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Things to Talk About With Your Girlfriend

By on July 7, 2014

Communication is obviously a key role in every relationship, in friendly relationships and especially in intimate ones. So if you find your conversations are lacking a bit of stimuli, you might be worried that you’re relationship is destined for complete failure. Save yourself the worry and keep things lively and fun with these great ideas on things to talk about with your girlfriend. (And yes, these are things she actually wants to have a conversation with you about.)



1. The Future When I say ‘the future’, I don’t mean talking about what awesome XBOX games might be released in 2015, but I also don’t want you to jump to talking about marriage (unless of course the two of you are ready for that!). I mean talk about future things that matter- something that either has to do with the two of you, or something that she would find interesting to talk about. The two of you could talk about future dat nights you’d like to set up, like maybe a fun trip to the Bahamas or going to the Big Apple for a few nights on the town. You could ask her about her dream wedding or how many kids she wants to have after marriage. You could discuss where you want your careers to end up or what fun new things you want to try before you die. There’s seriously tons of different ways to talk about the future, and all of them are exciting- so take your pick.

2. Her Interests Women love to talk about themselves, didn’t you know? If you’ve hit a snag on things to talk about with your girlfriend, here’s an easy way to strike up a convo that could last for hours on end. Ask her about what her favorite movies are or which movies she’d like to see when they come out. This could lead you to discussing favorite actors and actresses, or why you didn’t like a certain genre. When the movie convo wears off, move onto another interest of hers, maybe music or fashion. She will love to take the handle on this conversation and tell you all about her favorite things. You might find out the two of you have a lot more in common than you once thought- sounds like a huge benefit to me!


3. Her Looks We can’t tell you enough- women love to talk about themselves- especially when it comes to their looks. One easy way to strike up a conversation with the lady in your life is to tell her a simple and lovely comment that she will love to hear. This makes not only for a great conversation starter, but also gives her that confidence boost that every woman needs and loves. For example: maybe she did something new with her hair, for instance a new hairstyle you’ve never seen her wear before. Tell her how much you love her new hairstyle and how absolutely beautiful it looks on her. This earns you double points because 1. You actually noticed that she’s done something new with her hair, and 2. You’re complimenting her and telling her how beautiful she is. What woman doesn’t love that? She will then want to explain to you how she found the style (maybe hours of searching through the Pinterest hair section), how long it took her to put her hair like this, and how much she absolutely loves the way it turned out.

4. Date Night Ideas So you’re getting tired of the same old dates. Monday nights you go to a nice diner, Tuesday nights you go to the movies. Thursdays you go out for lunch and of course Saturday night you go to one of the trendiest bars in town. Same ole, same ole. And trust us- doing the same ole thing is NEVER good in a relationship. Why not find out what kind of dates she would be interested in, and see if the two of you can plan something fun and out of the ordinary? It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular (although that is always a wonderful idea). It could be something as simple as checking out the brand new diner that opened up in the town next door, or seeing a movie in IMAX instead of the normal theater. Spice things up without going overboard, or go all out and plan a trip to the beach overnight!

5. What’s New? Oh, so you didn’t think simply asking your girlfriend ‘What’s new’ would open up a whole can of worms? You were wrong. Ask her about what’s new in her life, but here’s the key: tell her you want all the details. No holding back. You might be surprised at just how much she tells you about her life. Maybe there’s some new drama at work you didn’t know about, like a co-worker with a raving jealousy that can’t be ignored. Maybe you find out she’s having problems at home or is considering moving into a place of her own sometime soon. There’s probably loads of things she’s just waiting to tell you, but you’ll never hear about them until you ask. So ask!

6. The Past Ok, so you can’t talk about the future all the time, and everyone has a past. Why wouldn’t you want to find out about it? Delve into each other’s past. You might just find out she was in a beauty pageant as a teenager and she just might find out your mom put you in ballet when you were a boy. The past is full of mystery and adventure and it’s always a great topic of conversation. The past is, after all, what made us into the people we are today. Find out what made your special girl the woman you adore today.

7. Tell Secrets What better way to get to know someone than to tell them their deepest, darkest secrets? You might want to move up to this conversation- just coming out and saying “Tell me a secret” probably isn’t going to get you anywhere (well, at least not to anything juicy or interesting), so try to lead up to this topic. Once you get there, though, you might be surprised with the things she has to tell you. She will definitely have to feel comfortable and open with you for this to happen, so be weary with this conversation topic!

8. Talk Dirty Does this conversation topic really need an explanation? Open up and get loose with your gal pal. Talk dirty to her and tell her all the hot things you want to do with her. Ask her what she’s always wanted to try or what her favorite naughty things are. She might have a thing or two she wants to try with you, too. We can only imagine where this conversation will end! (Insert winking smiley face here!)

9. Her Fears Everyone has something that they are afraid of, whether it’s something as simple as being afraid of spiders or something a bit deeper like dying alone without a family of her own. Discuss what things in life you both fear and how you can conquer those fears together. It’s a great way to find out more about your significant other while also making your bond infinitely tighter. Not to mention you’ll both have a riot discussing what silly fears you might share. But when it’s time to talk about the deeper fears, just be ready to switch gears and have a serious discussion. She will love that you’re interested in hearing about what she’s afraid of though, and you might just become her superhero in the end.

10. Her Beliefs and Goals This kind of goes hand in hand with the future, but takes it one step further. Find out what her beliefs are in life, what goals she may have, and where she stands on certain topics. For instance, if she a firm believer in not smoking cigarettes? Does she have a certain view on marijuana? Does she belong to a certain religion or is she an atheist? There’s literally hundreds of questions when it comes to finding out a person’s views, and I’m sure she will love sharing every one of them with you. But be careful, you might just hear some things you didn’t want to hear, like not wanting children when you dreamt of having at least 3, or that she is completely against churches when you go every Sunday. This is a very intriguing topic that will certainly lead to hours of conversation that is both enthralling and fun!


You can’t go wrong with these things to talk about with your girlfriend. All of these conversation starters are fun and intriguing and will definitely lead to hours and hours of endless conversation. Get to know your partner even better with one (or ALL) of these awesome topics.


What are some of your favorite things to talk about with your girlfriend? And if you tried any of these conversation starters, which one turned out the best for you? We’re dying to know the outcome!

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