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Dwayne Johnson Height Weight and More

By on September 5, 2014

Birth Name

His birth name was Dwayne Douglas Johnson.


He has gone by the nicknames of the Corporate Champion, the Rock, the Great One, the People’s Champion, the Brahma Bull and Flex Kavana.

Age and Birth Date

He was born on May 2, 1972, so he is currently 42 years old. Dwayne Johnson will turn 43 years old in May of 2015.




Astrological Sign

His astrological sign is the Taurus.

Birth Place

He was born in Hayward, California.


Dwayne Johnson is an American citizen.

Educational History

As a student, Dwayne went to the Richmond Road Primary School in New Zealand. He later went to the President William McKinley High School in Hawaii before he enrolled at the University of Miami to study criminology.




Originally, Dwayne Johnson got his start as a professional wrestler. Since his retirement from wrestling, he has focused on acting instead.


Father: Rocky Johnson

Mother: Ata Johnson

Brother: Curtis Bowles and Wanda Bowles

Grandfather: Peter Maivia

Grandmother: Lia Maivia


He has an extremely muscular and athletic build.


6 feet 5 inches or 196 centimeters


119 kilograms or 262 pounds


Dany Garcia (1996-2008)- While Dwayne Johnson was at the University of Miami, he met Dany Garcia in May of 1996. They began dating shortly afterward and became married on May 3 of 1997. Together, they had a daughter called Simone Alexandra on August 14 of 2001. By June 1, 2007, they decided that the relationship was mutually over. Their divorce was completed in May of 2008. Despite the end of their relationship, Dany Garcia and Dwayne Johnson remain friends.

Lauren Hashian (2008-current)- Starting in 2008, he began to be seen with Lauren Hashian. They were spotted in Hawaii on vacation together and are still dating.




He has Samoan and Canadian ancestry.

Hair Color

He has dark brown hair, although he normally shaves it all off.

Eye Color

Dwayne Johnson has dark brown eyes.

Distinctive Features

He is known for his muscular figure and his signature wrestling moves.

Body Measurements

His chest measures 50 inches while his waist is 35 inches. Dwayne’s legs have a girth of 31 inches and his biceps measure 20 inches around.

Shoe Size

14 (US)



Best Known For

For most of his career, Dwayne Johnson wrestled with the WWE. Through his experience with the WWE, he became one of the best known professional wrestlers ever.



First Film

In 1992, Dwayne Johnson appeared in the film, Beyond the Mat. This documentary featured the lives of professional wrestlers and was a total of 102 minutes long. Since this early experience in film, he has gone on to appear in numerous movies.

First Television Show

On episode 15 of season 1, Dwayne Johnson appeared on That ’70s Show as Rocky Johnson.

Wrestling Moves

While on WWE, he developed a reputation for some of his wrestling moves. Some of his signature moves include the Samoan drop, the Rock Bottom, the People’s Elbow, the Running thrust lariat, the Spinebuster and the Sharpshooter. When he uses the Spinebuster, he normally follows it with the People’s Elbow.

Dwayne Johnson’s Favorite Things

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Sport: Wrestling

Dwayne Johnson Facts

When he needs a stunt double in his films, he occasionally uses his cousin, Tanoai Reed.

He played on the University of Miami’s football team. In high school, he was also on the track team.

Dwayne Johnson first debut as a wrestler was in 1996. He won his first WWE belt the following year and was the youngest wrestler to ever win a WWE belt. Johnson was only 24 years old at the time.

Although he was eligible for the 1995 NFL draft once college ended, he was never picked.

When he was not selected by the NFL, he chose to play for the CFL instead. He had no money at the time and slept on a mattress that someone had thrown away. Without money for food, he went to every team meeting just so he could eat the free sandwiches. Later, he was kicked off the team so that a former NFL player could take his spot.

The $5.5 million Dwayne earned in the Mummy was the most any actor had ever been paid for a debut role.

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