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How to Compliment a Girl

By on January 14, 2015

Complimenting a girl is never an easy matter. You could end up saying something offensive, sexual or demeaning without ever meaning to. If you want to show that you are interested in her, you need to learn how to compliment her the right way. Women love compliments, so you better learn some of the best ways to flatter the ladies.

How to compliment

Sincerity Matters

The main rule of thumb when it comes to compliments is to be sincere. Girls generally know their best physical features and personality traits. If you lie, she will know it. You need to be sincere and honest with your compliments. Look her in the eyes and speak from the heart. If the compliment sounds rehearsed, it will only make her uncomfortable.


Mix It Up

Over time, compliments can seem like second nature. Perhaps you always tell her she’s beautiful when you meet her, or you compliment her before bed. If you always use the same compliments, in the same place, at the same time, it will become boring. After a few weeks, she will just take the compliment for granted and stop truly listening to what you have to say. Instead, use a different compliment. Rather than just tell her she is beautiful, write it in a love letter and put it under her pillow. Get creative with your compliments and how you deliver them; she will appreciate it.

Be Careful About Sexual Compliments

Telling your long-term girlfriend that she is sexy is fine. If you tell a random girl on the street that you like her butt, she will not take it kindly. Before you say a sexual compliment, consider how she will receive it. In general, physical compliments should be reserved for girls that you are already dating. Basic compliments like “I like your legs” are fine on a first or second date. Anything explicit should be reserved for any time after the tenth date. If you offend her and treat her like a sexual object initially, your relationship will be short-lived.

Compliment Selectively

If you always tell her that she is beautiful, she will stop really hearing it. Over time, we get extremely used to hearing the same thing. Instead of saying the same thing every day, give her compliments selectively and make sure you vary what you say.

Be Specific

A compliment is more believable when it is specific. Instead of saying she is pretty, tell her that she has pretty eyes. Instead of saying that you are happy, tell her that seeing her smile each day makes you happy. Get specific in your compliments and tailor them specifically for her. A cookie-cutter compliment is the best way to ensure you get a boring, cookie-cutter girlfriend. For a gorgeous, talented woman, your compliments must match.

Compliment Her

When you say things like “I like your shoes” or “I love your skirt”, you are not complimenting her. Instead, you are just complimenting what she is wearing. Although that is fine sometimes, it isn’t really what she wants to hear. Instead, you should tell her that she looks amazing in heels or that the skirt looks beautiful on her. Each compliment should be about her.

Be Warned! Never Use Compliments to Defuse Trouble

During a fight or following a screw up, you may want to tell her she is beautiful. Although this may temporarily get you out of trouble, it means that she is less likely to trust your compliments in the future. She knows that you just complimented her to get out of trouble. Doing this will bring all of your past and future compliments into question.

Look Her in the Eyes

No matter what you tell her, you should always look her in the eyes. She needs to feel like you are being honest in what you say. By gazing directly into her eyes, you indicate your sincerity. It is also a way to show her that you are focusing entirely on her.

Write it Down

You can compliment her verbally all the time. If you really want to make her smile, write it down. By reading the compliment, she has to focus on it fully. It also allows her to flip back to it and reread the compliment over again. You can send her a compliment in an email, text message or love letter. For bonus points, you can write a bunch of compliments on post-it notes. Hide these notes around the house so that she finds compliments in unexpected places. In addition to making her smile, this is an extremely romantic thing to do for her.

Follow Her With Your Eyes

Some of the best compliments will be completely unsaid. When you are at a bar or a party, follow her with your eyes as she goes around the room. Each time she glances back, she will see you looking at her. This is the best way to show that you are interested because you literally cannot take your eyes off of her. By the end of the night, she will be blushing and smiling like crazy.

Compliment Her Talents

Everyone has a unique talent or skill. If you compliment one of her talents, she will appreciate the fact that you noticed it. In addition, it will make the girl feel like you are interested in her for more than just how she looks. You can compliment any type of talent or skill. Women love to hear that they are skillful and talented, so let her know how you feel.

The Safest Things to Compliment

Once you know her well, you will be able to figure out what you can and cannot compliment on your own. Until then, you should stick to complimenting safe features about her. Physically, you should stick to complimenting her voice, eyes, lips and hair on the first date. If she is wearing a beautiful dress, you can tell her that she looks amazing in her dress. In addition, you can tell her that you love her voice or the fragrance that she is wearing. For non-physical comments, you can generally compliment anything.

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