on Her Car Window

Ok, if you want to cut down a few hundreds bucks and take a much cheaper route (although not nearly as romantic) then you can always write it out on her car window. Just PLEASE, make sure you use WINDOW PAINT so that it is easy to remove and won’t completely stain her vehicle- that is one sure fire way to make sure you get rejected in an instant. Use the right paint to write out your message and she will be oh-so-surprised when she walks out to her car after class- it might just be enough to bring her to tears!

11. Make a Puzzle

That’s right! Make her earn your date! Haha, just kidding. But seriously- make a little, easy to put together puzzle that finishes with the words “Will you go out with me?”. It’s a totally cute gesture that she won’t be expecting at all, and it’s definitely something she WILL remember. She’ll have a hard time rejecting you after seeing something as creative and clever as this!

12. Make a YouTube Video

Again, this is one for the tech savvy people of the world. If you like YouTube, why not put it to work? Make a cute video of you telling her reasons why you like her and at the end ask her if she will go on a date with you. It’s a very cute and romantic gesture that totally fits the new era of computers and internet! To clever of an idea, right?

13. Treasure Hunt!
Who doesn’t love a fun treasure hunt? Make a list of places to go that lead up to you. Once she finds you, then you can ask her if she’d like to accompany you on a date. Make it fun! There’s literally hundreds of different ideas you could use in your treasure hunt, so feel free to let your creativity run wild and send her on an adventure she won’t soon forget. Who could possibly say no after going on a journey? I certainly can’t think of anyone!


14. Teddy Bear Messages

So we’ve figured out a few things here: women love little romantic notes, they love chocolate and other sweet things, and they love roses. But do you know what else women absolutely adore? Teddy bears, of course! Certainly you’ve seen or heard of those awesome teddy bears where you can record messages. Well why not use one of these amazing creations to your advantage? You can probably find these teddy bears online or at a local store. Record the message “Will you go out with me?” and give it to her. Not only will she LOVE the gesture, but she will be able to keep it as a keepsake for many years to come.

15. Cheesy!

Sometimes being cheesy is the best option. Wanna know why? Because when you make a woman laugh, you’re automatically one hundred times more attractive, and of course that works in your favor if you want to ask a girl out. One of the most cheesiest (and cutest) ways I’ve seen is to get a package of cheese puffs. On the outside, write a little note that says “I hope this isn’t too cheesy for you, but I was wondering if you’d like to go out this Friday?” You can’t sit there and tell me she won’t get a kick out of this one. If you’ve got a great sense of humor and she knows it, definitely give something like this a shot!


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