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How to Flirt With a Girl Over Text

By on July 18, 2014

If you haven’t already tried flirting through text messages, you’re really missing out. I mean, for one it’s incredibly easy and reduces tons of anxiety and nervousness: you don’t have to be face to face and it gives you a chance to stop and think about what you will say next. Secondly, it’s just completely fun. You could be sitting bored at class or chilling at home and bam! Suddenly you’re having some flirty fun with your crush. If you’re struggling with what to say or do, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with simple tips and tricks on how to flirt with a girl over text.



1. Be Unique

There is one surefire way to turn any potentially awesome and flirty text message conversation into a total drag: by sending her boring, predictable text messages. You want to make sure you’re keeping things one hundred percent unique and fun- especially at the start of the conversation. Please refrain from using the traditional “Hey, how are you?” text message we’ve all received 10,000 times. Come up with someone unique and special that will catch her attention


Note: You get extra brownie points for sending her something that makes her laugh. The picture above is the ideal example. It will make her smile and she will actually want to text you back.

2. Keep it Simple

Another easy way to turn a girl off is by appearing too desperate, and one of the easiest ways to act this way is by sending page long text messages. Text messages- especially flirty ones- should be kept short and simple. Something that will peek her interest and make her giggle, not make her fall asleep half way through while you express your undying love for her.

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3. Don’t Send TOO Many

The other way to look like an over-eager desperate obsessive man? Sending her too many text messages. Make sure there is an equal number of messages going back and forth between the two of you. If she doesn’t respond, send her one followup message a few minutes later. If she still doesn’t respond, she probably had a good reason not to reply. Let it be and move on- don’t continue to bug her.


Ugh, I can’t tell you how annoying it is to GiT a txt msg frum sum1 who talkz like dis nd cant even spell propr englesh. If you’re trying to flirt with her, impress her, just hold a decent conversation with her- you NEED to pay attention to your grammar. Using bad grammar and horrid punctuation is an easy way to make yourself look very unattractive, and she probably won’t even continue the conversation after receiving a horrendous text like that. Please, men: use your English classes to your advantage and use proper grammar!

5. Say Her Name

I can’t tell you exactly why, but for some reason women love it when you say their name (or should I say type their name?). To make things a bit more romantic and personal, you should definitely throw in her name every now and then. For instance, you could say something like, “Hey, quit staring at me in class, Katherine! You’re making it oh-so-obvious (insert winking smiley face here)”. The message is cute, simple, funny, and personal, and it’s definitely different than other text messages she’s receiving.

6. Compliment Her

Women love to hear their names. Women love to be complimented. Put the two together for a winning text message that can never fail. For instance, you could say something like: “Wow, Shelley. You looked AMAZING in that dress today. SMOKIN! (Insert fire emoji here)”. Trust me- it doesn’t matter what you compliment her on, when you say it, or how you say it- she will always want to hear it. (However I do have to say that you should try and keep the dirtier comments to yourself until further notice).

7. Tease Her

Remember when we were in kindergarten and the boys used to tease the girls, and the girls would laugh and giggle and somehow that one boy would become their little boyfriend for the day? The rules haven’t changed much since elementary: girls still loved to be teased in a cute and flirty way, so go ahead and tease her a bit. She’ll get a kick out of it. Example: “I may or may not have seen you trip today, Christina, and I may or may not have laughed about it!”

8. Be Sweet

When you’re text messaging, it’s easy to be one step ahead of the game. Let’s say she asked you something as simple as “What did you do today?” You could respond with something completely sweet and out of the blue like: “Oh, nothing much. Just thought about you all day <3”. Trust me- it might sound completely cheesy, but she will love it. How sincere and romantic can you get in a text message anyways? It’s the little sweet comments and replies like these that will make her enjoy flirting with you, so much that she might want to do it in person, too.

9. Be Suggestive

OK, before you run to your phone and tell that hot girl that you want to bang her right here right now, we need to cover a few bases first.

-First and foremost: don’t send a suggestive text out of the blue, especially if it’s the first one. You need to make sure the two of you are at “that level” before sending anything naughty. Sending a naughty text message too soon will make you look like a pervert and trust me she won’t be into that.

-Secondly: Nothing raunchy, please. (Unless you find out later that she’s into that kind of thing, of course). When you first start suggestive text messages, try to keep it as nice and R rated as you can (not X rated, or XXX rated, or anything of that sort).

-Say simple things. For example: let’s say she asked you “What’re you up to hot stuff?” you could say something like, “Laying in bed with my shirt off, wishing you were here (insert winking smiley face here)”. It’s suggestive, but nothing overboard- and that’s exactly what she’ll like to hear.

10. Send Pictures

Again, please don’t run into the bathroom with your pants off and send her a few flicks right off the bat. You want to flirt with her, not scare her off with your manly parts. Let’s revert back to the example text above where you say you’re laying in bed without your shirt on. This is the perfect opportunity to send her a sexy picture of you relaxing in your obviously comfortable bed with your shirt off. For one, it’s not extreme. And for two, women love a man’s chest. It’s a winner in our book! Remember: you can either send a picture along with your comment, or you can wait until she texts something like “Oh, sounds hot. Can I see?” It just depends on where you’re at in the flirting and what you’re comfortable with.

11. Make Her Laugh

Whether it’s in the beginning of the conversation, the middle, or the end, you can never go wrong by making a girl laugh. Ladies LOVE when a guy can make her laugh, especially if it’s in a flirty way. So keep this on the top of your list when thinking of things to respond with.

12. Be in Charge

Women secretly love it when the man is in charge (even though we sometimes act like we are the boss. Ok we are the boss, scratch what I just said). Either way, it’s never a turn off when the man has the lead. Show her you’re a strong and powerful man even through a cellphone by being in charge of the conversation. For example: if you ask her if she wants to hang out later tonight, have a time and a place already in mind. Don’t do that annoying “I don’t know, what do YOU want to do?” stuff- women seriously hate that. We want to hear, “Oh, you’re free? I’ll pick you up at 8. I have something amazing planned.” That’s exciting. That’s fun. And that’s the winning ticket.

13. Know When to Stop

There’s nothing worse than a text message conversation that keeps going- and going- and going. When the conversation starts to taper off and the two of you are running out of things to say, don’t try to push it. Even though you might want to talk to this girl for a longer period of time, doing so might completely ruin the positive convo the two of you just shared. Know when to stop.

14. End on a High Note

This is great advice for whether you’re texting or not: always end on a high note. Leave right when the conversation starts to wear off, and always have something flirty and fun to end the convo with. Don’t say anything like “Ok, talk to you later”. Make it spicy- make her want to flirt with you again soon. Say something like, “Sorry beautiful, but I gotta head back to work. Don’t miss me too much (insert winking smily face here).”


Go get em tiger 😉

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