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James Franco Height Weight and More

By on September 5, 2014

Birth Name

His birth name was James Edward Franco.


He goes by the nicknames of Ted, James or Teddy.

Age and Birth Date

James was born on April 19, 1978, so he is currently 36 years old. He will turn 37 years old in April of 2015.


Astrological Sign

His astrological sign is the Aries.

Birth Place

He was born in Palo Alto, California.


James Franco is an American citizen.


Educational History

James Franco graduated from Palo Alto High School in 1996. Afterward, he studied English at the University of California in Los Angeles. After one year, he dropped out to pursue acting full-time. Later, he ended up returning to the university and received his degree in 2008. He moved to New York to study simultaneously at New york University and Brooklyn College. At one school, he studied film making while he studied fiction writing at Brooklyn College. He also received his MFA from Warren Wilson College during the same time period. Currently, he is a Phd student at Yale University and is attending Rhode Island School of Design. His experience with poetry and film led him to teach a class on the subject at New York University.


Although he is primarily known for his acting work, James Franco is also a professor, writer, musician and film director.


Father: Douglas Eugene Franco

Mother: Betsy Lou

Brothers: Dave Franco and Tom Franco

Gradnfather: Daniel Verne

Grandmothers: Mitzie Verna and Marjorie Franco (Peterson)





5 feet 10 inches or 178 centimeters


76 kilograms or 167 pounds


Marla Sokoloff (1999-2004)- Marla Sokoloff is an American actress. She first met James Franco while they filmed the movie, Whatever it Takes, in 2000. Afterward, they dated for five years before breaking up in 2004.

Ahna O’Reilly (2006-2011)- Ahna O’Reilly was the second of Franco’s serious girlfriends. They began dating in 2006, but kept their relationship low profile. In 2011, they ended up breaking up.

Sienna Miller (2006)- In June of 2006, James Franco was rumored to be dating Sienna Miller.

Ashley Benson (2012-2013)- After meeting on the set of Spring Breakers, Franco began dating Ashley Benson in October of 2012. They stayed together for a few months before calling it quits.

Emilia Clarke (2013)- Known for her work as a British actress, Emilia Clarke is rumored to have dated James Franco in 2013.


He has Portuguese, Swedish and Russian ancestry.



Hair Color

He has dark brown hair.

Eye Color

Franco has warm, dark brown eyes.

Distinctive Features

In films, he is easily spotted for his lop-sided grin and tendency to play real life characters. Fans may also recognize the laugh lines around his eyes.

Body Measurements

James Franco’s body measurements include 42 inch chest and 14 inch biceps. His waist is thought to measure 31 inches around.

Shoe Size

10 or 11 (US)


He was raised Jewish, but only believes in God to a certain extent.

Best Known For

James Franco is best known for appearing in films like the 2008 movie, Pineapple Express. In this film, he played Saul Silver. He also played the son of the Green Goblin in Spider-Man 3 (2007)

First Film

The first time he ever acted in a film was in 1999. He played the character of Jason Way in Never Been Kissed. The first film he directed was The Broken Tower (2011) and he produced the Kink (2013).


First Stage Appearance

In 1997, James Franco made a guest appearance as Brian in the television show, Matters of the Heart.

James Franco’s Favorite Things

Favorite School Subject: Math

Favorite Movie: My Own Private Idaho

Favorite Pets: Cats

Favorite Hobby: Reading and Painting

James Franco Facts selected him as the sexiest man alive in 2009.

When he quit school to become an actor, his parents stopped financially supporting him because they disliked his decision. To make ends meet, he had to take on a nighttime job at McDonald’s.

Before deciding to cast him as the son of the Green Goblin, the directors of Spider-Man had considered having James Franco play the main character.

James Franco is actually a talented artist. His first art exhibition debuted in Berlin in 2011.

He is a straight ally for the gay community and is well-known for his donations to charities.

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