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How To Be An Alpha Male

By on June 3, 2015

The alpha male is the man that knows what he wants and knows how to get it. He is equally physically and mentally fit and an excellent communicator. He is looked up to and a natural leader. So how do you become an alpha male? Here are 12 tips to get you on the path to be your most influential and powerful self.

how to be an alpha male 

#1 Be Well Versed In Many Subjects

Alpha males know how to use their brain to their advantage. They can talk sports, politics, philosophy and art. They are full of useful and often strange information. They are interesting because of the amount of knowledge they have and people enjoy conversing with them because they take time to learn valuable information. The key word here is ‘valuable.’ Look at what the problems in your community are and study ways to solve them.



#2 Always Do Your Best

If you want to excel, you can’t be late for everything or not put in the work. You must make excellence a priority and always seek to be the best at what you do. If you don’t take pride in your work, you can’t be an alpha male. Don’t get arrogant about your success either, the true alpha male is confident yet carries himself with humility so that people feel comfortable around him. Before you speak, think about what would inspire people not what would make them feel bad about themselves. People should feel their own potential when they see you.


#3 Develop Great Listening Skills

You’ll notice when you observe an alpha male that they intently listen and often ask questions to clarify what someone is saying. Body language is important when you’re listening. Look people in the eye so they trust you and don’t brush people off. Alpha males have excellent people skills because of their ability to treat everyone equally and with respect. Speak slowly and clearly. Look at the people that frustrate you as a challenge to get along with so you can become a nicer human being. All it takes is compassion and you can transform every relationship (for the most part). Put yourself in the other person’s shoes, don’t talk over them and let them share their opinions.


#4 Be Able To Get Along With Everyone

Following with the last tip is that you need to really be easy to like because you’re actually that nice. Alpha males do not have a false sense of confidence, they know they are capable and they know people can learn positive things from them. They are not jealous either. Do your best to be kind to everyone and even avoid talking bad about people. Be able to laugh at yourself and never laugh at people in a spiteful or hurtful way. To build trust with people you have to show them you’re human as well and you have their best interest in mind. Show people you believe in them and remember what they tell you especially if it’s something simple like their name. People will open up to you when you’re an alpha male because they trust you.


#5 Be Super Fit

Part of being a well rounded alpha male is keeping yourself healthy. It’s not about looking the part, it’s about having lots of energy to accomplish the amazing things you do with your life. Think of your body like a fine sports car, you want to keep it in top shape for performance.


#6 Have A Positive Attitude

You’ll notice alpha males are always happy and smiling. They are assertive but not in a condescending way. They are supportive of others and are great motivators. If you focus on leading your life with a very bold and positive intention and share that with others, people will think of you as a leader. Don’t get defensive when other people are critical of you, let things roll off your shoulders and be willing to be honest and stick up for yourself if you’re being mistreated. Speak directly but keep things positive.

 alpha male

#7 Be Willing To Take Risks

Being shy and safe is not the way to establish yourself as an alpha male. You’ll want to take risks and be willing to fail. If you play it safe, you’ll never learn what you’re truly capable of. Learn new subjects and be willing to look foolish going after what you want. People will respect you for your fearlessness.


#8 Have Interesting Hobbies

Alpha males can master many things. They have determination to learn things even if it takes a lot of time and patience. You will inspire people by mastering things you’re interested in. Maybe it’s kite surfing, sky diving, yoga, freediving or graphic design. Just study things you like and you’re really passionate about and don’t give up!


#9 Carry Yourself With Confidence but Know You’re Not Perfect

It’s important not to hide in the corner and it’s ok to be noticed in public but it needs to be for the right reasons. When people look up to you, they are going to come to you for advice. It’s ok to give advice but only when you are asked or it feels appropriate. Don’t always tell people what to do, seek balance and read the people around you. Be attentive and caring and you’ll know when to share what you know. It’s ok to like yourself but don’t brag in an I’m-better-than-you manner. Stand up tall, smile and speak with a confident voice. If you speak too quietly, it gives of the vibe that you’re unsure of yourself.


#10 Don’t Be A Slob

Clean up your act and wear things you love. Try not to wear wrinkled or stained clothes because it just looks sloppy. Remember, you take pride in what you do and that doesn’t mean you have to wear top name brands but be presentable, clean and smell nice.


#11 Be A Man With A Plan

An alpha male has a 3, 5 and 10 year plan or at least something close. When people ask you what you’re doing with your life, you’re excited to share your plan. You want to be motivated by your plan so choose something you’re extremely fired up about. Alpha males will also often help others make their life goals or just plan outings and events for their friends or for organizations. It’s all about not being afraid to go after your dreams and taking the necessary steps to get there. It’s not a matter of if but when. Be willing to evaluate what’s not working and be willing to take advice from others.


#12 Help People At Every Opportunity

The alpha male is not a jerk. He has a big heart and will help his friends move. He will entertain people with his sense of humor and lighten their spirits. He looks for opportunities to make someone’s day better and always leaves people smiling. Remember, alpha males are exemplary leaders so set a positive example and people will see you as a mentor.


Take care of your mind and body and don’t hide safely in the shadows. Be willing to step fully into who you can be and be willing to work hard to get there. Don’t take yourself too seriously and find other alpha males to look up to. Don’t confuse snobby men with alpha males though, you have to be nice to people if you’re going to have true power to lead and connect with them.

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