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Signs She Likes You

By on July 12, 2014

More often than not, men have a hard time reading women. Either that or they get signals confused and think she’s interested in him when she really had no intentions whatsoever. I’m here to put the confusion and worries to rest with these easy signs that tells you yes, she does in fact like you.


883bc0201e47ff45e72958512d54644d1. She Tells You

Ok, so this is obvious, right? If the woman of your dreams prances over to you, looks you dead in the eyes and tells you she wants you, there’s a pretty good chance she likes you. But sometimes it’s not so simple. Sometimes women are a bit more coy with the way they say it, or men flat out think they are lying. A woman might say something like, “You’re a really great guy. I could definitely see myself with you” or just flat out “I really like you (insert name here)”. This is just a woman trying to femininely say that she likes you and wants to be with you, but definitely wants you to make the first move. So 1. Don’t think she is lying when she says it and 2. act on it! She didn’t say it for no reason, right?

2. She Smiles at You. A Lot.


There’s a big difference between throwing someone a friendly smile here and there, and a smile that says “I like you”. Here’s the difference: a friendly smile is a soft, welcome smile that happens every now and then when you meet eyes with someone. Now, an “I like you” smile happens A LOT. Like, the two of you just so happen to meet eyes at least every couple of minutes, and her smile is eager and very inviting. This smile says “Hey, come talk to me”. Now, if the two of you are already chatting it up or hanging out, she will definitely smile at you a lot- everything you say will magically bring a smile to her face. Which brings me to sign number 3.

3. Everything You Say is Funny

I can’t tell you why, because I’m, to this day, still not sure why this happens, but for some reason when a woman likes a guy everything he says is funny. Even when the joke is horrible and absolutely (not) funny, she will still laugh at it. She will laugh and giggle periodically at everything you say or do. It must just be some kind of natural reflex. When she likes you, you bring her joy- no matter what. If you notice this girl laughing at even the stupidest jokes or comments, then it may be a sign she likes you.

4. She Pays Close Attention to You

This is true for both men and women: when you’re interested in someone, you automatically try to pay more attention to them. Is she all the sudden interested in the things you like? She suddenly wants to hear more about you, from the big stuff to the minor details? Is she suddenly coming around a lot more than she used to, or texting you more often? This could definitely be a sign that she is “into” you and simply wants to know more about you, and be around you as often as possible.

5. She Tries to Look Good for YOU

So maybe, at first, this girl didn’t really put an extraordinary amount of attention to herself. She wore makeup and wore nice clothes, yes, but not like she does now. She replaced her jeans with shorts, and got rid of the ponytail and added some beautiful curls to her hair. Women naturally want to look good for the people they like- they want to grab their attention. So if she’s suddenly dressing better or trying to look better overall, especially when you are around, then she may be trying to get your attention.

6. Uses Social Media to Grab Your Attention

This isn’t a sign that we could have used back in the day, but in this day and age people use social media and other internet tools to get people’s attention and spark relationships. Is she posting things that will grab your attention? Is she mentioning things you’re into that she’s never mentioned in the past? For example: the two of you were talking about music and you told her your favorite band was Korn. She suddenly makes a post about her favorite Korn song, or mentions that she is going to a Korn concert and needs a date. Yes, she might be really interested in the band, but if she has never mentioned it before your chat, she is probably using the internet to get your attention. My suggestion? Like and comment on her post. (And of course tell her you’re up to go see Korn LIVE in concert with a beautiful lady like herself).

7. She is Quick to Respond

Much like social media, texting is another recently developed tool that is used in our everyday lives. Like I mentioned earlier, when a woman likes a man, she wants to talk to him. She would never deny a chance to speak with her crush, so when you text her and suddenly she has smoke coming off of her fingers from replying so fast, it’s a good sign she likes you and wants to talk to you ASAP. (But don’t forget that some women like to play hard to get and may take a long time to reply just to try and ‘reel’ you in. You’ll have to use some other signs ALONG with this one to determine exactly what she’s up to!)

8. Flirting

This is probably one of the easiest ways to tell whether someone is into you or not: they flirt with you. This could mean all types of flirting. Maybe she teases you about not being able to lift more than 150 on the bench or makes a silly joke about the speech you did in class. Or, maybe she takes a different approach and tells you how handsome you look in blue or you look like you’ve been working out. Or, maybe she even uses a combination of the two. It doesn’t really matter how she’s doing it: as long as she’s doing it- and doing it often- you can take that as a clear sign she’s interested in you.

9. Touchy-Feely

Most women don’t just go around giggling and touching mens arms for the heck of it. Most women don’t just accidentally bump into you every chance they get. And last but not least, most women don’t just lay their head on you randomly because they are oh so tired from the strenuous work day or workout you guys just did. If you notice a female is touching you more- in any way shape or form- you can take that as a definite sign she likes you.

10. She Says Your Name a Lot

You probably weren’t expecting this one, were you? It’s another one of those things that I can’t really explain, but when a girl likes a guy, she just says his name more. Maybe she likes the sound of it, or maybe she just feels closer to you when she says it. I’m not really sure, but it IS a fact. For example: a friend will talk to you and probably never mention your name once. But someone who is interested in you will try to throw your name in as much as possible. Maybe after a funny joke she’ll hit your arm gently and say, “Steven!” (or whatever your name is). Or maybe when you first start a conversation she’ll say, “Oh my gosh hey Adam! How are you?”. Yes, it’s a subtle hint that she likes you- but it’s definitely a hint at that.

11. Her Friends Tell You

As a woman, I can’t tell you how annoying it is when a girlfriend tells the guy you like that you like them. That’s just one of the most annoying and embarrassing moves on the planet, but hey- if you’re not going to tell him yourself and you’re being overly shy about it, she has to step in. If her best friend tells you or makes hints that she’s into you, I’d definitely not overlook it. Female best friends don’t just make stuff like that up to be silly- they mean it.

12. She Wants You to Be Her Superhero

Women look to men to be their superhero- whether it’s getting the lid off that pesky pickle jar or saving them from a burning building. If she is constantly putting herself in situations where she needs you- and only you- to save her, she’s probably just trying to get your attention and give her an easy chance to compliment you and show you she likes you. So go ahead- be her personal superhero. You’ll certainly enjoy the, “Adam, you’re so strong, thank you” or “Steven, I didn’t know you were so handy with cars” compliments that are sure to follow.


Decoding women isn’t really that hard after all, is it? So does she like you?



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