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Vin Diesel Height Weight and More

By on August 25, 2014

Birth Name

His birth name is Mark Sinclair Vincent.


Vin Diesel goes by the name of Diesel, Bouncer or Vin.

Age and Birth Date

He was born on July 18, 1967, so he is currently 47 years old. In 2015, he will turn 48 years old.


Astrological Sign

His astrological sign is Cancer.


Birth Place

He was born in New York City, New York.


Vin Diesel is an American citizen. 

Educational History

Due to his dream of becoming an actor, Vin Diesel began studying theater at Hunter College.


Vin Diesel is an actor, screenwriter and director. He is also known for his work as a producer.


Step-Father: Irving H. Vincent

Mother: Delora Sherleen Vincent

Twin Brother: Paul Vincent

Brother: Tim Vincent

Sister: Samantha Vincent


Extremely muscular


6 feet inches or183 centimeters


102 kilograms or 225 pounds


Paloma Jimenez (current)- Vin Diesel is currently dating Paloma Jimenez. She is a fashion model from Mexico. Together, the couple had a daughter named Hania Riley in 2008 and a son named Vincent in 2010. In previous interviews, Vin Diesel has stated that he prefers to date in Europe where the celebrity culture is not as extreme.




He has a English, German and Scottish background from his mother’s side. She has never revealed to him who his father is, so he does not know his exact ancestry through his biological father’s side. His mother did tell him that her relationship with his father would have been illegal in several states do to miscegenation laws.

Hair Color

He is known for his bald head.

Eye Color

Vin Diesel has dark brown eyes.

Distinctive Features

He is known for his impressively muscular figure and deep voice.

Body Measurements

Vin Diesel’s chest measures 52 inches across while his waist measure 32 inches. His biceps are 18 inches in girth.

Shoe Size

His shoe size is unknown.


He is Roman Catholic.

Best Known For

He is best known for acting in the Fast & Furious series. In the series, he has appeared in all seven movies except for the second one. In the third one, he was just a guest star.



First Film

In 1990, Vin Diesel was in his first film. He appeared as the minor character of an orderly in the Awakenings.

First Stage Appearance

His first acting role arrived when he was just seven years old. Along with some friends, he broke into the Theater for the New City in Greenwich Village. Instead of calling the police, the stage director asked the boys to be in the stage play called Dinosaur Days.

Vin Diesel’s Favorite Things

Favorite Car: Corvette

Favorite Food: Italian

Favorite Pet: Dogs

Favorite Music Genre: Latin

Favorite Vacation Spot: the Dominican Republic



Vin Diesel Facts

Vin Diesel received his name when he started working as a bouncer in New York City. Most bouncers change their names, so he shortened his last name of Vincent and turned it into his first name. The nickname of Diesel was due to his non-stop energy. His friends said that he acted like he was continuously supplied by diesel.

Diesel loves traveling in the Dominican Republic and is even casual friends with one of the nation’s former presidents.

His mother was a professional astrologist.

He loves playing Dungeon & Dragons.

Vin Diesel’s twin brother works as a film editor.

The first feature film that he ever wrote was in 1997. It was called “Strays” and ended up appearing at the Sundance Film Festival.

Diesel is extremely quiet about his private life. In addition to never talking about his romantic relationship with his girlfriend, he never actually announced the birth or existence of his two children.

When he was a child, he would scale trains with his friends. They would ride between the trains and climb them together.

His first attempt at acting success in Los Angeles failed. To pay his bills, he began working as a telemarketer for light bulb sales. This came in handy when he later acted in the film, the Boiler Room.

Before he ever became famous as an actor, Vin Diesel was known for scripts he wrote for the Sundance Film festival. When finally selected to be in Private Ryan, he even tried to give Steven Spielberg tips on the script.


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