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Jamie Dornan Hairstyle

By on October 9, 2017

Jamie Dornan is a northern Irish-American actor, model and musician. He is famous for his killing good looks and an exceptional taste in hairstyles. Best known for his role in the movie 50 shades of Grey, it is a fact unknown to none now, he is actually 50 shades of pure sassiness and style! Jamie Dornan has been seen wearing quite a large number hairstyles, and he has literally rocked each and every one of them.

Here are some of Jamie Dornan’s most popular and sexy hairstyles of all time. Take a look!


  1. The professional

If one notices closely, Jamie Dornan’s natural hair are actually very curly. But he has his ways of pulling off even natural curls. This hairstyle looks highly professional and sexy at the same time. Comes out, super short hair makes a great duo with slight twirls.

Jamie Dornan Hairstyle -1



  1. The sexy waves

This is another fairly popular, super sexy and irresistible hairstyle of Jamie Dornan. He uses only a little amount of gel and hair spray for this one.

Jamie Dornan Hairstyle -2


  1. The casual curls

This is the perfect hairstyle to go with casual outfits, like a simple shirt and jeans. Pro-tip: Long shave makes for a total cherry on the top with this hairstyle!

Jamie Dornan Hairstyle -3


  1. The irresistible swoosh

This is the best hairstyle for all men with fine and heavy hair. Only a little bit of styling gel and some combing will make for an irresistible swoosh.

Jamie Dornan Hairstyle -4


  1. The casual faux hawk

The best part about a faux hawk hairstyle is that it can go with literally every facial structure. Jamie Dornan wearing the casual faux hawk looks simply delicious!

Jamie Dornan Hairstyle -5


  1. The naughty cop hair-do

A perfect hairstyle for the rough and sexy imagery of a cop! Jamie Dornan totally rocks the naughty cop look with this casual hairstyle. This is a great hairstyle for young boys and teenagers.

Jamie Dornan Hairstyle -6


  1. Loose curls

Even with the hairstyles that are exceedingly casual and rough, Jamie Dornan has his way of making them look sexy and raged. He is simply wearing his natural hair in this picture and just like that, burning down the floors with his sexiness and lure.

Jamie Dornan Hairstyle -7


  1. Neat swag

This is Jamie Dornan’s cutest and sexiest hair look among all of his casual and formal hairstyles. Long shave along with the neat, styled and back combed hair make his complete personality unbelievably fierce and hot.

Jamie Dornan Hairstyle -8

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