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How To Attract Women

By on May 22, 2015

Women of substance will look beyond the surface and pay attention to your character. If you want to attract a really awesome woman, you have to have substance, no if and or buts about it. You must work on yourself and not rely on your good looks or think your good job is going to impress them. Remember, if you try to impress women with material items like a flashy car, you will only attract women that think on the surface and they will most likely complain, use you and be emotionally immature. So here are 20 ways to attract women by really just treating yourself well and becoming a better person. When you are happy without a woman, it will be easy to attract great women to you and you won’t feel like you’re struggling to do so.

 How To Attract Women

#1 Be Extremely Kind

All that bogus dating advice about playing hard to get and acting like a bad ass will only attract the wrong type of girl to you. If you want to attract a girl with awesome qualities such as reliability, a sense of drive and purpose and self confidence, you will want to actually be open emotionally and give heartfelt compliments. Go out of your way for people without expecting things in return. You’ll get a reputation for being nice and people are more likely to set you up with nice women. It’s a domino effect either way. If you’re living out of harmony with your body, you’ll attract a girl that also doesn’t take care of herself. Being kind to yourself and others will reflect the same qualities back to you in the girl you meet. Be constructive in your words even when you’re speaking of others. Think and act positively and kindly and you can throw out the games people play when dating and reach the next level.



#2 Be Supportive of Their Goals

Let’s say for instance a woman opens up to you about their goals and you laugh at them. That’s going to push them away from you. However if you listen to their dreams and get excited about their dreams with them, they will love your company!


#3 Love Your Life

If you’re waiting for a relationship to make you happy, here’s a newsflash, you won’t find it. You may find a relationship but it won’t be a happy one. You need to love yourself and take care of yourself and do the deep personal and emotional work required to really love your life before you meet a great woman. What’s the secret? Focus on helping others and making others lives better. This is the deepest source of fulfillment beyond any romantic partnership and a true quality woman will be attracted when you’re living right and loving life.


#4 Don’t Try To Control Them

Don’t tell them what they should wear, who they should hang out with or what their goals should be. Don’t tell them what to do for work and let them have freedom to do things without you. When you give someone freedom, they won’t feel suffocated and they’re more likely to stick around and have fun with you.


#5 Listen To Them

When you’re meeting women, ask them questions and listen. There is nothing more satisfying to a woman than a man asking her questions and actually being interested in the answer. If you only talk about yourself, she will turn cold fast. Just think about how you would feel if a woman showed no regard for who you are? Be aware of your words and you’ll find it much easier to attract a woman. Slow down and think about what you say before you speak.


#6 Eat Healthy

If you want to attract a sexy lady, you can’t just eat donuts. You’ll need to take care of your body and give your body the nutrients that you need. Maybe you are able to burn off calories easily but it won’t last forever. One day the unhealthy diet will catch up to you and trust me, there’s nothing more attractive to a female than a man who eats healthy. Since women’s metabolisms often slow down before men’s, they usually become healthy eaters at a younger age and they dream of finding a man who will make her a delicious salad and green smoothie. It’s not that hard guys, don’t be a wimp, there are recipes all over the internet and in books.


#7 Take Care of Your Body

This cannot be understated. Girls will need to be physically attracted to you so make physical movement a regular part of your life. Don’t try to cut corners with diet pills, smoking cigarettes or not eating. Do the work and you’ll get the results. It’s simple and hey it’s fun too. Find an activity you love so you don’t dread the process of getting your swagger on.


#8 Don’t Just Live For Yourself

Many people live an empty existence concerned only with their prestige and possessions. If you live for others and take care of other people, you’ll attract a woman of substance. If you only care about getting ahead in order to get attention or adoration, you’ll only meet an equally shallow lady. Think about the big picture, what direction are you pointing your life? Are you looking to help solve problems in the world or are you just out there living selfishly?


#9 Be Altruistic

If you want to attract a really genuine woman, find ways to volunteer or help out your friends. Women look for this characteristic in a man and even the most attractive face will look ugly to them if you make fun of people who selflessly volunteer their time for others.


#10 Don’t Brag

Arrogance is an ugly trait and women can smell vanity from a mile away. Unless you’re looking to meet a woman who is insecure and only gets her happiness from the compliments others give her on her looks, don’t talk about how good looking you are. Be humble. Even if you’ve accomplished some really cool things in your life, let them come up casually in conversation. Don’t make a laundry list to boast about how special you are, it makes you look bad and woman hate it.


#11 Have Interests Besides Women

Just as you don’t want a girl who only wants to hang out with you, a girl wants a guy who has things he’s passionate about. When you are into other subjects besides the female body, they are more likely to be attracted to you. Women like smart men so join a book club or get some hobbies that interest you. Yoga will give you extra brownie points most of the time too and you’ll be surprised how hard it really is. Lot’s of male athletes use yoga to reduce injury and manage stress.


#12 Be Patient

Alright, be honest with yourself. Are you a hot head? Women can’t stand it when men lose their temper in traffic or fight with guys at the bar. Having a temper is a huge turn off to them. We know women tend to be hormonal during their time of the month so the more patient you can be with their emotions the better. Show them you’re there for them and don’t expect them to be perfect. If she takes longer getting ready that you expected, be patient. If she’s late for a date, don’t give her a hard time.


#13 Be Honest With Your Feelings

If you like her or you’re attracted to her, go ahead and tell her. If you want to lay a big kiss on her, go ahead and tell her. Women appreciate men who are straight forward with their feelings. Wear your feelings on your sleeve and don’t try to hide it if you’re stressed or sad, open up to her and she’ll like you more.


#14 Admit Your Faults

For mature women, they will be looking for you to admit your faults. It’s like a secret code they have that if you don’t pass this test, they think you’re not worthy. And truly, if you think your sh*t don’t stink, you’re not going to attract a healthy relationship. Be willing to look at areas where you need improvement and admit that you’re not perfect. Don’t make stuff up because women can smell lies from a mile away even if they don’t call you out on it.


#15 Be Reliable and Responsible

Show up early and prepare for things. Show her you’re responsible by paying your bills on time or telling her about your budgeting. If you have been at a job for a while that’s a way to show her you’re not afraid of commitment. A certain level of spontaneity is good but if everything is a last minute plan, she will get annoyed and not want to hang out with you. Women need a certain sense of stability and depending on the woman, they will want to make plans in advance more often than not.

Throw out the ideas about spitting game to women and being macho because that’s old school bro. The cool chicks like guys that are in touch with their emotions and it will help you a lot in the process of living a healthy life too. Get healthy, get happy and watch the magic happen!

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