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Dylan O’Brien Height Weight and More

By on August 30, 2014

Birth Name

His birth name was Dylan O’Brien.


He goes by the nicknames of Dyl, Dobs, Dball and Dob.

Age and Birth Date

Dylan O’Brien was born on August 26, 1991, so he is currently 23 years old. He will turn 24 years old in August of 2015.


Astrological Sign

His astrological sign is Virgo.

Birth Place

Dylan O’Brien was born in New York City, New York.


He is an American citizen by birth.

Educational History

As an adolescent, he went to Mira Costa High School. Initially, he enrolled at Syracuse University in 2009. Instead of studying film, he decided to drop out of school to pursue his acting and musical career.


He is an actor and musician.


Father: Patrick O’Brien

Mother: Lisa O’Brien

Sister: Julia O’Brien


Dylan plays the drums.




5 feet 11 inches or 180 centimeters


69 kilograms or 152 pounds


Britt Roberston (2011-current)- Unlike many celebrities, Dylan O’Brien has had an extremely short dating history. When he was filming the romantic comedy, the First Time, in 2011, he met Britt Robertson. Their mutual attraction led them to begin dating. They are currently still together.



Hair Color

He has dark brown hair. His ancestors are from Ireland, Spain, Italy and England.

Eye Color

He has light brown eyes.

Distinctive Features

Dylan O’Brien is known for his lanky, tall frame.

Body Measurements

His chest measures 42 inches across while his biceps measure 14 inches. Dylan’s waist is 29 inches in girth.

Shoe Size

His shoe size is currently unknown.


His religious beliefs and practices are not known.

Best Known For

Dylan O’Brien started playing the character of Stiles in 2011. He has continued to play on the MTV show, Teen Wolf, since then.

First Film

In 2012, Dylan O’Brien was in the comedic film, High Road. He played the character of Jimmy.

First Television Show

Dylan first appeared on television as Stile in Teen Wolf. Since that time, he has guest starred on other shows like New Girl.

Dylan O’Brien’s Favorite Things

Favorite Website:

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Favorite Food: Hamburgers

Favorite Book: The Art of Fielding

Favorite Sports Team: New York Mets

Favorite Band: One Direction

Favorite Fast Food: Fatburger

Favorite Television Show: Friends and the Office

Favorite Actress: Emma Stone

Favorite Drink: Root Beer

Favorite Movie: Never Been Kissed and Liar, Liar

Favorite Meal: Chicken and Rice Pilaf

Dylan O’Brien Facts

If he could have any job, he would want to be the general manager for the Mets.

His celebrity crush is Anna Faris.

Although he wants to work out and be healthy, he never finds time because of his busy schedule.

He considers his worst habit to be nail biting.

When he was a teenager, he was extremely awkward and shy around girls.

Although he was born in New York City, he was actually raised in New Jersey.

When he was 14 years old, he had his first kiss.

His mother was actually a former actress as well. During his childhood, she ran an acting school.

He never saw the 1980s film, Teen Wolf, before he got his part in the remake.

In addition to acting, Dylan O’Brien is an extremely talented drummer. When he is not acting, he plays with his band, Slow Children at Play.

Unlike many stars, he got his start as a co-star on a fairly famous show. Directors and other actors on the show believe that he will be an Emmy winning actor over the next decade.

If he could direct anyone in a movie, it would be Leonardo DiCaprio.

When he was only 12 years old, his family moved to Hermosa Beach in California.

He has one puppy that he named Maggie.

There are still goofy YouTube videos on-line that Dylan O’Brien created before he was famous.

In 2011, he co-starred with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in the internship.

Dylan O’Brien was selected in April of 2013 to play Thomas in the film, the Maze Runner. The movie is expected to be released in 2014.

He is a fan of the television show, Friends, and has seen each episode at least 11 times.

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