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How to Dress Well as a Man

By on October 26, 2014

From the guys you see in magazines to the successful businessman, you see well-dressed men everywhere. Dressing for success helps to increase your confidence and self-esteem. In addition to changing the way others perceive you, it can enhance your chances of success in love, finance or business. Unfortunately, most men are unaware of how to make dress well. To look your best, you need to utilize every tool that is at your disposal. If you want to get started on learning how to dress well, read on for some of the top tips.


1. Coordinate Your Colors

Matching your shirt, socks and pants must be done right. For some of the old-school bumpkins, this type of matching involved dressing in all black a la Johnny Cash. In modern times, a one color outfit will not cut it. You need to have a general color scheme that utilizes two to three main colors. These colors should complement each other, but not look too matched up. Additionally, you should make sure that the exact shade matches. A turquoise blue/green shirt and lime green socks will never be a matched pair. If you use one color of green, stick to it. By matching your clothes exactly, you can ensure that you are the best dressed man at the bar.



2. Avoid Clutter

If you are a confident man, making a statement with your clothing is great. Wear a fedora hat or throw on retro sneakers. Before you decide to make a statement, you need to think it through. Tacky shirts, glaringly ugly pants or too much camo can all ruin your look. You have to make sure that you pick each one of your statements carefully and thoughtfully. Select a maximum of one or two statement items at a time to wear. These statements can reflect your interests, but should not be offensive. An overly sarcastic T-shirt could end up turning away a potential date or business partner. If too many accessories is your problem—or loud clothes–, just remember to look in the mirror before you leave the house and take one accessory item off.


3. Shined Shoes

Shiny, polished shoes may not be an issue if you spend most of your days working in construction. If you work indoors or are a part of the business world, your shoes speak volumes about who you are. Shined shoes demonstrate that you possess an attention to detail and take care of your possessions. Anyone you work with will assume that you use that same care and focus on everything in your life. To ensure that your shoes are properly polished, you should polish them on a weekly basis. If you are too busy to do this weekly, buy several pairs that you can polish all at once.


4. Posture Matters

You can possess the most expensive clothes in the world, but that will not matter if you look awful in them. Your posture and hygiene make a humongous difference in how you are perceived. Sweaty skin, greasy hair and a slouch will all work to give you an unkempt appearance. Likewise, you can take grooming too far. It is entirely possible to wear too much cologne or use too much gel in your hair. You should be extremely careful not to overdo or underdo anything related to your appearance. Clean hair, a little cologne and excellent posture will go a long way toward making your clothes look as good as possible on your body.


5. Stay Groomed

Beyond just fixing your posture and showering, you have to make sure your body is groomed as well. Fifty years ago, men thought that lotions and moisturizers were products exclusively for women. In recent years, men have stepped up their game and started to power their way through high-tech shaving gels and exclusively formulated body wash. Before you step outside the door each morning, you need to moisturizer your skin and use a good facial scrub. Additionally, you should spend some extra time selecting a personal body wash that suits your personality.


6. Know Your Body

Clothes that look great on a thin man will not always look good on a body builder. Each man has a certain body type that requires a specific style of clothing. Dressing is basically a form of an optical illusion. Do you feel too short now? You can solve that by giving the illusion for height. The same technique can be used for overweight, underweight or extremely tall men. It is perfectly fine to dress in a way that makes your body look its best. Before you purchase a new item of clothing, make sure to actually try it on and see if it works well with your proportions.


7. Regular Cuts

Several of the tips on the list are related to grooming for a reason: it matters. Overgrown, mangy hair shows laziness and a lack of care. Unless you want to look like an unemployed bum, you need to make sure that you get your hair cut every three to four weeks. You should also avoid using too much hair product. Slathering on the putty or gel will only make you look like a jerk or the stereotypical, smooth-talking used car salesman. How you are perceived by the world is largely up to you and is determined by how you dress.


8. Retro Can Work Wonders

Although there are some differences in modern and older suits, most men styles have remained relatively the same for decades-even Sherlock Holmes was in a suit over a century ago! If you have a limited budget or just dislike spending money on clothes, you do not need to waste all of your hard-earned cash on choosing what to wear. You can go to discount stores like TJMax, Ross or Nordstrom Rack and buy some of the best designer brands at a fraction of the price. If you have the confidence to rock the look, you can even step further back in time. Some old-school designer clothes and vintage items can be found at second-hand stores for a fraction of the price that they were new. It can take you a few extra hours to scout around and find these items, but the cost savings are worth it.


