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Zayn Malik Height Weight and More

By on August 23, 2014

Birth Name

At birth, his name was Zain Javadd Malik. His first name was chosen because it means beautiful. Malik, in Arabic, means chieftain.


He goes by the nicknames of DJ Malik and Bradford Bad Boy. Most of the time, he just goes by his first name.

Age and Birth Date

Since he was born on January 12, 1993, he is currently 21 years old. He will turn 22 years old in January of 2015.




Astrological Sign

His astrological sign is capricorn.

Birth Place

Zayn was born in the city of Bradford in England.


Due to the location of his birth, Zayn Malik is an English citizen.

Educational History

Zayn originally began studying at the Lower Fields Primary School. As an adolescent, he attended and graduated from Tong High School.


Malik is best known for his work as a singer with the pop band, One Direction.

Family Members

Father: Yaser

Mother: Tricia Malik

Sisters: Safaa Malik, Doniya Malik and Waliyha Malik

Cousins: Aaroosa Malik and Jawaad Mali


He makes pop music.




Zayn Malik is a singer.


He has a thin, muscular build.


5 feet 9 inches or 175 centimeters


70 kilograms or 154 pounds



Cher Lloyd (2010)- In 2010, it was rumored that Cher Lloyd and Zayn Malik were together. They initially met when they were both on the X Factor. Afterward, images of the couple appeared on the DailyMail UK website.

Geneva Lane (2010-2011)- Zayn met Geneva Lane in 2010. Like Cher Lloyd, he was on the X Factor with her. He began dating her in December of 2010, but they broke up in February of 2011. Interestingly, she is several months older than Zayn.

Rebecca Ferguson (2011)- Once Geneva and Zayn broke up, he again began dating an older woman on the X Factor. This time, he dated Rebecca Ferguson who is six years his senior. They were together from March of 2011 to July of 2011.

Perrie Edwards (2012-current)- Like his previous girlfriends, Zayn Malik met Perrie Edwards on the X Factor. By March of 2012, reports of a relationship began circulating in the news media. On August 17 of 2013, the couple announced their engagement.


Although his mother is British, Zayn’s father has relatives and ancestors in Pakistan. This makes his heritage a mixture of white and Middle Eastern.

Hair Color

He has dark black hair.

Eye Color

His eyes are a beautiful shade of light brown.

Distinctive Features

He is known for his shining white smile and many tattoos. Malik also possesses a unique look because of his hairstyle and ear piercing.

Body Measurements

Malik’s body measurements are currently not public knowledge.

Shoe Size

8.5 (US)


His father and mother raised him as a Muslim.

Best Known For

The only thing he is known for is singing with the band, One Direction.

First Album

In November of 2011, the first record of his band, One Direction, was released. It was called Up All Night and had a total of 13 singles. This initial record was produced by Syco Records and was 45 minutes and 12 seconds long.

First Film

In 2013, One Direction was on the film, One Direction: This is Us.

First TV Show

He initially got his start in the music and entertainment industry by appearing on the 2010 season of the X Factor.

Personal Trainer and Exercise Routine

Zayn Malik is well known for his sexy physique. He gets his muscles from boxing and lifting weight. Since he does not have a lot of extra time after recording and touring, he does not use a specific diet plan. Instead, he just tries to eat healthily.


Zayn Malik’s Favorite Things

Favorite Song: Thriller by Michael Jackson

Favorite Female Celebrity: Megan Fox

Favorite Soccer Team: Manchester United

Favorite Animal: Lions and Sharks

Favorite Food: Pasta

Favorite Book: Harry Potter series by JK Rowling

Favorite Shoes: Nike

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Dinner: Spicy Chicken

Favorite Hobby: Drawing

Favorite Shoes: Nike

Favorite Band: NSYNC


Zayn Malik Facts

As a child, Zayn was never taught how to swim. This has led to his fear of being in the open water.

He has a tattoo on his chest in honor of his grandfather who passed away while he was on the X Factor.

Malik has a superstitious habit of brushing his teeth before he goes on stage.



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