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Kevin Zegers Hairstyle

By on August 16, 2016

Kevin Zegers is a famous Canadian celebrity. He is an actor and model by profession. He is famous for his melting handsomeness and the ability to carry elegance. He is also widely popular as the heart throb of famous teen drama series “Gossip girl”. Kevin Zegers hairstyles have been universally admired and copied by many men around the world. Here’s a list of some the best Kevin Zegers hairstyles, take a look!


  1. The teenage side fringe

The hairstyle has been really popular among young and teenage boys for the past couple of decades and it still isn’t out of fashion! Kevin Zegers is among those teenage celebrities who first introduced the side fringe. It looks absolutely adorable and cute on young boys.

Kevin Zegers Hairstyle -1


  1. The unshaven super sexy Mohawk

The Mohawk doesn’t necessarily have to be shaven from both side of the head. When unshaven, it can still look indescribably cute. Kevin Zegers is a living proof of that!




  1. Short straight formal

Talk about pulling of handsomeness with a simple, straight and formal hairstyle! This hairstyle is all about neatness and sophistication. The hair on the side and the back are trimmed short while the top is neatly back combed.

Kevin Zegers Hairstyle -3


  1. The 00’s class

This hairstyle has been one of the most popular and admired hairstyles of men in the 00s. And since then, this it has become the landmark for class and decency.

Kevin Zegers Hairstyle -4


  1. Long and straight fringes

This is the best hairstyle for men with straight and fine hair. Long and straight fringes look extremely cute and charming. This hairstyle shows off the sensitive side of men which makes it even cuter.

Kevin Zegers Hairstyle -5


  1. The sexy bedhead

Rough and ragged hairstyles among men can look super-hot. Kevin Zegers has truly pulled off the casual look in this sexy bedhead hairstyle. The best part about this hairstyle is that the messier it gets, the better it looks. It is low-maintenance and absolutely fuss-free.

Kevin Zegers Hairstyle -6


  1. The backcombed groom

It is a lovely hairstyle for any formal occasion, even if you are the groom. Kevin zegers looks amazing in this backcombed groom hairstyle.

Kevin Zegers Hairstyle -7


  1. The slick and smooth

This is a great formal hairstyle for weddings, formal parties and other occasions. It gives away a really sexy and low-fuss vibes over-all which make the whole personality a great catch for ladies. You don’t even regular trimming for this hairstyle.
Kevin Zegers Hairstyle -8

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