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Xavier Samuel Hairstyles – Short Hairstyles for Men

By on December 21, 2015

Xavier Samuel is the eye candy for ladies around the world. He is a famous Australian actor, well renowned for his vampire role in the movie Twilight: eclipse. He is admired all around the world for his exceptionally simple, elegant and sexy hairstyles. He has short and fine hair which appear to be perfect for literally all short hairstyles. The best part about Xavier Samuel hairstyles is that they can be worn on all hair types; either wavy or straight, thin or fine.

Here are some of his most loved and famous hairstyles. Take a look!


  1. Rough and sexy Mohawk

Xavier Samuel Hairstyles-1

The Mohawk is an all-time popular hairstyle among men. The fact that Xavier Samuel has been repeatedly witnessed wearing the Mohawk makes this hairstyle even more special. You need the least of effort and styling for this hairstyle.



  1. The Eric

Xavier Samuel Hairstyles-2

This is a fairly simple and elegant hairstyle. It gives away icy cold vibes which make the whole personality look extremely sexy and attractive. You need to have super short hair for this hairstyle.


  1. The victor

Xavier Samuel Hairstyles-3

A modern hairstyle for a modern age! The victor can be achieved by a little bit of hair spray and some strategic combing. Only some practice is needed to get this one done perfectly.


  1. Asymmetrical faux hawk

Xavier Samuel Hairstyles-4

The faux hawk doesn’t necessarily have to be strictly centered. You can be as creative as you like with your faux hawk hairstyles. Xavier Samuel has worn the faux asymmetrically and totally rocked the sexy and fun sporty look on him!


  1. Rough and ragged

Xavier Samuel Hairstyles-5

The best part about men’s hairstyles is that the rougher you get with your hairstyling, the more attractive you will look. This is a totally rough and ragged hairstyle which is making Xavier Samuel’s whole personality truly erotic and appealing.


  1. Messy chaotic

Xavier Samuel Hairstyles-6

The chaotic hairstyle among men is one of the most attractive and ragged looking hairstyles. It shows off a sexy raggedness and style.


  1. Long faux hawk with rough edges

Xavier Samuel Hairstyles-7

Layered hair look truly amazing with faux hawk hairstyles. This one is an interesting improvisation of the conventional faux hawk hairstyle. The hair are relatively longer from the sides than they are in an average faux hawk.


  1. Simple and stylish

Xavier Samuel Hairstyles-8

Xavier Samuel rocks even the simplest of hairstyles. This one takes less than a minute (literally) to make it, which makes this one our all-time favorite!

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