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Does She Love Me? (12 Signs that She Loves You)

By on December 19, 2014

When you finally found the right girl, nothing is worse than wondering if she actually loves you back. Fortunately, there are some signs and tricks to figuring out if your girlfriend is interested in you. From her mannerisms to how you introduces you to friends, these tricks can help you figure out if she loves you.


1. Words: I and You Became We

One of the common signs of love (and a good relationship) is that she says we or us more often. This occurs because she stops thinking of herself as just a part of a relationship. Instead, her mind starts to consider both of you as a one couple and one person. When she is in love, her plans for the future will start to be built around a life with you. She may make plans that involve you or mention future events or goals as a couple.


2. She Tells You She Loves You

This is one of the most obvious signs of love. Women are normally more in tune to their emotions and better able to express their feelings. If she says “I love you”, then she probably is in love. When your girlfriend has not said, “I love you” yet, you do not have to lose hope. Often, women may delay saying those three words if they feel like you do not feel the same way about them.


3. She Follows You With Her Eyes

When you are in love, you think about the other person all the time. Your eyes may follow them around the room, or you may find yourself wondering what they are up to. If your girlfriend has eyes only for you, she is probably in love. You can test this out by waiting for an attractive guy to enter the room. If she does not check him out, her feelings for you are real.

4. Her Parents Treat You Well

Your girlfriend talks to her parents about you. At least, she does if she is serious. If she has shared positive stories and information about you, her parents will treat you like a part of the family.


5. She Listens to You

If you are her late night booty call, she does not have to listen to what you say or spend time understanding who you are. In comparison, a woman in love will listen intently to everything that you say. She wants to understand all of the different factors that make up who you are. Often, she will ask questions about your past, your childhood or your goals in life.

6. Her Eyes Say It All

Like number three, this tip tells you if she is really in love. When she looks at you, her face may light up. She will be sad to see you leave. To figure out if she loves you, you just need to look into her eyes. Known as “the windows of the soul”, the eyes tell everything about how a person thinks or feels.

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7. She Accepts You for Who You Are

Someone who is truly in love will not try to change the person that they are with. She will accept your dirty socks and your awkward jokes because they are a part of what makes you a unique person.

8. Calls You For No Reason

It may be the middle of the night or she may have just left your house, but she is already calling you. If you receive phone calls just because she wants to hear your voice, then the chances are high that she is in love. She calls you because she cannot get you out of her mind. Even when you are just away from each other for a couple of days, she will want to call you to see how you are doing and hear your voice on the phone. Really, she cannot get any more obvious than this. When your girlfriend misses just talking to you, you know that you have gotten her to fall in love with you.

9. She Cares About Your Insecurities

Everyone is insecure about something. You may worry about gaining a couple of pounds or embarrassed by the neighborhood that you live in. No matter what your deepest insecurity is, she will avoid teasing you about it. A woman in love will go out of her way to lessen your worries or struggles. Even if your insecurities seem laughable, she will take them seriously.

10. She Caters to Your Needs

When she falls in love with you, she will go out of her way to figure out your favorite hobbies, foods and sports. She may try to make you a favorite meal or cookies just to make you smile. Other women may plan a date that caters to your favorite hobby. Even if she hates bowling or football, she will sit through the game just to make you happy. Instead of standing you up on the date, she will suffer through the game anyway.

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11. Honesty is Always a Sign

Someone who is in love will always tell you the truth. Even if the truth seems painful, she will want you to know it. The best relationships (I know, this is cliché, but true) are built on honesty. She knows this already. If she wants this relationship to last, she will expose her insecurities, past and personal worries. Even when she has made the wrong decisions in the past, she will let you know all about them.

12. She Wants You to Better Yourself

When she wants to be with you over the long term, she will try to help you in any way possible. She will try to find out your hopes, goals and dreams. After she knows what you want to achieve in life, she will go out of her way to help you reach your goals. Although this may feel stressful for you, it is meant with the best of intentions. Take solace in knowing that her support and interest is a sign that she is really in love with you.

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