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Gareth Bale Haircut – How to get

By on August 16, 2016

Gareth Bale is a Welsh professional footballer who is famous for being an amazing winger of the real Madrid team. He is also very popular for his exceptionally good looks and a unique sense of style. Almost always, he is seen with this really edgy and macho hairstyle that is now been given his name too. The Gareth Bale haircut is a really sexy and sporty improvisation of an asymmetrical Mohawk. It requires a special technique to get this hairstyle but once you get to get hold of it, it actually becomes pretty easy. Here are 7 simple steps to get the Gareth Bale haircut, take a look!

Gareth Bale Haircut -1


Step 1: Wash your hair thoroughly

For any kind of haircut, you must make sure that your hair is thoroughly washed and cleaned. The natural greasiness of the hair can create a lot of trouble for you while cutting. So before you get going with the haircut, your hair should be properly shampooed.

Gareth Bale Haircut -2



Step 2: draw a part line to one side of your head

Leave an 8 – 10 CMs gap in the center of your head for the Mohawk and part your hair from one side (preferably the right side). The part line should be 4 – 6 CMs long from the forehead leading to the back of your head.

Gareth Bale Haircut -3


Step 3: Trim away the hair

This is going to be really fun! Take an electric trimmer and shave the back and both sides of your head. Make sure you don’t shave away all the hair from the back, instead shave four CMs from the back of your neck leading up to the head.

Gareth Bale Haircut -4


Step 4: neat the edges with s scissor

Use scissors for finer and smoother edges at the back of your head. Make sure you cut balanced layers; which means it should be longer hair on the top and shorter on the back and an even incrementation in between.

Gareth Bale Haircut -5


Step 5: highlight the part line

The most significant part of Gareth Bale’s haircut is his part line. Use a hair trimmer or a razor to highlight the side part line. It should be made prominent and easily visible, while not trimming a lot of hair at the same time. This is the final step of haircutting. Now is the time to style it the way Gareth Bale does.

Gareth Bale Haircut -6


Step 6: use hair spray to style your hair like Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale’s spikey and sharp haircut clearly suggests that he uses a large amount of hair spray and hair gel. So you need to do the same. Hair spray your hair from the front and use the magic of your hands and comb to make the popular Gareth Bale hairstyle.

Gareth Bale Haircut -7


By following these simple steps you will achieve this amazing and super attractive Gareth Bale haircut. The best part about this haircut is that is low-maintenance and doesn’t require many expensive hair products to keep it in place. A simple and cheap hair gel will do just fine!

Gareth Bale Haircut -8


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