9. Choosing Colors to Match Your Complexion

Face it: men have fewer options than women. Ladies can throw on some eye stuff to make their eyes stand out or use undergarments to make their breasts look bigger. As men, it is impossible to throw on some makeup for bigger muscles or a more attractive face. With so little options to work with, each one counts. When you dress yourself, the colors that you choose should reflect the best features of your skin, hair and eyes. Certain colors are more likely to highlight your eyes than other colors. Additionally, the color that you choose can even improve your mood. Wearing black all the time is a surefire way to experience melancholy or depression. Some quick coloring tips:

-Fair skin and dark hair looks best with contrasting colors. Brown or khaki will only leave you looking washed out.

-Blue eyes or green eyes work well with blue-colored shirts. Anyone with blue or green eyes may need to avoid red or tan colored shirts because they can cancel out the vividness of your eye color.

-Every year, there are new and trendy colors that hit the market. Wearing these trendy colors can be fun, but you need to stick the colors that make you look the best. Additionally, you should make sure that the bulk of your wardrobe consists of colors that never go out of style like black, navy blue, gray, brown or khaki.


10. Tailored Clothing

If you have plans to enter the business world or a job interview coming up, you may want to consider tailored clothing. The clothes that are sold in department stores are designed to fit the average man. Unfortunately, many men are not perfect fits for average sizes. When it comes to expensive suits and sport coats, you may need to have a professional tailor your outfit to fit. By doing this, you can ensure that the cut is exactly perfect, and that you look your best.


11. Confidence Matters

Confidence can matter more than any outfit that you ever purchase. Someone who has a high self-esteem and confident attitude attracts everyone in the room to their side. If you want to look your best and dress to impress, you have to be confident. Unfortunately, this is one of the only things on the list that cannot be bought. You are either a confident man or you are not. If you are not, there are some tips and techniques for increasing your confident, but that would be the topic of another article.


12. Elegant Yet Casual

Dressing for success and being overdressed are two entirely different things. Although you want to look your best, you could end up looking too formal for certain occasions. Instead of wearing a suit to a friendly dinner, you can try standing out by throwing on an accessory or a blazer.


13. Good Quality Clothes Matter

Everyone knows what cheap clothes look like. They have a threadbare, chintzy appearance that is the same no matter where they are from. You should always wear the best quality of clothes that you can afford. You should spend extra time looking for high quality materials that are well-constructed. The quality of the materials is exceptionally important for clothing items and pieces that you plan to wear for a long time. Any regular clothing item must be designed to stand the test of time. With this in mind, you should look for quality, well-made clothes for all of the important pieces. Any trend items like a jacket or weekend shorts can be purchased at a lower price. If it is impossible to fit high-quality clothes into your financial budget, you can always check out second-hand shops. These stores often contain expensive brands for a minimal price. The only difference in many cases is a slight amount of wear and the added time it takes to find the item.


14. Dress for Yourself

Your personality matters when you choose what to wear. If you are a laid-back, casual guy, then dressing in a silk shirt, Italian shoes and Rolex may not be the best option. Likewise, a CEO may not want to don a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. The clothes that you look best in will be the outfit that you feel comfortable wearing. For most people, this is directly related to an outfit that suits your personality. You can dress according to some of the fashion trends, but you do not need to follow all of the rules. Just make sure that you select some well-made basic items that suit your style.


15. Dress for the Occasion

You always need to wear an outfit that suits your personality, but you also need to wear something for the specific occasion. Christmas dinner, a sports game and a conference call all require different clothing standards. Whenever you are dressing up, make sure you consider what is appropriate for the place that you are going to and how you will be perceived by others. If you plan on going to a job interview, you can always ask over the phone what type of clothing style they prefer. Some companies like business formal, some businesses prefer business casual and other companies just do not care. Make sure to call ahead to make sure that you are wearing the right thing.


16. Remember the Little Things

From pocket squares to socks, the little details about your outfit matter. If you are going to wear a tuxedo, you should always make sure to use a pocket square that has been flat folded. A pocket square can also be used with a denim jacket or a sports coat. When it comes to socks, you should make sure that the color complements the rest of your outfit and that you wear dress socks when you wear a suit.


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